Retro Studios Linkedin, “Narrative Specializations in World Building, and Non-Linear Storytelling”

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Lozjam, Mar 7, 2018.

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    So, within the Nintendo First Party thread, fellow member of Resetera and local hero ItWasMeantToBe19 found that one of the writers at Retro Studios had updated their Resumé.
    Now, this was all updated through one of the developers Linkedin page, who was previously a manager at Retro Studios(however is now a writer on a new game at Retro). The page further clarifies within using exact terminology.
    Many did not think this deserved the thread, however, I think that implications of this is quite astronomical. And I think it at least warrants proper discussion.
    It seems whatever Retro Studios is working on, it certainly is not a Donkey Kong Country Game, which is exciting and newsworthy within itself.

    But what do you think Era? What could this be? Do you think that this LinkedIn could be from Retro’s next project, or could it be something way later down the line?
  2. NotLiquid

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    Aw yeah baby Donkey Kong 64 2!
  3. jakoo

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    Hm. Unless it's an original IP, the most immediate Nintendo IP that comes to mind here based on this posting would be....Eternal Darkness?

    Given what Retro achieved with regards to atmosphere in Metroid Prime I could see them taking that franchise in a new direction if Nintendo weirdly wanted to revive it.
  4. Habimaru

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    Must be proficient at grilling ribs
  5. SieteBlanco

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    Donkey Kong RPG! At last!
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    Mega Man FPS confirmed.
  7. pulga

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    Fucking Donkey Kong is about to get the deepest lores oh yeah baybeee
  8. BY2K

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    It's either Donkey Kong 64-2 or Dark Souls.
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    Donkey Kong World should be exciting.

    Seriously, tho, I hope RETRO shows up with something ambitious. It’s been too long
  10. zoukka

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    Fuck donkey kongs.
  11. Primethius

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    I hope it's a new IP because damn, this is what I want from Retro.
  12. Dark Cloud

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    Eternal Darkness or a new IP.
  13. Tribal_Cult

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  14. WonderLuigi

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    DK64 2 is open world oh my god !
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    Am I going crazy(sorry, had to) or was Eternal Darkness very linear?
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    Open world F-Zero
  17. Silky

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    Dishonored Kong
  18. Fork

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    What the fuck are they doing

    Its been 5 years
  19. LordKano

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    Donkey Kong: Become Human.
  20. z0m3le

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    It's been in development for almost 5 years now, the longest Nintendo development ever, I think. I'm excited.
  21. sinonobu

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    That seems bit to ambitious for DK title. XD
  22. Dark Cloud

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    They may have taken awhile to figure what they wanted to do.
  23. TheMoon

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    it was

    people need to get Eternal Darkness out of their heads already.
  24. DecoReturns

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    Oh cool. Mother 4
  25. Aeroucn

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    Hopefully they are working on a new IP, if it is a new donkey kong...
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    Wrong. It's Puzzle Street Fighter Ex Turbo IV Super Battle HD Tournament Edition III.
  27. Tribal_Cult

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    I don't know what its meant for linear storytelling. The game itself was very linear, even more so than other horror games like Resident Evil, but the story itself was told in a very interesting way. You had the main game with Alexandra in the mansion, intermitted by 11 total flashbacks to many different ages of human history. Some of them made you explore the very same mansion Alexandra was in but 50 years before that for example. That isn't linear but I don't know if that's what they mean
  28. Jawmuncher

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    Yeah, sounds like they're going for a Dark Souls thing.
    If I really wanna stretch things, a new Eternal Darkness could be made with such a style.
    Which also fits with the constant trademark renewals despite no re-release even on the horizon.

    MONSTER Member

    Wig snatched!!!!

    Perched to see their narrative masterpiece in 2019 I guess

  30. Dark Cloud

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    It says non-linear story telling. Try again.
  31. yuoke

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    Dk64 2, this time with 999 golden bananas...for each kong.
  32. Raijinto

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    Yep, that sounds like a new IP open world RPG Witcher 3 rival with a 95+ MC confirmed...

    But seriously I ain't gonna read too much into this. I'm sure I'll give whatever their next game is a go so no point in overhyping it.
  33. jakoo

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    It was linear, but I think it's a franchise that could easily lend itself to telling a non-linear story. The fact that you took on different protagonists who (essentially) had their own self contained short stories could easy evolve into a branching, interconnected storyline. Also, when you take into consideration the concept of sanity effects, I could see a situation where you may have different plot threads trigger on the basis of how "insane" a person is (to the point where some "storylines" may only exist in someones head).
  34. bottledfox

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    Sounds like we're getting an open-world game from Retro.
  35. Joseki

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    Donkey Kong lore gonna get DEEP
  36. Asgoroth

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    Fromsoftware make proselytes.
  37. Kouriozan

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    I still remember Retro hiring all those open world devs and in the end it was Donkey Kong, that was glorious.
  38. Harpoon

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    That mention of prose being in this is highly interesting. I believe a previous LinkedIn page had mentioned short stories as well. Wonder where exactly how that kind of stuff is going to be implemented.
  39. Strings

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    So a Donkey Konga sequel?
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    This going to be gooooood.
  41. Hadok

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    so probably a narrative game : Life is Metroid.
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    Skyward Sword started development in 2006

    *cue everyone seeing that as a bad sign*
  43. Dark Cloud

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    Is prose fiction short stories? I never heard of prose fiction so I was wondering
  44. RiruKiria

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    Open World Donkey kong game
  45. Amiibola

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    Their last ambitious game was Donkey Kong country: Tropical Freeze, wich was also the last game they developed.
  46. pulga

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    man all I know is this shit better show up at E3, it's been way too long
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    I'm still going with kid icarus on this one.
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    One of my most anticipated games and I don't even know what it is
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    A pretty same-y sequel to a 2D platformer is not what ambitious means even if it’s a good game
  50. K Samedi

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    Seems to me like an open ended game (Open world like Zelda).