1. Nappael


    That logo is infinitely better than the original on dark theme.

  2. Eorl


    I was sticking to the new skins quite well lately but had to switch back because I couldn't stand not being able to cycle through the page numbers via the arrow. It just makes going into large threads easier to view.
  3. RaySpencer


    LanceX2 I love your Avatar. Haha.
  4. Syder


    Looking at it on the page like that, confirms my suspicion that I should've made the 'E3 2018' part a couple of percent smaller maybe.

    Definitely matches the original colour scheme better though.

    EDIT: Fixed.

  5. Coreda


    Anyone? It's just strange that after all the back-and-forth with stylesheet changes a few months back, getting avatars to display well in the standard aspect ratios and sizes that it would get thrown out the window in a subsequent update, which also affects the fine work people do in the request thread and elsewhere wrt alpha transparency.

    Edit: just to clarify, was wondering what the reasoning was for changing the 100px max-width with 120px max-height constraints of the existing avatar space, which was effective for varying aspect ratios, to instead 96x96px max dimensions. And also the addition of a semi-opaque background to the avatar area, which affects all avatars that aren't square or solid. The latter is perhaps the more visually disruptive addition tbh.
  6. RaySpencer


    You have to start a new thread to maybe get answers. I don't think they have answered anything in here. Not to say you will get answers in your own thread, but it's pretty much 0% chance of it being answered here.
  7. Dunno if this is the place for this.

    Mobile YouTube embeds are broken. Can't click on them. Double tapping makes them zoom in like an image
  8. Is there any way to hide threads? That would be great
  9. Fuzzy


  10. omark


    C'mon guys, the "thread has new posts" indication needs to be much more noticeable. The bold text isn’t enough.
    The Legacy method of the little purple flag was a nicer and much clearer way to see if there were new posts.
  11. Karish


    I honestly do not mean to be rude but what's the deal with the forced mobile? Do so few people have this problem that it's not a priority?
  12. Zulith


    I'm getting pretty sick of it myself... we have been waiting since day 1 of this theme launch and it's not fixed. What gives? Is anyone actually working on updating and maintaining the theme or should we all just give up and use the "Legacy" theme for good.

    This is a huge problem for people experiencing the issue that makes the theme totally unusable and it's not getting enough attention.

    At least stop trying to push the new theme as the default theme until the major problems are ironed out. "Legacy" theme is still the best theme.
  13. nexus


    Yeah, the forced mobile is really my only issue at this point. I enjoy the new update otherwise.
  14. Nabs


    Will DayEra ever get the padding update that NightEra got? The margins are still pretty crazy when the browser is at half-width.
  15. RaySpencer


    At least they are called Legacy now. For the first bit they had "(Unsupported)" beside them. Yikes. haha.

    There is definitely issues with how stuff scales on different devices right now.
  16. pa22word


    Lower selection bar on mobile is largely broken for me. It registers the location of the various tabs as lower than they are on screen. I would say it's due to the weird aspect ratio on my phone (galaxy s8). Anyone else getting these issues? On chrome andriod
  17. Xharos


    Has the site been slow as hell for you guys today? For the whole day pages have been taking upwards to 20 seconds to load. Maybe it's a region specific thing? I'm in Spain, I asked 4 friends of mine to check if it was slow for them too (also from Spain) and yup, they are having the same problem. I mention this because it's weird that I have not seen anyone else complaining (aside from the friends I asked), or a tweet from the site saying something, nothing at all.

    Other sites are working fine, it's resetera specifically. Cerium