Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 Details from eShop listings

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Jonneh, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Jonneh

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    From this fine fellow

    Resident Evil Revelations (EU/AU)
    $24.95 AUD / €19.99 EUR / £15.99 GBP
    November 28th
    Size: 12GB
    1 Player 2 Players (Online and Local Wireless)

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 (EU/AU)
    $30.95 AUD / €24.99 EUR / £19.99 GBP
    November 28th
    Size: 23.6 GB
    1-2 Players (local/online/local wireless)
  2. Coolwhip

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    Coolio, are both good games?
  3. Jonneh

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    amiibo support from the demo stations are still listed in the game (not clear what they do or who's compatible. Also here's a screenshot from splitscreen:
  4. ggx2ac

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  5. ryushe

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    Skipping Rev1 but I'm in for Rev2. The first game was impressive when I originally played it in the 3DS, but I don't think it necessarily holds up.
  6. Jonneh

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  7. ggx2ac

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    Why does the splitscreen look like that?
  8. Joseki

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    Is it digital only in Europe? Why is Rev 2 24.99 and not 19.99?
  9. Kinsei

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    I enjoy them both. Hopefully the Switch ports are good.
  10. Max Payne

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    The price looks ok. May get the second one at some point.
  11. Jonneh

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    They did the same thing in past games
  12. kc44135

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    Hmm, these don't seem like half-bad ports at all, especially with Gyro aiming. :)
    Rev 2 is good, albeit it's nowhere near as fun as proper Action RE games like RE6. Rev 1 is... not great, honestly. It's a 3DS game, and the limitations and compromises made to get an action RE/TPS working on that platform are still very obvious in the Console versions. It's playable, but... meh...
    You made the right choice. Rev 1 doesn't hold up.
  13. Booker.DeWitt

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    so are we getting a physical release with both games in the cart? or this is just digital?
  14. Aostia82

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    Wait so in EU no bundle and rer2 costs more?
    What the f... Capcom?
  15. TheBeardedOne

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    The first one definitely was, on 3DS, when I played it.

    Haven't played much of 2 but it seemed pretty good also.
  16. Deft Beck

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    It is more taxing on the system to render two of the same gameplay window, so they're shown like this to reduce load on the system.
  17. Sedef122

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    What is going on with the European release? Can you not buy it physically with the code for 2 at all?
  18. Joseki

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    Capcom can't avoid screwing every game they put out.
  19. ggx2ac

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    That was only for the US and Japan which was known for a long time from their official site. I don't know who's handling distribution in Europe since Capcom usually had Nintendo do that so maybe that's why there's no 2-for-1 deal like the other regions.
  20. Aostia82

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    For eal
    I was planning to buy them again but now I am very doubtful
  21. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member


    It is not only that
    It is that rer2 costs more

    Capcom and how to screw the switch
  22. ggx2ac

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    New game tax. First time RER2 has ever appeared on a Nintendo console.

    That or its due to RER2 having all DLC in-game for free.
  23. Sedef122

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    Well I had no idea and I am usually pretty up to speed with things like that, at least I thought I was. No bundle and Rev2 costs more is pretty bloody poor.
  24. Dr. Caroll

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    It's about preserving aspect ratio. Some Call of Duty titles did the same thing.
  25. Aostia82

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    I am simply DD it from the US eshop

  26. Joseki

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    South Africa is the best eShop
  27. ggx2ac

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    It does look like the cost difference might be due to RER2 having a lot of DLC added in for free compared to how much RER has. There's more details on the DLC in the official site.
  28. Deft Beck

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    Ah, I see.
  29. Shiggy

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    It's digital only in Europe.
  30. Sedef122

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    My main gripe is the lack of a physical release, admittedly I would be downloading rev2 anyway but no similar bundle release in Europe is souring me on the whole thing.
  31. #31
    I loved REV1.

    REV2 is one of the most boring fucking games I've ever played. Such a disappointment after how much I enjoyed 1.
  32. baudelinog

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    I think I'll double dip.
  33. newmoneytrash

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    I'm excited as hell to revisit Rev 2

    Still probably my favourite RE tbh
  34. Aostia82

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    Still doesn't explain rer2 cost and absence of bundle

    BTW Capcom at its finest lol
  35. Bonejack

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    Wait what? RER Switch is not available via retail in Europe? Really? I was considering getting the retail double-pack after the holiday madness ...

    Man i can't understand how a company is run by such monkey-brains ... and that is even an insult for monkeys.
  36. HPH

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    Digital only in Europe? That really, really sucks. I'll have to import it from the U.S. then....
  37. Sedef122

    Sedef122 Member

    So how do download codes work for different regions if I do import this then? Assuming I am going to have to setup a third eshop account to go with my UK and Japanese accounts.
  38. Pooroomoo

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    I really enjoyed Revelations 1 on 3DS, but if I complete a game (which I did), I don't double dip.

    Heard more than a few say Revelations 2 is better (or at least good, except I guess one of the posters above me), so will definitely get Rev 2.
  39. Shiggy

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I see the Switch eShop currently doesn't have the functionality to offer bundles. The individual games are the same price (RER1) or cheaper (RER2) than on other platforms.
  40. Pooroomoo

    Pooroomoo Member

    Just looked it up, Revelations 2 seems to be $19.99 in the US eshop, but as it's not possible to preorder it right now, I guess that could still change...
  41. Aostia82

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    I assume that if they wanted, they could have offered the option to download both of them.
    Btw, it's not the price compared to other versions, but to other eShop stores.
    it doesn't make sense to sell it at 25€, just because it is the first time the game is sold to N fans, when on the other eshop for the very same console the cost between the two games is the same
  42. pulga

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    Played REV1 on my 3DS back in the day, in for REV2 Day 1.
  43. Dusk Golem

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    For anyone who's never played either Revelations 1 or 2, here's my condensed opinion. They're just my own of course, but hope some may find it helpful.

