ResetEra Mafia |OT3| Revenge of the Scum (New Players Welcome!)

Oct 25, 2017

Banner by Pedro

Hi hi, everyone, and welcome to our new Official Thread! This is our third season in here, and we're ready with more games of deception and murder for you!

If you were ever curious about the Mafia game and wanted to give it a shot, jump in! Our community is friendly and welcoming, and you'll surely make friends along the way.

Mafia, also known as Werewolf, is a famous social deduction game that puts two teams against each other: Town and Mafia. Mafia players know who everyone in their team is, while Town players only know their own alignment.

The game is divided in two phases: Day and Night. During the Day, all players discuss and decide on someone to voted out of the game. During the Night, the Mafia secretly chooses another person to be removed.

Town wins when all the Mafia players are gone, and Mafia wins when they match or outnumber the Town players.

Playing a game with us is very simple. All you have to do is fill this form and post it as a reply to this thread. New players always get priority!

Time zone:
If you wish so, you can request a mentorship from one of our veteran players to guide you through your first game (more on that in the following posts).

Please use other players' pronouns when provided. We want our community to be inclusive, and we take this seriously.

A Mafia game is a significant time commitment. Our games can take about a month to end, and you'll be expected to post and contribute to the ongoing discussion to help your team win.

Finally, don't forget to follow ResetEra's ToS and Member Etiquette. Though this is a game about lies and deception and things can get heated, this is just a game at the end of the day and we're all here to have fun.

But most importantly, welcome! Through various games, gambits, jokes, wins, losses, upsets, betrayals and triumphs we have formed a community of individuals who have become something like a family. We hope you will join us in our love of this game and give it a shot, you never know what might happen.

- The MafiEra Overseer Team (CaptainNuevo, Dr. Monkey, Fireblend, Pedro, Sawneeks, and Sophia)
Oct 25, 2017

Banner by Faddy

Name: Gif Mafia: Red Version
Gamerunner: Pedro
Number of players: 9
Design: 2d3, a normal and open setup. You can find more about how it works here.
Day/Night length: 24h/24h

With the exception of votes (to make my life easier) and quotes (so you can have some sort of discussion), you will only be able to use gifs in the game thread. That means no text or text formatting of any kind, no spoiler tags, no videos, no links, and the worst of all: no still images.
This is what the internet trained you for, put your gif-choosing-and-using skills to the test if you want to win!

Season 12

They Might Be Giants Mafia |OT| Everybody Dies Frustrated And Sad, And That Is Beautiful by Apopheniac

Game of Thrones Mafia - We're All Bastards Here by Natiko and Pirate Bae

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.9 ReMIX Mafia |OT| 358/2 Scum by Grizzly

Conspiracy Mafia |OT| - Where paranoia is part of the flavour by Fran

BREXIT MAFIA PHASE 2 | Border-Line Insanity! by cabot

List of Season 10 games

List of Season 11 games

Special thanks to all team members who helped during the previous season and our wonderful gamerunners for creating, and running, those games! Thank you:
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Oct 25, 2017

Outer Mafia
Our supporting website. You will need to sign up and get an account here to play with us since this is where we host spectators' chats, and other relevant in-game threads. It's also where planning boards are hosted (for aspiring future gamerunners). Here is the link.

Outer Mafia Discord
Created by Fireblend and now managed by the Discord Team, this is our server where we talk just about anything. PM one of the Discord Team members to get an invite link.

Gaming communities
Steam: Outer Mafia, managed by Roytheone.
PSN: OuterMafia, managed by RetroMG.
MafiEra D&D 5e PBP Campaign, managed by Sawneeks

Game documents
Mafia Championships
Beginning in 2016 our community has been invited to the annual Mafia Championships hosted by Mafia Universe. Over 225 different forum mafia communities have participated in this event with hundreds of different players over the years. Representing us in these games are:
Mentorship program
For new and returning players who would like some assistance, we offer a mentorship program where a volunteer veteran player can assist you during a game. These mentors can not play the game for you or answer direct questions such as 'who should I vote for?' but can help with mafia terminology, general strategy, and other minor questions. You and your mentor will be given a private thread on Outer Mafia to talk with one another and we do not make these threads public after the game has ended unless requested. If you are interested in requesting a mentor, please contact your gamerunner.

For veteran players, if you would like to offer your assistance to the mentorship program please contact Sawneeks, or let us know in this thread. Do note, mentors are not allowed to play in the same game where they are mentoring a player.

