1. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem
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    I debated making this a thread, but someone else mentioned they wanted to make it a thread so I decided, "Eh, why not?"

    The official Resident Evil Twitter, Facebook, etc, are all just now changing the official profile picture/logo of the social feeds to a brand new logo.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It's a new logo, but it's an updated look of the logo the series had during its first three entries, just more worn and torn, and many people will recognize it from this specifically:

    Regardless, it's definitely some fuel to the fire for people suspecting we may get Resident Evil 2 news soon (which is being fueled as RE2's 20th anniversary is this January 21st, in 8 days from now). What does ResetEra think? Just finally updating the logo from the 20th anniversary series thing they've had as we go into 2018, or a teaser for what might be coming up soon?

    Youtube Changes

  2. I really need to at least finish one of the original trilogy Resident Evil games.

    *Looks at REmake for gamecube nearby.*
  3. MWorldII


    Gimme REmake 2 news! Finally.
  4. Rezsolution


    I bet it's a Remake 2 reveal
  5. Finale Fireworker

    Finale Fireworker
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    Is anything coming up that they might reveal it at?
  6. Aesop


    Hope this is not Chris's blood..
  7. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem
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    No specific event, but Resident Evil 2 turns 20 years old in 8 days.
  8. HStallion


    Well that sounds like as good a time as any! Damn been waiting to see what this looks like
  9. Caiops


    Oh my god, please dont wait until E3 to show something about RE2 Remake, please
  10. Finale Fireworker

    Finale Fireworker
    Love each other or die trying. Moderator

    I saw that - you’re right that that’s probably it.

    In my restless mind, I was thinking about how Nintendo Direct Minis are often followed-up with a full-fledged Direct. Since Resident Evil has had a history on Nintendo machines, and Capcom ported the two Revelations games over, I wondered if it might be something we see featured in a currently unannounced Nintendo Direct.

    But I’m sure the formal announcement will come from Capcom itself.
  11. angelgrievous


    Oh man. My favorite RE game of all time. I hope we get some news on the remake soon. The 20 year anniversary would be a perfect time to do so. Let's go 2018!
  12. Kromeo


    Feels weird that we're still waiting for them to actually reveal the game even though we've known about it for so long. As long as they haven't tried to shoehorn co op into the game I'm looking forward to whatever form it takes
  13. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem
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    For Capcom it can go either way. They definitely do use events as their main source of announcements, but they have broken this rule a few times. Notably, Resident Evil 6 was just announced on a random day in January (January 19th in 2012), it wasn't anything that day they just sort of announced it out of the blue. However most Resident Evil games have had most of their news at big events.

    REmake 2 they may choose to use RE2's 20th anniversary coming up, but could also hold off longer. But their logo change to an updated version of the classic RE logo they had to know would fuel the flames a bit.
  14. KeyChainDude


    Isn’t the mansion in the background exactly the same as the one in the RE7 cover? The logo is also identical, but red.


    I think it’s no big deal, really. Not every single image change or tweet is a teaser.
  15. ronaldthump

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    RE2make would be fucking amazing.

    The A/B gameplay is A+++++
  16. MillionStabs


    Gotta be RE2make news

    Capcom, don't shcrew up again
  17. vereor

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    Resident Evil
    Umbrella Corps
  18. Jawmuncher

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    Starting to look like Resident Evil REmake 2 and DMCV were clashing with each other.

    If DMCV was supposed to be announced last year and then wasn’t. It’s starting to seem like at one point DMCV was slated for late 2018 but was pushed to early 2019.

    RE2make would have the bigger dev team and a release for September/October could be better handled by a larger IP than DMCV.

    I wonder if they’ll be planning their own stream like with Mega Man within the week. Announcing perhaps another port, VR for RE7 on PC, and then RE2make

    Regardless if all comes to fruition, we’ll finally have the late 2018 game cemented.
  19. Resident Evial 2.
  20. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem
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    Yes, the background is still RE7's. It's one big argument, though as it's in Monochrome and the logo has changed to an updated version the series classic logo it could mean moving on from RE7 to the next thing, which is REmake 2. GIVEN, it also could mean nothing and they just were updating their page for 2018. But updating their logo to an updated form of the series classic logo right before RE2's 20th anniversary will fan some flames for sure. I'm undecided if I think they plan to reveal it now or not, but should be a fun little ride regardless.
  21. kc44135


    It's happening. REmake 2, baby!
  22. Derrick01


    christ, I'm getting old. I still remember the day I finally convinced my dad to buy it for me (not because it was violent, it was just rare for me to get a game outside of my birthday/xmas)

    I'm hoping they go all out on the remake and not just graphically update it and re-release it with a modern control scheme that completely breaks the game. Treat it as a new release.
  23. Zippo


    It looks like its almost time.

