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ResetEra Hangout [OT]The Bucket


The Fallen
Feb 23, 2018
After months I finally acquired an item of clothing he designed, thanks to thehunt.com. He was the definition of cool/beautiful so that's what the shirt looks like.
I love and cherish it.

After intense fantasizing (well, to me atleast) and nearly passing out, I could actually see him clearly for a few seconds.
Way clearer than the dream.

R&B really is "the foundation of my life". I'm a nut.


Oct 27, 2017
I blocked every gaming-related person I could think of on Twitter a few weeks back as an experiment, and Twitter is usable now. When I blocked Abby Russell I'd guestimate 99% of negative shit went away. Also I stopped seeing her third-grade level writing, which was cool.

So if you guys are bummed about Twitter, just block all gaming people. It works. No more right wing weirdness or "writers" who grift the other end.
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