    Revelations 1 is overall an average game with a few good points. It has stronger horror elements than say, Resident Evil 5 or 6, but it's still a bit tame in that regard, and due to being a 3DS game originally the aiming/shooting is a bit simplified as are other mechanics, but it's serviceable. There's a few scenes that stand out and the game has some decent variety in what you're doing, and I think the game ended up having some actually pretty good boss battles for examples (with some good build-up to each even). The game outside of these high points are kind of standard for the series, the ship is never quite as atmospheric as it should be but still a pretty fun location. Less fun is most of the segments where you play as other characters (the game is set-up in an episodic structure, and in each episode you play one segment of the 'main' story as Jill on the ship, and one segment as another character in another time and place), with these locations not being nearly as interesting as the main ship location and a few of them pretty drawn out even. The scanning mechanic ends up being more of a drudgery than anything interesting unfortunately, and the enemies though no bad do lack some extra oomph (and work by some weird mechanics, like shooting their arms to phase them so you can run up and melee them, and can hold the melee button to do a charged melee). The story is fucking ridiculous even by the series standards, and sometimes less in a fun way and more in a bizarre way. Revelations 1 has two of the stupidest 'plot twist' I have ever seen in a video game, they're really bad, but there is some b-charm here and there through it. The music is stupidly good actually with a few stand-out tracks, and the sound design outside of the music is serviceable. Raid Mode, the games bonus mode, is basically dungeon crawler Resident Evil and is pretty fun, probably the best part of the game and has a fun end game challenge to it that you can work towards (and this mode is 2-player online co-op).

    Revelations 2 I actually ended up really liking, it surprised me how much I enjoyed it as I was honestly not that excited for it before playing it for whatever reason. For one, the title 'Revelations' applies MUCH stronger to this game than the original game, it has a story that's actually connected to hanging plot threads through the series if you're a series fan, and some things in this title could easily come back in a future entry of the series. The story is also leagues better than Revelations 1... Well correction, the actual story is kind of silly, but it was the first Resident Evil game in ages that actually had a likable cast of characters, and the character drama and interactions between them were both endearing and interesting. Even characters you may initially dislike (like Moira, Barry Burton's daughter with an over-the-top sailor mouth, may grow on you), Natalia is an actually well done child character, and the title made me love Barry Burton finally. Claire I think stood out less but was inoffensive, and some of the side characters were silly but fun. I also think the villain in Revelations 2 was leagues better than the villains in any of the Resident Evil games since the 2010s started up until RE7 released (but the villain is leagues better than RE6's villains or Revelations 1's as example), plus the episodic format has some fun cliffhangers. The gameplay also was really enjoyable for me, with a much stronger item management and survival element playing the game on Veteran my first run (differences in the difficulties as well). This is hard to express, but if you want to be challenged and play with a much stronger survival element in 'survival-horror', I highly recommend it. It has its definite challenge hurdles, but it was a joy tackling things strategically as I went through. The two character dynamic is actually pretty fun, and if you have a way to play local co-op (the main campaign is local co-op only), it can be a lot of fun with another person, but having played it first alone it's plenty fun alone too, the two characters have different abilities and at first the one with the gun seems 'obviously' better, but there's a surprising amount of strategy the second character can employ and if you learn how to use them they can be a bit OP (they also are the better 'exploration' characters due to being able to see items the other can't). I think Revelations 2 gets better as it goes along, with episode 1 being alright, but it getting better as it continues going. There's some memorable boss segments sprinkled throughout, some incredibly fun Resident Evil flavored gameplay bits about, the level design I thought actually was well done (and some fun touches, like things you do in one campaign affecting the other campaign). I could say more, but it ended up really surprising me, it's evident it had a medium budget (but also was released for a medium budget launch price, so that's okay), but it feels like a lot of passion was put in, and benefits for the care put into the design and the story with some of the best quirky elements of the Resident Evil series shining through. The game also has a lot of unlockable modes and stuff when you play through, the one that will catch most people being Raid Mode returns from the original game (and is 2-player local or online co-op, main campaign is local co-op only but Raid Mode supports online), and I could do a long post on it, but while due to a few things I prefer Revelations 1 Raid Mode, Rev2's is still plenty of fun and I think overall is the better game.

    My take, hope it helps some.
  44. Valkyr1983

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    I thought rev1 was a much stronger game but it appears I'm in the minority on that one
  45. TheMoon

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  46. Decarb

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    If you're going to split screen like that, why not put UI elements in empty space and give a clean gameplay window? This was my pet peeve with RE5 as well.
  47. Booker.DeWitt

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  48. TheMoon

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    Complete wild guess but maybe it's a restriction they have to deal with due to how they pulled off the split screen in the first place. I know nothing, just throwing stuff at the wall.
  49. Antony

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    Worth noting that buying one gives you a discount on the other.
    2 will probably be the same price as 1 if buying both...
  50. Renna Hazel

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    Can you play the Revelations 2 campaign in online co-op this time? I recall not being able to on Xbox.