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  1. atbigelow


    Side margins on mobile are incredibly wasteful. And embedded content (tweets, videos) are cut off and unviewable.

    Gonna have to change back to legacy NightEra.
  2. thisisreallife

    Banned Member

    Can someone tell me why this is happening on Chrome on my Google pixel?

    I'm missing half of the information whenever a link is added in a text box or a external link such as a Twitter link and I'm unable to scroll right to left.

    I've tried it on other Chrome apps on other people's mobile devices and it seems to be working fine. How can I fix this?

    Also avatars are huge.
  3. ScOULaris


    Would it be possible to use images for the forward/backward arrows next to the thread pages? Right now it's simply the text character arrows, and they look a little unpolished to my eye. Or maybe replace the arrows with "Back" and "Next" labels instead.

    Just a small nitpick. Feel free to ignore my ramblings.
  4. yagal


    On my 13 inches 1080p there's that big bar who is occupying to much space making the new theme unusable for me

    Thread with unread posts should not only be bolded but also have some kind of purple to stand out.

    Thanks for the work
  5. Overall I have been really liking NightEra but yeah the color is not great. Honestly I felt the SNES Purple was much better a color and muuuuuch softer on the eyes.
  6. Thorzilla


    Maybe it has been said before but using the new skins on Android, whenever I press the back button on Chrome it jumps over the thread list twice. Very annoying TBH.

    Other than that, great work! Love everything but the new purple.
  7. meow


    Went back to old theme. My issues (mobile):

    - Purple on Night Era is hurt-my-eyes bright, and I don't like how bright purple the address bar becomes.
    - Too much space on the sides: my phone only fits 5-7 words per line, 5 max in a quote box, that's way too scrunched for me.
  8. BigDreams


    I liked seeing how many pages a thread had without having to hover over it. You guys do great work though!
  9. Ryaaan14


    My nav bar on mobile is sliding up into the middle of my screen and is completely borked. iOS Safari
  10. Sou Da

    Sou Da

    Anyway to have separate theme preferences for mobile and desktop?
  11. Rowlf


    [Post removed as it had nothing to do with ResetEra v. 1.4]
  12. Poison Jam

    Poison Jam

    Mobile here:

    The old themes have buttons for quickly jumping to a selection of the last pages in each thread. This is far more useful than the "go to last page" button on the new themes. Just make them bigger.

    I also think the hovering shortcut bar on the new pages is perhaps taking up more real-estate than it's worth. This would be fine just sticking to the bottom of each page, similar to the tiny shortcuts on the old themes. Now that we have the ability to jump to top and bottom of the page at any point, it's easy to get there.
  13. Grenouille


    Still getting the mobile layout on my desktop (firefox only). :/
  14. Birdseye


    Here's a feature request: Can we have an option to automatically watch threads that we create but NOT when we reply? Currently we can only choose both or none.
  15. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts

    I'm back to DarkEra. I love NightEra but the wasted space isn't working well with me
  16. Diego Renault

    Diego Renault

    I also like DarkEra more right now. I think there is a bit too much white in DayEra. I find DayEra a bit too bright. This said, I appreciate the new, brighter color for the logo and the icons in DayEra/NightEra.

    In general, it's a good thing trying to improve the overall design of the site. Keep on working, guys!
  17. CloseTalker


    Yeah, Went back to standard LightEra. I gave it a solid shot for a few days, but the broken functionality (youtube not playing in fullscreen, not formatted well for iPad), and some of the design choices weren't my favorite. Keep at it, I'll dip my toe in again in a few months when some of the kinks have been ironed out.
  18. Karish


    Me too on Chrome
  19. Kade


    Is there a way to make quoted posts automatically expanded? It's really frustrating to press "Click to expand" on quotes with embedded media only for it to open the media in an external app or tab.
  20. compo


    I've given DayERA on desktop a few honest attempts, and I can live with everything except the dynamic buttons popping in and out of my peripheral vision so much. Specifically, I'm talking about the dynamic quote/reply and pageup/pagedown/refresh buttons. I think those should be static.

    But again, everything else looks great.
  21. MetalKnick


    Is there a chance the favicon could be updated to better reflect the new color of purple?
  22. So, I mostly like NightEra, but there are a few glaring issues with it.

