Remedy Entertainment has signed agreements with “a major publisher” for the company’s next two unannounced video games


Nov 26, 2017
AAA publisher? Can't be Sony as they finished 22nd in 2019
Prob someone with a better track record like 505, Activision or Tencent.
Jun 4, 2019
Not that I recall. I don't see any way this is Sony as the article specifically says next generation consoles. Sony isn't releasing any game they're funding on Xbox.
I was going to say the exact same, next gen consoles and next gen games. So this rules out Switch. Also as far as we know Sony won't be releasing two PS5 models, but MS is. So if anything you could say it IS MS because it will release on XSX and Lockhart.

But I really don't think that at all. It's one of the bigger third party pubs.


Oct 25, 2017
Console and PC, so I guess?
It's coming to "next-gen consoleS" in plural.

I guess they could have worded it like that as a joke if it was XSX and Lockheart but it means Xbox and PlayStation. Maybe Stadia too. They have no reason to make jokes or set up either of Xbox or PS owners for disappointment. It's coming to both.
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Oct 28, 2017
This has to be with PlayStation.
Did you even bother reading anything?
Is this the same Remedy that made this RTX demo?

Yup, and their Northlight engine worked pretty much just as well as that demo with Control.
Whatever their next game is cant wait to see how much better Northlight has gotten....Control with the full wormage in motion is an absolute treat for the eyes.

Give us Quantum Break II you dogs.....we know he is going back in time to save his girl, lets see him actually do it, this time with a greater mastery of his powers.


Oct 25, 2017
Cape Town, South Africa
Unannounced IP says NEW IP for me. I'm wrong ?
Perhaps? I'm not sure. I took this quote to mean that it could be a new IP or an established IP:

The Finnish studio will retain ownership of the unannounced games’ IP, while revenue will be split with the publisher.
Unannounced simply means that there hasn't been any information on which IP or game they're working on so it could be either.

Focus Home. Book it.
Is Focus Home considered a 'major' publisher though? I wouldn't think so.


Oct 28, 2017
Geneva, Switzerland
« With the exception of Vanguard, all of Remedy’s game projects are built on Northlight’s game engine, including new technology and tools developed for Control, and new systems enabling online functionality. »

Oct 26, 2017
Wouldnt be surprised if it was someone like Activision, they worked with From Soft on Sekiro, Control was a big hit, I could see an Activision being interested in publishing them.
Oct 25, 2017
The Ocean
Do activision readily allow devs to keep the IP??

Maybe Square ?
I don’t think any Nordic region studio will work with Square after what happened with GRIN and Fortress: Final Fantasy. Too many folks involved there likely work with other studios in the region and would rightly say fuck off.



Nov 27, 2017
I think among the big ones, Activision would be the one hungrier for content since they lost the Bungie/Destiny and they don't have apparently a lot going on aside from COD and maybe a resurgence of their platform games.


Oct 25, 2017
I will always get my hopes up for Alan Wake 2 and will continually be disappointed that it wont't happen, but that's OK... I think... :(

Damn Silly

Oct 25, 2017
Good to hear it's not gonna be exclusive, and puts to rest any Sony acquisition for the moment.

I'm guessing Tencent, or Take Two's Private Division.


Aug 27, 2018
Are Control and Death stranding not AAA games?
That doesn't make them "a major publisher".

IIRC they had to sign an exclusive deal with Epic for Control because they didn't have the financial muscle to pull it off themselves. Regarding DS I don't know the specifics.

This screams Activision/THQ Nordic.

Btw say hello to Vincent for me.
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Jun 7, 2019
Hell yeah, I’n so happy for them! Maybe it’s Bethesda Softworks? :0 They’re pretty big & published games from id, Tango, Arkane & MachineGames & I think Remedy would fit nicely in there personally. EDIT: On second thought, I believe Bethesda owns all of those studios so scratch that idea lmao.

So you won't support Remedy if it's Deep Silver/THQ? What kind of logic is that
Because of the shit THQ Nordic pulled with 8chan most likely & I can't blame them because it'd make me feel iffy about supporting them too. I believe Remedy knows better than this though - hopefully.


Oct 26, 2017
They need to buy back the Max Payne IP. Rockstar won’t be using it any more anyway.


Nov 25, 2019
Well, Horizon is coming to PC, same for the QD games. Who knows, this might be a step for Sony to embrace multiplatform publishing. They could still work in temp-exclusivity. It probably won't be Sony tho.
It says next gen consoles. The day Sony releases their games on Xbox is the day the internet goes down.


Oct 25, 2017
Western Australia
IIRC they had to sign an exclusive deal with Epic for Control because they didn't have the financial muscle to pull it off themselves. Regarding DS I don't know the specifics.
The EGS deal came much later. Per the creation date of Control's EGS app, it was signed last February, about three weeks before the announcement, whereas Remedy and 505 agreed on a publishing contract back in mid-2017. But, yeah, Digital Bro's (505's parent company) entire net revenue for 2019 was only €62.5m, up from a mere €28.2m in 2018, and the company is actually in debt to the tune of almost €6m (source), so it's not really in a position to roll the dice on a AAA project, plus it wouldn't make much sense for Remedy to be coy about extending an existing partnership.
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Stallion Free

Oct 29, 2017
Relieved to see confirmed multi-plat/PC and the death of the Sony rumors. Hopefully no EGS exclusivity this time as that pushed me to just wait till Steam release/completed DLC schedule with Control.


Oct 25, 2017
Fantastic news. I've followed Remedy since the original Max Payne, so it's great to hear I'll be enjoying their work well into the future.

More Alan Wake would of course be fantastic, but I'm always down for new IP too.