1. Meowster


    Are we sticking with the 100 x 100 dimensions that are currently being used for Day and Night or will we eventually be updating to the 100 x 120 dimensions that most people seem to use?


    I'm starting to have strange zoomed in instances when I'm typing, I'm using Chrome on iPhone X for the record.
    Just to explain further whenever I typed previously thought the screen stays the same and I can see the whole text box, now whenever I type the screen gets too zoomed in that I can't see the full text and have to zoom out manually.
  3. Maxime


    The new skins are growing on me as time flies, but I still miss the "Mark all read" function a lot.
  4. kbear


    This one is really annoying, +1
  5. Biestmann


    While I'd like to say the hard work is appreciated, it would be difficult to be earnest. The Legacy themes remain functionally and visually superior, and indefinitely more popular with the community. While the design team undoubtedly works hard, that work seems misdirected and ultimately wasted.
  6. Rösti


    Thanks for the update, Cerium. I am very excited for 2.0.

    I have a small question/request: If the ResetEra logo could be changed to SVG format in 2.0 that'd be great for scalability (as well as applying certain HTML5 attributes quickly). Any plans to have the logo in SVG format for 2.0?
  7. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts
    Banned Member

    It’s really annoying. Happens to me everytime on Safari too. It doesn’t happen on the legacy themes though that’s why I switched back for now
  8. enanogrande


    Ever since NightEra launched I've been having a really weird issue in Safari, both on iOS and the Mac, where certain posts won't load. I'll have to manually reload the thread multiple times to get all posts to load. I complained about this in one of the previous Update threads but got no recognition/signs that others were having the same issue. (note, this does not mean the thread loads the first 15 posts and no others, there will literally be blank spaces where posts should be surrounded by posts above and below).

    Once I saw "Fixed Safari Issues" I figured this particular issue was fixed... but nope, it still happens. Super frustrating.
  9. Chrome on pixel. Ever since the update, I frequently get crashes and "can't load page" words after a page has already loaded. Only on era, no other sites. I can be sitting on a page loaded 5 minutes ago told a reply on my phone and it will randomly just crash the page
  10. TheCreationTS


    Hi, please add a ‘like’ feature so we can like the posts.
  11. Corporal


    Had this typed up in the other thread before it was closed, so rather than discarding it, why not dump it in another thread. RIP whoever has to catalogue these for future feature updates.

    Request: Improve the reply area at the bottom of the page.
    1. Complete revamp of the "rich text editor" (just give me a bunch of tag insert buttons, none of that live preview stuff that is a pain to work with e.g. when handling links - try altering a text inside a URL link tag, it's a major hassle - and inlining images is just completely asinine). Or give me an actual BB code editor when I click on that option, and not just a mere textbox and otherwise nothing. This would also remove the "paste as plain text" annoyance, because how often do I really want to copy-paste a fully formatted text snippet, really. Battling all these "comfort" features every time is a hassle.
    2. Preview button. Replace "Post Reply" with Preview button, and only then allow submission of post. Or at least add it as an option via a third button below the text box. Do a live in-place preview without reloading the whole page, mind.
    3. Warning if there's been new posts. Upon using Preview as per #2, alert the user if there's been more posts and indicate just how many have been added, including an option to preview them (comparatively useless in fast moving threads, but necessary in any sort of normal paced back-and-forth).
    4. Alternative to 3: Thread live preview instead of whole-page reload. For all the javascripted web2.0 animated iframe popup stuff in the new forum, the thread reload feature is ancient and lacking. It does neither preserve anything typed into the reply box, nor make efficient use of bandwidth. It's OK if there cannot be an automated timer based refresh due to server load and whatnot, but please allow me to check via button press whether someone has posted in the thread without losing anything.
    5. After clicking "More Options", there should be some sort of thread preview so I can reference posts more easily. As it is now, a page with a reply box and nothing else, it's kind of useless and actually offers less options.
    6. Option to save reply into cookie (or account?) to make a reply "page reload safe"/"tab close safe". Just gimme three save slots. I swear I'll only use one of them for meme copypasta bullshit.
    7. Quote/Reply links in posts seem unintuitive. Quote feels like the go-to option, but Reply is actually what you want 99% of the time. Suggest "Multiquote" and "Reply" for easier distinction. Or simple checkboxes and "Reply" (check other posts and then hit reply on the last one for quote popup).
    8. Smileys. Yeah I know they were ripped from our cold dead hands in the old place, and for good reason, but how about giving me a one-per-day smiley contingent. I need me an ironic/sarcasm smiley and a lol thing and a sad face. Heck, make it once a month. Don't show them in the editor. I'm game. No need for any fancy extensive UTF smiley libraries, just a small hand-selected bunch, unique to resetera. :D :lol :whatever :sadfrog :thatfeelwhen :resetera.gif
    1. No more remote fonts. Bloats bandwidth/computing requirements, leaks data/has privacy and safety concerns.
    2. Option to turn off twitter/youtube inlining, for pretty much the same reason. Current solution is also not archive-friendly. Revisiting threads with posts of "this tweet has been removed" and 3000 outraged replies and such removes context and is, frankly, annoying.
    3. Streamline the watch thread feature. Let me click the link and subscribe to the thread directly without the email/no email popup. One click and done. Just add those options to the watch list page.
  12. SusumuStreet