    On Mobile
    - The notification icon not having a red 1 show up is very frustrating, notifications are nearly invisible. It's different on the desktop site which makes this oversight inexcusable.
    - The little page up/page down/refresh widget on the side is helpful, but kind of obtrusive. I would appreciate if something could be done about that, even though I can't offer any great alternative solutions right now. Furthermore, the refresh from mobile GAF where the page is not refreshed, but new posts are loaded in at the bottom of the page should be the ideal goal - hopefully that's possible.

    On Desktop
    - Using Google Chrome on Mac, the NightEra skin has an extremely strange bug where randomly, scrolling the page with the trackpad is no longer possible. There's nothing I can identify that triggers the inability to scroll. I thought it might be a ResetEra issue, but switching back to DarkEra fixes the problem, so it has to be a bug associated with the new skin.
    - (this is for mobile too) the old light-purple tones for your posts and your quotes were much more identifiable than the new grey ones.

    Hopefully this feedback is helpful. If I come across anymore issues I'll try to post them here.
  23. Mint


    Man get rid of the navigation bar on desktop. There's no reason for a static navigation bar that takes up such a huge part of my screen on a 1080p 13" laptop.
  24. Hello,

    The new night theme does looks VERY good! Right now I'm not using it but maybe in the future.
  25. May


    I'm starting to get really annoyed by the fact that you cannot see how many pages a thread has until you hover over it xd

    But that's the only complaint I have.
  26. Auros01


    Where do you hover over to see the page count? I'm using DayEra and don't see this happening.
  27. rene


    These icons are for media playback. They don't convey the concepts they represent without explanation. I like the idea of the feature, a lot. But I think the iconography choices need to be revisited.
  28. MoonFrog


    Finally tried Night Era but have reverted to Dark Era.

    I don't like the new purple, nor the change to the way getting to the first page or to first unread post. Clicking on the thread title leading to first unread is very strange in my opinion; didn't like it when Era first launched either. I'd prefer title leads to OP, page number leads to page top, and then some "bookmark" leads to first unread. There should at least be an option for the title to take you to the OP, imo.

    I get the rewind and fast-forward references when I think about them being built around the main input being "go to first unread post" but it was awkward getting into that headspace for me and at first I did not understand why these symbols were being used on a forum.

    I do like the navigation bar with the inclusion of "watched."

    Might try Night again if it improves.
  29. Tfritz


    Do we no longer have the feature where posts that quote you are automatically highlighted?
  30. Vanillalite


    So do we have any word on if the purple is gonna be changed, and if yes when?
  31. RaySpencer


    I wish we had more admins posting in here more often. I would like to hear what they have to say about this discussion.
  32. Patrick S.

    Patrick S.

    Ew, the new themes look really awful. The mobile theme has elements floating around, on Xbox the lower bar is squashed, I get more frequent browser crashes, and the themes look ugly and amateurish all around, to be frank.
  33. oni-link


    Yeah it would be nice, as they have had 32 pages of feedback and it's been a few weeks now, but that said, it's not a huge issue while the legacy themes remain both superior and perfectly usable

    If they do update them and make the improvements everyone has requested, then great, but if not, it's fine for as long as the legacy options work. In fact I'd rather they take longer and actually make them better instead of rushing through a second update and have it be another backwards/sideways step

    More communication would be appreciated though
  34. I went back to DarkERA. The contrast on NightERA hurts my eyes. Also encountered some issues. One is when I adjust the size of the window such that it goes to the "mobile view", but when I switch back, the navigation bar disappears so I have to refresh the page to get the desktop navigation bar back. Not the end of the world, but still annoying. Another issue is when I click fullscreen on embedded YouTube videos. I just get a zoomed in version of the page, not the video.
  35. Wakawun


    Hi guys - I'm on a Surface Book (laptop with a touchscreen) and it looks like it's forcing me to use the mobile layout. I guess it's doing touch detection to determine the layout? I couldn't figure out a way to switch it to the desktop site so I've gone back to DarkERA for now.

    No complaints otherwise - maybe a little reduction in contrast/saturation (I like DarkERA colour scheme).
  36. AuthenticM


    yeah the icons don't convey when they are for.
  37. Tried NightEra on mobile, in addition to the purple being irritating having the shortcuts bar and arrow buttons on the screen is way too obtrusive. Really don't like how much space they take up.
  38. RaySpencer


    Yeah, not saying they need to come and immediately address all of our issues. But some actual communication would be nice.
  39. Eorl


    I mean anything is better than nothing. Silence only makes it more difficult to understand if there is anything being fixed.
  40. Jamaro


    I want to start off by saying I appreciate everything you guys do. The creation of the site as a whole, all the work you put into maintaining it, and all the work put into the interface changes, for better or for worse.

