Rocksteady Looking for Community Manager... Gearing Up for Announcement Soon

Oct 27, 2017
While everyone has been focused on the Spidey hype train, our other favorite superhero devs in London, Rocksteady, have been quietly tinkering at their next project. Many rumors have it pointed to be either a Superman game or a full fledged Justice League game, and we may finally get that answer soon.

Over the weekend, Rocksteady posted some new jobs on their website, one of which includes a Community Manager.

Here's a link to the application:

Here's a snippet of what it says:
Rocksteady Studios is seeking a passionate and experienced Community Manager to join the team at their North London Studio in a temporary role. In collaboration with our Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) colleagues, the role will primarily involve the execution of digital initiatives across the full range of online, social and community channels. Additionally, the role will frequently involve live gameplay presentations for various audiences.

The successful candidate’s deep understanding of social media, highly developed presentation skills and experience in community management coupled with a love of video games will form the driving force behind an innovative and effective promotional campaign for a highly anticipated upcoming AAA title.
Not sure exactly when they would announce their next title, but whenever this job app disappears from the site, I'm sure it will soon follow.

EDIT: All you journalists who keep posting articles on this keep missing the biggest scoop:

Rocksteady just hired a COMMUNITY MANAGER. Which, if you read the quote, means they are gearing up for a big promo campaign and a big announcement REAL SOON.


Seems as if the position has been filled. On their website, under the "Marketing" tab for jobs, the Community Manager application has been removed and replaced with "Speculative Application", which is what they have for all the other positions that are already filled.

Now that the spot is filled, I think it is safe to assume that whatever Rocksteady is working on at the moment is probably gearing up for a big announcement.
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Oct 25, 2017
I hope they're making either a Superman game or a TMNT game. I would also love another Batman game - not necessarily another Arkham since I feel like that story has concluded. I feel like a Justice League game may be a bit much to start off with - maybe start at Superman and build it from there. Perhaps Superman --> World's Finest --> Justice League?

Either way, it's Rocksteady so I'm excited for whatever they announce.
Oct 25, 2017
Really looking forward to this. An amazing Superman game would be incredible, obviously, but I'd be happy with pretty much any great DC Rocksteady game.
Dec 3, 2017
New York
I'm in the minority but hopefully it isn't something superhero related, these guys have been doing superheros since Asylum so I'd imagine they'd be burned out a bit.
Oct 27, 2017
Nirolak pointed out a while ago that in one of their job postings it said that comic book knowledge was a plus, so I think it’s safe to say that it is DC related
Oct 30, 2017
It’s almost certainly not Superman based on their job hirings unless you think a Superman game would be a great place for online multiplayer.

p.s. Knight is the best in the series.
Oct 27, 2017
My number 1 announcement I am waiting for!!! Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint by leaving their past behind to focus on some multiplayer only stuff. *crossingfingers*
Jan 25, 2018
As long as it's not some online GaaS type game, I am hyped. Their recent job listings and WB stance have me worried.
Oct 27, 2017
Jeez, Arkham Knight was a mid 2015 game. Where has the time gone O.O

The only thing that places doubts on the Superman / Justice League thing... Weren't they looking for someone to model a large amount of gun skins (Senior Weapons Artist)?

EDIT: They also hired network engineers and a metagame designer ~2 years ago, and then were hiring a bunch of multiplayer testers in April of this year.
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Oct 27, 2017
Man I really hope it's not a Superman game, as that seems like it'd be a waster of Rocksteady's incredible talent. I know it's just me being biased and that lots of people like Super Man, but I just think he's kind of an awful choice for a video game. Beyond cryptonite, what can you really do to the guy ya know? He's just too powerful, it presents one of those weird problems with the game where it's never going to feel like you're playing as Superman if they design the game properly, and if you do feel like you're playing as Super Man then the game will be boring in about an hour when you realize you're just playing as an invincible, super fast, flying, impossibly strong god who can't really be opposed outside of a few choice villains and super heroes. Just doesn't seem like it lends itself well to video game design, but hey what do I know, I guess it could turn out wonderful, I'm just not seeing it. I'm not trying to negative for the hell of it here, just for the record, I'm just not seeing how one could make a good Superman game while making a good game, if that makes sense.

Regardless, I'm excited for Rocksteady's future, as I've bought everything they've made thus far, and I'll probably buy this too, even if it is Superman ;).


Oct 28, 2017
I wish it was a Blade game, that'd be amazing.

Are we sure they only do DC properties? It's because of WB as a publisher, I guess?