    Dark era continues to remain superior. Beating a dead horse mentioning it in these threads since it's been continuously ignored despite overwhelming sentiment, but the color choices for Night are awful and hurt readability.

    For every thread that asks for community involvement, this point is deliberately and consistently ignored to the point where I'm wondering if the person married to these poor colors is just running a badly calibrated set of screens.
  13. 2Blackcats


    I much prefer Night though judging by this thread I'm in the minority.

    Did anyone try making a poll? Would be interesting to see the results as long as they're were a lot of voters.

    (my android keyboard is hot pink and black so my tastes are probably questionable)
  14. ffdgh


  15. 2Blackcats


  16. Maximus


    I’m having an issue on mobile (iOS), where when I tap to write a post, it zooms in. It’s annoying because it cuts out some of the dialogue box and I have to obviously pinch to zoom out to fix it.
  17. yogurt


    I noticed that on my profile page there's a field labelled "likes you've received." It's empty, of course, since as far as I know this functionality hasn't been implemented.

    Is there any possibility of exploring a "like" functionality in the future? I wonder if it would cut down on the number of posts that are simply a great / funny post quoted to echo it with "lol" or "this" or whatever (I do it pretty regularly). It could be more efficient to see that 25 users "liked" a hilarious post instead of having 25 individual responses to it.

    The only downside I could see would be a sort of unintentional honey-pot effect, where users who liked something by someone who got banned could get dogpiled for that association. Perhaps a possible solution would be to hide likes on posts of users that are banned, or at least on the specific posts that beget bans / warnings.

    Apologies if this isn't the correct thread.
  18. Gattsu25


    FYI,the issues I mentioned about the bottom nav bar appear to be resolved. Not sure if anything changed but I haven't run into it all morning.

    My solution would just be to never show the likes.

    Which leans toward me thinking that likes should never be implemented.
  19. Crushed


    I'm also having severe crashing issues on Pixel Chrome. Sometimes it'll crash repeatedly, sometimes it will constantly crash if I use the bottom of page reply box and have to use the expanded reply page (and that's crashed on one occasion).
  20. Yeah I've started to copy my text half way through my posts because it'll randomly just crash the page when I'm using the reply box. Or I jus swipe really fast and pray I finish in time
  21. Blizzard


    Has there been a direct response about this other than adjusting colors? That poll is massively in favor of a particular thing.