    I just have a couple of things that really bother me with the new interface:

    Between the new font (I haven't gone back and forth to compare much, maybe its the width and spacing of characters) and the thread content being shrunken in horizontally to create dead space on the sides, way less content is now visible at once. Vertically far, far less content is seen at once. I went back and forth comparing how much information/how many posts I could see between the themes, and the new themes feel extremely cramped. I've tried using the new themes for a bit but just can't get with it at all due to losing screen real estate and seeing far less information at once.

    Another nag, which others have mentioned, is not being able to see the thread page display until hovering the mouse over the thread. I believe the site started out with it being like that, and then it was changed to always show the links to the last five or so pages of the thread. This is hardly an inconvenience when it comes to navigation, but simply from an aesthetic view it is killing me. It's just really killing me to not be able to eyeball the thread page links for every thread on the page.

    And I just want to chip in my opinion on the always persistent navigation bar - I personally don't like it as it takes up real estate, even if not a whole lot. Between the navigation bar and other factors affecting spacing, I can see 13 threads displayed maximum in a subforum. Using LightERA I can see 17. I really just don't like seeing less information vertically like this.

    One more minor gripe, but I am on the side of those who don't like the border around avatars. A lot of people have transparent backgrounds and it takes away from the coolness of them when you add a border and an off white color fill for the dead space within the avatar box.

    Really hate making such a long post regarding feedback for something the staff has worked so hard on, but I had to put in my two cents.
  41. Zulith


    Same. I Don't have a Surface but I have a notebook with touch capabilities and I think the site is confused and thinks i'm using a tablet. Hope this gets addressed.
  42. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts

    There’s this weird problem on Safari iOS and it happens on all the current themes. No response when clicking on anything. Post reply, quote, refresh...etc

    Any other iOS Safari user having the same problem?
  43. 99humanity


    I like the new colors/style more but switched back because it doesn't scale well on desktop. snapping to half window with breaks the nav bar, and the post area isn't wide enough. There's too much space on the left/right in a full sized window too, but wayy too much if I'm only using part of my screen. Increasing text sizes also breaks the layout a little
  44. Bloodforge


    For some reason one of my computers has the site stuck in mobile mode(with the large nav bar at the bottom) on all browsers(Edge, Chrome, FF, Opera). It's not a tablet and my monitor is not touch compatible, unless it's seeing my Rift as a touch device.

    I can't figure out how to get the desktop mode back, it started doing this all of a sudden a few days ago. This isn't happening on any of my other computers.
  45. Zulith


    Strange, for me it seems very device independent. On my desktop (no touch capabilities) it shows the desktop mode fine, on my laptop (convertible into tablet) it forces mobile mode and I hate it.

    Even when clearing all cookies and relogging in, doesn't change anything. But you should try that anyway if you haven't since you said it has no touch.
  46. Bloodforge


    I was right, it seems to be my Oculus Rift. When I have it plugged in, under system>about, it lists a pen and touch device("touch support with 9 touch points"). If I unplug it and restart it doesn't show that and I have the proper ERA desktop interface.

    I wonder if anyone else with a Rift has the same issue.

    They should add a setting to force desktop interface in the preferences.
  47. Jacknapes


    Swapped over to the DayERA theme, the NightERA purple is straining my eyes at times. Much prefer the Day at the moment, quite gentle to look at.
  48. moose84

    Banned Member

    Would it be possible to change the date/time font colour on the thread list view of Dark Legacy version? At the moment the date/poster info seems brighter than the actual thread titles, makes it quite tough to read a long list of threads.
  49. Grand Staff

    Grand Staff

    Really liking DayEra! Something I'd like to see added is an option to make the comment page fit the entire screen rather than have empty spaces on the left and right.
  50. nexus


    The touch makes sense but on my iPad pro 10.5 inch in portrait mode it shows the default desktop mode. Once I rotate it to landscape it shows it in the mobile format. My laptop is a touchscreen chromebook (c302) and it does the mobile layout. I'd be curious to try it on a non touchscreen laptop and see if it works.
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