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Resident Evil 1 vs Silent Hill 1 vs Fatal Frame 1

  1. Resident Evil 1

  2. Silent Hill 1

  3. Fatal Frame 1

  1. Winston1

    Member OP

    We've had a poll for the second installments in the big survival horror franchises, but I have not seen one for the first installments.

    I'd like to focus on the first games because, firstly, not many people seem to talk about them, and secondly, they shaped survival horror and laid the foundation for their more famous sequels to build off of. I should also note that this is comparing the original PS1 Resident Evil, not the remake.

    So Era, what do you think of them and how would you rank them? For me, it's easily:

    SH1 > RE1

    I genuinely believe that SH1 is one of the greatest horror games ever made and is perhaps only rivaled by SH2. The game has incredible tension and atmosphere throughout the entire experience which no Resent Evil game (or Silent Hill sequel, for that matter) has ever managed to surpass. I also feel that SH1 has mechanically aged better than RE1. The tank controls, while not great, do feel more responsive than RE1, and the combat still works fine because of how simple it is.

    Admittedly, I have not played Fatal Frame so I can't personally rank it. Though from what I've heard and seen of it, I do not believe that I would ever rank it higher than SH1.
  2. MegaSackman


    Silent Hill 1 for me, that game is a masterpiece and the first video game that made me feel truly scared (damn that cat and whatever was that thing that ate him).
  3. CalamityPixel


    Can't speak for fatal frame. But some of the horror still holds up incredibly well in Silent Hill 1. RE1 not so much
  4. kswiston


    Similar threads to this were locked recently, including one yesterday. Please avoid making game threads based on versus/ranking polls.
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