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ResetEra Slogan: Results


Oct 25, 2017
Good, this is what I voted for. Democracy works. Unless it's Twitch Plays Pokemon, where anarchy reigns supreme.

Welp, now I totally want "start9" as our new slogan.
Oct 27, 2017
I voted for "New Game+" although I was torn between that or "no slogan", so I'm happy with "no slogan"; we'll get to having a slogan when the time is right!


Oct 27, 2017

I think it'd have been a mistake to make a slogan that is too referential to this community's status as a successor to the old forum. Better to have no slogan, or one that's associated with our own unique identity.


Hopes and Dreams SAVE the World
Oct 26, 2017
Happy with the result.
I'm not against having a slogan in the future, but the options that were presented at this time were both describing something the forum name already describes and attempts at direct references to the old forum. I strongly believe that any potential slogan should be a result of the identity of this forum, rather than a rejection of or reference to the old forum.
no need for a slogan, this is a forum not a fast food joint.

there is a need to adjust the site color and font size though. text font and/or size size is too small, especially on mobile and text on pure white is hard on the eyes. that's one thing the old forum got right. its much more readable than era.
There is a dark theme you can choose in the preferences since Version 1.2
Oct 25, 2017
Yeah, wouldn't mind a slogan, just wasn't huge fan of the options as permanent slogans. If we had a bunch of slogans and one was randomly selected per visit or something, I'd have been cool with them.

Also, I'm liking "(no slogan)". Anyone suggested "[SLOGAN]" yet?
I like the result and put me in the camp *(no slogan) is best for now. That needs to grow organically by the community, and represent it as well. The other choices were like a poke to the past.

ResetEra's slogan should really be リセテラのスロガン (ResetEra no slogan, "ResetEra's slogan").
This post needs more love, thanks for the laughs mate!
Oct 27, 2017
How about we wait until some meme becomes so pervasive throughout the forum that it turns into a naturally born slogan for ResetEra? Sounds to me like the best way to come up with one.
Oct 26, 2017
(Translators note: No Slogan is the slogan)

Seriously though, as was said in the other thread, a randomised cheesy video game quote drawn from a selection would be nice such if a thing is possible.

The one to fill your dark soul with light
Oct 26, 2017
One day, someone will say something unique to this forum. It will catch on and before you know it, everyone will be saying XP+ or Level Up! .
And there it'll be, our new slogan.
Oct 26, 2017
No Slogan, for the win!

Maybe in time there will be one, or maybe have one selected from a list for special /notable occasions.