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Reicast Dreamcast emulator running on Switch

Oct 29, 2017
Why did I read this as "Racist Dreamcast emulator" lol.

This is fantastic work. Switch shaping up to be a doozy of an emulation device
Oct 25, 2017
And here I am waiting for a port of Sonic Adventure duology on Switch :(

Reicast looks cool on Switch. I heard Nvidia Shield' Reicast runs pretty solid as well
Dec 1, 2017
I tried it out yesterday. Damn.. this emulator is very early and has issues with alot of games that rely on FMVs or 2D sprites. But 3D games run super well on the emulator. Widescreen support is really nice too: I never thought that I would be able to play Cosmic Smash on the switch at native 720p and in widescreen or Project Justice: