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ResetEra Version 1.4: Introducing DayEra and NightEra!

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General Manager
Oct 23, 2017
Hello everyone, thank you all for your vigorous feedback.

We just implemented a hotfix that should fix things like the ignore function and cut off avatars. We tweaked the scrolling header on NightEra to be less distracting, and darkened the NightEra banner as well.

We definitely hear you loud and clear on stuff like the brightness of the purple on NightEra and the layout on tablets. These among other things will be high priorities over the next week or so. As expected, there’s a lot that can be improved – this is a beginning and not an end.

As a reminder, the old designs are still available if you prefer to use them.

What are DayEra and NightEra?

These are our new default light and dark themes. Together they represent months of development and a fresh, future oriented look for ResetEra that should provide a superior browsing experience for desktop and especially mobile users. This marks the first time that we have built our own theme wholly from scratch and the first time we have tailored a unique experience for mobile.

Who made this?

DayEra and NightEra are being developed internally by our staff and community volunteers. Into these designs we have poured all of our ingenuity, passion, and dedication. The remarkable individuals involved do not wish to be credited; they only want you to know they do it because they love you. We would like to thank each and every member of the development team, as well as our moderators who pulled double duty as beta testers.

What has changed exactly?

A rundown of some of the new features can be found after this post.

Is this ResetEra 2.0?

No. It is however a crucial step on the path to 2.0 and a milestone in its own right. As we refine and experiment with DayEra and NightEra we will gather information and feedback that will eventually be applied to the 2.0 design. That upgrade is currently planned for later this year.

Can I still use the old skins?

We have made the old LightEra and DarkEra skins available for any users who prefer to use them. Please be advised that they will no longer receive any updates or official support.

Where can I report bugs?

As these new skins have been crafted from scratch, there are bound to be the usual bugs and areas of improvement that will need to be addressed as we continue to iterate. This is the beginning, not an end. Please use the new bug report thread to assist us with this, and take care that your feedback is constructive and respectful of all the hard work that volunteers put in.
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General Manager
Oct 23, 2017
What's new with ResetEra 1.4?

New Aesthetics

With the freedom to build our own design from scratch, we set out to create a look that is clean, elegant, and functional. Aside from the obvious and the static, you'll notice posts and reply boxes slide in when you load, refresh, or edit a page. The browsing experience on desktop is particularly sleek as buttons vanish and reappear when you mouse over them. Posts are now presented with as few hard lines as possible, creating a more liberated reading experience.

Streamlined Thread Navigation

Original Post. First Unread. Latest Reply.

These three points represent the most popular destinations in threads. Many members have requested easy access to each of them, and so we decided to accommodate them all!

Yes, when members are logged in, DayEra and NightEra will once again have thread titles that link to the first unread post. For those who frequently seek the original post instead, a convenient button for that will now be available to you. As if that wasn't enough, a second button will let you skip straight to the latest reply. When a thread has new replies, the thread title will be bolded to indicate this. Importantly, all of these features have been optimized for mobile as well as desktop.

Please note that if you do not have an account the forum will not track your progress through threads, and thread titles will continue to take you to the original post. The redundant button will therefore not show up when you are logged out.

We hope that this solution will offer all members a convenient way to get where you want to go.

Dedicated Mobile Design

A major goal of this redesign was to improve the experience for our mobile users. Towards that end we have ripped through native code and bent the software to our will. The result is a dedicated mobile design that now features a scrolling navigation bar at the bottom, the most intuitive location for buttons on mobile. This bar offers permanent and easy access to each of the main forum sections as well as Watched Threads.

The overall mobile design has also been further optimized with larger touch targets, a simplified thread list, and less clutter all around. A brand new look built from the ground up.

Scrolling Desktop Header

We haven't forgotten about our desktop users either. To provide the same level of convenience now found on mobile, we have added a scrolling desktop header with instant access to all of the most commonly used features. This includes forum navigation, Watched Threads, Alerts, Conversations, and User Profile.

No longer will members have to rely on crude breadcrumbs to shuttle them between Video Games and EtcetEra – those options will now be available at all times.

Floating Page Navigation Buttons

With the breadcrumbs from the old design eliminated, we knew we would need a new way to quickly refresh or go to the top or bottom of the page. Our solution was to make those options accessible with the slightest touch.

Now when you scroll up or down, these three floating buttons will automatically appear. If the screen remains still for several seconds, they will conveniently fade away. Page navigation inside threads has never been easier. As a cherry on top, the refresh function will now save your spot on the page so you do not have to scroll to find it again.
Oct 25, 2017
right of the bat i can't say i like the new dark era more than the old. it's a little too busy for my taste.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Gonna take some getting used to, but I think I can make the switch to NightEra. Nice work.


Oct 25, 2017
Can’t use the new one for now on mobile. I’m addicted to clicking “ Watched” and its not there.
Oct 25, 2017
right of the bat i can't say i like the new dark era more than the old.
Same, the main problem for me is how much "smaller" everything is, it just feels more cramped. I feel like there was more real estate with the old dark era. Weirdly enough, DayEra looks better when compared to the old light skin. But the new dark era is weird.


The Fallen
Oct 26, 2017
Thanks for the new mobile support, although could you maybe dial down the purple in night Era a shade or two? It's way too bright, at least on my screen.


Oct 25, 2017
Santa Albertina
Finally clicking on the thread title goes to the last unread post... the previous changes was dumb.

That is an awesome rollback... thank you for listen us.

Mobile feels awesome.
Oct 25, 2017
I like the new themes a lot. On NightEra the purple seems eye-burningly bright, however.

Hopefully I'll get used to it because the actual feel/new aesthetics are great.
Oct 25, 2017
Costa Rica
NightEra is kind of burning my eyes on mobile. The purple feels a bit too bright. Maybe I just need to grow accustomed to it.

The new mobile UI is pretty neat though, good job!
Oct 25, 2017
I think the font is too white, and the blue/purple is too pronounced for a night mode. Also, is the "eye" that shows what is a watched thread gone? I'm not seeing it.

Also, "hovering/clicking" to see edit, quote, whatever is really not friendly.

The contrast is just bad in Night. And, it just looks bad on mobile. Is this tested for UI on iOS, because it seems designed for android. It sticks out badly.


Oct 25, 2017
Y'all need to desaturate the purples on the dark theme but other than that I like it... kinda wish the watched threads link wasn't just a little eye, and the threads could use some icon/indicator between read and unread
Oct 25, 2017
The new features are nice, especially for mobile, but I think the old color palette was much easier on the eyes. The purple on the dark theme is too saturated.
Oct 25, 2017
Thanks for the effort but nope. I’ll atick with the old dark skin. Purple isn’t as florescent, and I get a lot more content on my mobile screen at once. The floating bar, the thick navigation buttons at he bottom and the chunky text look kinda cheap.


Oct 27, 2017
NightEra is kind of burning my eyes on mobile. The purple feels a bit too bright. Maybe I just need to grow accustomed to it.

The new mobile UI is pretty neat though, good job!
It really is, hurt my eyes looking at the screen.
Oct 28, 2017
This site actually hurts my eyes now.

Also, there still isn't any unique identifier that tells you which "Hangouts" forum you're actually in.

On a positive note,


User requested ban
Oct 25, 2017
I'm sorry, but these designs are not great. Color scheme is too contrast-y. I could fit more on my screen with the old one. Glad to see the old themes kept, though. :-)

I appreciate the effort put into all of this. You guys are great. <3
Oct 25, 2017
•A setting to get rid of the side and bottom bars would be really appreciated.
•Watched threads with new posts are now a lot harder to distinguish from watched threads without new ones as well. The bold text isn’t enough.
•The resizing means that there’s just less content available on the screen at once which is a downgrade here. I can see three posts absolute max at once even on an iPhone X screen.
•The new post layout and quote/edit/reply buttons look very nice.
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