    I appreciate hard work and I'm not meaning this as any sort of ungrateful post, but it would really be appreciated if anyone from the mod team is reading it and could explain like "we got legally threatened by the owners of yada yada color scheme" or "despite the overwhelming sentiment, we like this better". There are literally scientific studies about blue colors screwing with sleep cycles at night.
  22. 2Blackcats


    Yeah, came to post this.

    Navigation bar is fixed
  23. Feral


    ok that poll is pretty clear on where the preferences lie, lol
    I'm going to guess that they are well aware of that by now and decided that the legacy themes are good enough until 2.0
  24. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts
    Banned Member

    Did the automatic zoom-in on Safari iPhone got fixed? It doesnt happen with the old themes though
  25. RaySpencer


    You would hope so. But given how little they seem to change on the new themes based on the feedback in here, it seems like they are in their own little bubble, and will continue to just do what they want.

    But it's their site, so they can do what they want anyway, I just hope of they aren't going to listen to us, they at least keep the Legacy themes around indefinitely.
  26. JusDoIt


    The "watched thread" icon next to the topic line was really helpful. Where did it go?
  27. It's the complete and total radio silence on the purple that baffles me. Like... it's just a color and you guys can't even communicate about it in any way shape or form?
  28. Not


    EDIT: Nevermind. Fixed.
  29. ksdixon


    i find this website incredibly hard to read. please can someone look through my css code and see why almost none of it is affecting the website like it should? At one point in time it did affect the website.

    I am currently using the LightERA Legacy theme.

    /* resetera - quote quote boxes, reply boxes */
    @-moz-document domain('resetera.com') 
    /* username box */
    .messageUserInfo > .messageUserBlock {
        width: 100%;
        background-color: #A3A3A3;
    /*reply box - black borders:*/
    /*div*/.redactor_box  {
        border-color: #000000;
    /*quote Expand:*/
    .quoteCut.quoteExpand {
     display: none !important;
    /*post & quote black borders,
      post white background:*/
    .bbCodeQuote.bbCodeBlock, .message {
     background-color: #FFFFFF !important; 
        border: 1px solid #000000 !important;
        border-color: #000000 !important;
    /*quote box - white background:*/
    .type.attribution, .quoteContainer {
        background-color: #EEEEEE !important;
    .pageWidth {
        width: 100% !important;
  30. Noppie


    Where do we post feedback/ask something?
  31. Adree


  32. Dream


    The bracket below @-moz-document should be behind the problem you are experiencing. Remove it and it should work perfectly. I suppose that the last bracket at the bottom can be killed as well.

    For the skin/themes? Here.

    Yeah...that's a weird one. Likely a one off given with the system glitching for some reason but if it becomes reoccurring then there might be something be concerned by.
  33. Finale Fireworker

    Finale Fireworker
    Love each other or die trying. Moderator

    What actually happened is that the member quoted you by accident, made the post, and then edited your comment out before you saw it. You get a notification as soon as the post is made, but the other member fixed their mistake by the time you got there, causing what appears to be an alert for somebody’s else’s quote.

    Thankfully, this isn’t a system glitch or anything, just a fake out!
  34. Adree


    Quoted me in a thread I'm not even posting in?
  35. RaySpencer


    Probably a multi quote.
  36. Selina

    Queen of the Valkyries Administrator

    Yeah, looking at the edit history, they accidently quoted this post when using multi-quote: https://www.resetera.com/posts/11521078/
  37. Adree


    Ha mystery solved then.
  38. Finale Fireworker

    Finale Fireworker
    Love each other or die trying. Moderator

    Yup. It happens all the time with the multiquote feature because it stores the quote indefinitely. It’s not uncommon for people to add a quote to the multiquote but forget or decide not to make the reply. Later, they quote another member and go to insert the quote and accidentally insert both posts they have stored without realizing it.

    I can confirm for you that this is what happened here.
  39. Nav


    I have a request and wasn't sure where to share it.

    For the next version update, could you please consider changing the gender field to free-entry instead of a discrete choice? Right now we can choose Male, Female, or Unspecified. This leaves people out and promotes the idea that gender is a binary.