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Resident Evil 2 - Spoiler Thread *UNMARKED SPOILERS* (Opening has leaked)

Oct 25, 2017
Who is Mr X? The game doesn’t elaborate what or who this is? There’s no setup for him or background story he just appears for...reasons? Who was he sent by and why is he the way he is?
Is he the same end game tyrant you fight at the end of the first game? Why does he have way more intelligence than just normal zombies or even monster Birkin?
Mr. X is the name of the t-103 model of tyrant. They are a mass produced tyrant model with enough intelligence to follow orders and what not. Umbrella released 12 in Raccoon City to eliminate witnesses.
So question - what became of the rats that were eating the G virus?
They got into a turf war with some cockroaches that also got infected. In the end they got driven out of the sewers and found their way to the main water source of the city, contaminating it and leading to the outbreak.
Feb 1, 2018
Whats up with the bizarre tonal shift at the ending ?

This game does an almost amazing job with characterization ,but seriously whose idea was it to go with those aweful cheesy one liners at the end ?

Especially with Sherry..ouff they botched her character and tone at the end there.

Almost a masterpiece.