Reigns VS Goldberg canceled for Mania PC Edition.


Oct 26, 2017
I'm hearing KO and Edge out to ? Maybe fake ? We would know at that point who is there or not after the filming no ?
Anyway it's going to end with the main event being Mojo/R-Truth at that point


Dec 3, 2018
Ηοnestly its fucking shitty that both companies doin the shows each week and lets not leave AEW out of that,they should film all the shows in a day or air reruns or ppv matches and not doin live stuff(i know wwe taped shows but my point still stands)every week even with no-crowds,theres still a large crew needed for a tv show to run theres no reason to put anyone in danger for fucking wrestling.
Oct 28, 2017
According to Wrestling Inc, Miz, Cesaro, Asuka, Paige, Murphy, Mysterio, Dana Brooke and Jerry Lawler are all off of the show for health concerns as well

What a mess