Report: Nintendo Direct Mini coming today with Dark Souls Remastered announcement

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Atheerios, Jan 11, 2018.




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  1. Interfectum

    Interfectum Member

    No, multiplatform. Nintendo probably secured the overall announcement.
  2. Jack Orion

    Jack Orion Member

    Nintendo had an incredible 2017 because they focused so much on it. People expecting them to be able to keep up that momentum were crazy. Especially when they are (frustratingly) still insisting on supporting two platforms with major releases.
  3. spekkeh

    spekkeh Member

    No. It's already leaked for PS4.
  4. Gonzalez

    Gonzalez Member

  5. Prattle

    Prattle Member

    Don’t forget. Minis are massive these days.

  6. Taylor McNutt

    Taylor McNutt Member

    Ah man, I hope it isn't too mini. I live and breathe for firmware updates.
  7. Anono

    Anono Member

    It won´t be exclusive. Switch version will be announced first, a few hours before according to Kotaku.
  8. N00MKRAD

    N00MKRAD Member

    Did you mean: "Non-stop Climax"?
  9. Brock Reiher

    Brock Reiher Member

    Dark Souls Remaster for all platforms, Switch eventually gets SotFS and DS3 ports is what I'm thinking.
  10. Conor419

    Conor419 Member

    They did announce the Switch in that direct...
  11. JetSetRadio

    JetSetRadio Member

    Nah, it's mulitplat and is supposed to be a lot better with DS3 lighting and higher texture quality obviously. We'll see hnnnng
  12. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    If flaming Chibi Robo isn't featured in the Direct or the Direct announcement I admit I'll be a tad disappointed.
  13. its_Ditz

    its_Ditz Member

  14. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    This doesn’t mean no Metroid or Pokémon this year. New Pokémon games don’t even get announced in a regular Nintendo Direct to begin with. They get their own special Direct which could come in February.
  15. Millia

    Millia Member

    You guys descended into madness again
  16. jariw

    jariw Member

    What major 3DS releases in 2017 were developed by Nintendo in-house?
  17. MatrixMan.exe

    MatrixMan.exe Member

    Too true. My neighbour has a Mini Countryman. There's nothing mini about it. This direct will be 3 hours, believe.

    KALOSMANI Member

    I don't see the fascination of playing Dark Souls portable I get something like Skyrim cause it's so fast and being able to pick up and play and doing some side missions is appealing. But with Dark Souls I feel people sit down and play that game for a while and would prefer a big screen experience.
  19. Rhowm

    Rhowm Member

    We're in the homestretch lads!
  20. Anono

    Anono Member

    2 5
  21. dkeane

    dkeane Member

    Fine with a mini. Just want news on some games coming out soon
  22. Trisk

    Trisk Member

    Can we please get the proper Era logo back? It felt so right
  23. Elshoelace

    Elshoelace Member

    Hail Robo
  24. byDoS

    byDoS Member

    Man, Nintendo can't get a break.

    *They launch the Switch with incredible First party support for first year*
    - "Well, Nintendo still doesn't have third party support. They are doomed next year".

    *Nintendo manages to get third party support*
  25. Watch it be $60.
  26. Josh5890

    Josh5890 Member

    If there isn't a Nintendo direct today I can only imagine the riots that will start here
  27. spekkeh

    spekkeh Member

    Hmm no that was in October. January was about the software.
  28. Anono

    Anono Member

  29. Squiddo

    Squiddo Member

    Hopefully they introduce Switch themes after that amazing Squid Sisters theme on 3DS i need one for Switch.

    Also hopefully they finally announce Switch mynintendo rewards since that coming soon section has been there forever already :P got lotsa coins to spend.
  30. Vishmarx

    Vishmarx Member

    minutes away
  31. DNAbro

    DNAbro Member

    That’s not a even a surprise
  32. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    This might actually be the hour
  33. munchie64

    munchie64 Member

    Come on guys, this thread should be 200 pages by now.
  34. Velezcora

    Velezcora Member

    Do you guys want me to get you some drinks because you're so thirsty I'm afraid for your health?
  35. Purple Mug

    Purple Mug Member

  36. pulga

    pulga Member

  37. Arkage

    Arkage Member

    "Mini" makes me pessimistic that the Link's Awakening remake rumor isn't happening... ugh!
  38. Forkball

    Forkball Member

    Posted 30 minutes ago:

  39. Geg

    Geg Member

    Can't wait for people to start blaming Nintendo for the direct not living up to yesterday's carnival of stupid
  40. Yggfk

    Yggfk Member

    My predictions:

    Bayo collection
    Fire Emblem Switch
    #FE Tokyo Mirage Sessions port
    DKCR Collection - Wii game remastered + DKCTF in stunning 1080p 60fps
    Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster - Same as above
    Dark Souls Remastered
  41. Roytheone

    Roytheone Member

    I have always been in the "I buy nintendo consoles for exclusives, I play multiplatform games on my pc" camp, so I am free to yell about to little first party stuff! :)
  42. SchuckyDucky

    SchuckyDucky Member

    I think people just assume the Third Party support on Nintendo consoles will be horrendously lacluster, so when they hear that that's the focus they get antsy. If it is as good as people are hinting it is, then I'm sure people will be excited.
  43. Anono

    Anono Member

    I´m gonna prepare lunch fastly.
  44. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

    Mini hype this time.
  45. All of this is subject to change. Laura seems sure on it to put it on Kotaku, but things can change. Not saying it will, just saying with the last 24 hours or so we all need to keep expectations in check.
  46. Munter

    Munter Member

    But there will be a Direct. It will be announced in 22 minutes to be precise.
  47. Gartooth

    Gartooth Member

    Thanks for passing this along!
  48. Kalas/Xhela

    Kalas/Xhela Member

    Oh gad
  49. Grandpa_Pixel

    Grandpa_Pixel Member

    SUCH BEAUTY! It is the stuff dreams are made of
  50. Llazy

    Llazy Member

    mini hype for a mini direct