Responsible for overseeing all teams
  • CaptainNuevo
  • Dr. Monkey
  • Fireblend
  • Pedro
  • Sawneeks
  • Sophia
Discord Team
Responsible for keeping peace in Discord, creating and removing rooms as needed, and giving and revoking access to private rooms.
  • Barrylocke
  • CaptainNuevo
  • Fireblend
  • Roytheone
  • Sophia
Outer Mafia Team
Responsible for creating boards and giving access to them
  • CaptainNuevo
  • Natiko
  • RetroMG
  • Rover
Review Team
Responsible for receiving new Mafia game submissions and coordinating gamerunners and reviewers to get games ready to run
  • Fireblend
  • Roytheone
Scheduling Team
Responsible for scheduling games, creating rosters, and keeping analytics
  • Dr. Monkey
  • melonrabbit
  • Sawneeks

We want to thank everyone who has been part of this community over the years: people that made things run smoothly from behind the scenes, that promoted our games in other places, that helped them play and look better, that created entertaining designs for our players, that are always interested in playing with us more and more, and that we became friends with, and make us feel welcomed in here.
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Oct 25, 2017

Gif Mafia: Red Version
  1. [f] Swamped
  2. [m] Stanley Palmtree
  3. [m] Brazil
  4. [f] Dr. Monkey
  5. [m] Fantomas
  6. [m] B-Dubs
  7. [m] Lux Commander
  8. [m] Bronx-Man
  9. [m] Rynam

Gif Mafia: Blue Version
  1. [m] Verelios
  2. [m] Extreme Tactician
  3. [f] SweetNicole
  4. [m] nin
  5. [m] Blargonaut
  6. [f] Sawneeks
  7. [f] faircure
  8. [-] Zubz
  9. [m] oreomunsta

  1. [f] melonrabbit
  2. [m] Comrade Sparkster
  3. [m] Zippedpinhead
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Oct 25, 2017
Is this the smell of a new OT? Yes, yes it is! Thank you Mafiera team, your work is greatly appreciated.

Nice games line up too.
Oct 25, 2017
In the interest of staying the fuck away from anything GoT related (until I catch up since I've only watched the first two seasons), I'll be avoiding that whole game. Not even spectating it.

*nod nod*

Also nice OT
Oct 26, 2017
If GoT starts on or after the weekend of Aug.4th, count me in, baby.
If it starts before, put me in replaceeee.

Game of Thrones

Btw, late thanks to Pedro for the player data sheet. great job, man!!

EDIT: great banner, Faddy. I love the foreshadowing :o
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Oct 25, 2017
For anyone wondering I would guess GOT will start mid to late next week. That’s not set in stone, but just so you have a rough idea. Depends on sign ups closing and what not.

In the interest of staying the fuck away from anything GoT related (until I catch up since I've only watched the first two seasons), I'll be avoiding that whole game. Not even spectating it.

*nod nod*

Also nice OT
God speed. I feel like last season if I didn’t watch them live I inevitably got spoiled on a major moment even if I tried to avoid them.
Oct 25, 2017
God speed. I feel like last season if I didn’t watch them live I inevitably got spoiled on a major moment even if I tried to avoid them.
Haha, the only thing (I know) that I got spoiled on was the references in South Park. I don't engage in GoT discussions/threads either nor do I look stuff up on YT/reddit/etc.

It's all I can do and if I get spoiled, then urgh but at least I've done everything I can (which I have and have thankfully not been spoiled on anything apart from what I just said :D )
Oct 25, 2017

no game preference
Welcome back AB!! <3

In the interest of staying the fuck away from anything GoT related (until I catch up since I've only watched the first two seasons), I'll be avoiding that whole game. Not even spectating it.

*nod nod*

Also nice OT
oh man, just wait until [redacted] and [redacted] do [redacted]. crazy stuff, stu :p

I’m down to play.

Hello darkness my old friend.

Game of thrones

Have fun everyone <3
No Brazil for these games? :<
Oct 25, 2017
Welcome back zeusy!

DoubleD hey, welcome! do you have past experience with Mafia, online or in a party group? I'm curious :D

good luck murderers :> have fun and dont forget the check who's really under the blankets at night :>
Thanks for always looking out for us, spider c:
Oct 26, 2017

And is that Kingdom Hearts I smell? Don't play with me Faddy, I'm not above grabbing a large key and opening up all of your doors at night.