    Mega Man 11, DMC V and RE2 in one E3 would cause me to lose my shit.
  24. The logo is exactly the same as that on the art for 7. Look at the stuff on the edges of the R and E. The font is also clearly different from Resident Evil 2 (look at where the V joins, for the most obvious difference, it's connected nearly halfway up in RE2's logo), There's nothing to see here.
  25. mclem


    I have completed REmake... but only as Chris. Maybe I ought to do a Jill playthrough? But on the other hand, I've only recently finished TEW1, and I like a healthy gap between horror games for the sake of my blood pressure...
  26. Ex-Actarus


    I haven’t played 2 since the N64.
  27. Plumpbiscuit

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    This has to be REmake 2 related, the 20th anniversary is really close, call me MEGA hyped right now!! RE2 is my favourite RE behind RE4, I'm gonna be disappointed if they go down the over-the-dudebro's-shoulder camera route and not REmake style. The worst possible outcome is Capcom are still Capcom and REmake 2 is in 1st person, which means I'll be avoiding buying it and sticking to the original. Also they better not cut content that was in the original game out altogether or make it DLC, what the fuck kind of remake has LESS in it than a 20 year old PS1 game? Regardless, it's classic RE, I wanna see Leon and Ada all modernised!
  28. Jawmuncher

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    This fits with how E3 went last year.
    1 announced game, 1 reveal, other displays for smaller stuff (sorry Mm fans but MM11 is smaller fare in-terms of budget).

    This’ll also likely be a move to interest their investors. So they can tease their 2018 lineup as

    Megaman - 1.5 million
    Resident Evil 2 - 4 million
    New SKU - 2.5 million

    Since no investor wants to see

    New sku
    New sku
  29. The wear and tear is a symbol for the pain people will feel once it's revealed to play like RE6.
  30. My prediction:
    • They have a cinematic trailer and at the very end show a snippet of gameplay, then it ends on the release date which is within five months.
  31. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem
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    You could very well be right, there is a high likelihood this is nothing and trust me, I'm not arguing with you. But it's a bit of fun, and there's no way they lack the self-awareness that changing it even to the 'classic colors' which the logo hasn't actually seen since Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, & Code Veronica era right before RE2's anniversary when people want news for REmake 2. I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing, even if this doesn't turn into anything.

    Hell, with RE7's background going monochrome and faded and RE7's logo turning into the classic RE2 logo, while I'm sure this isn't what they were thinking one could easily read that as the transition to focusing on RE7 to RE2 as RE7's Gold Edition is out and people are waiting on REmake 2 news. We might have to wait for E3 or maybe they have something else planned, to see.

    As others are pointing out, it's also the variation of the logo they used when they revealed REmake 2 in that video ("We do it!"), worn and torn and all.
  32. Plumpbiscuit

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    This is a prediction I can get behind, I'm expecting a tease and not a full blown gameplay reveal since that'd be E3 most likely. I'll be happy knowing its release date and any possible collector's edition.

  33. Looks the same as this though..



    Please Capcom, reveal the game at the 20th anniversary
  35. The Last One

    The Last One

  36. Jawmuncher

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    IMO they’re planning something. To what scale who knows. But you don’t just randomly change your logo to red and gray background for no reason (especially when in all honesty it looks pretty bad lol).

    Then there’s that empty spot on the biohazard Twitter was well. Yeah could be argued it’s layout design. But even Nintendo VS learned to put something in that dead space.
  37. Deleted member 11262

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    I'm so hyped for RE2make and your anticipation with all these threads you're making is really adding some fuel to the fire.
    I want it now!!!!
  38. Plumpbiscuit

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    It isn't about the font itself, more the colour and style of it, plus it's the same as the one shown in the 2015 announcement.
  39. Potterson


    8 days.

    January 21st is the 20th anniversary of RE2 :)
  40. Perzeval


    Hype level rising!
  41. Plumpbiscuit

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    Enix changed their Twitter/Facebook banners to that of Tomb Raider 2 (1997) when they revealed the 20th anniversary content for Rise - and I'm seeing the same happen here with Capcom/RE - changing their social medias to match that of a classic game.
  42. Spaghetti


    *rubs hands*

    Capcom pls.
  43. Yep.... REmake 2 reveal is happening soon as it seems :D !!
  44. ReginOfFire


    Thats a sunday, they are not revealing anything on a sunday
  45. Dust


    Itsuno's project couldn't be REmake 2, right?
  46. Rajang



  47. Ethifury


  48. Bishop89


    Remake 2

    Calling it