Rocksteady seems to be hiring for a lot of important positions right now.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ItWasMeantToBe19, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. ItWasMeantToBe19

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    Curious how far their next game considering that they are hiring for a lot of really important roles.

    (Click "Jobs" to scroll down to the job openings)

    -Design Director (The second in command to the Creative Director)
    -Senior Producer
    -Outsourcing Manager
    -Lead Animator
    -Lead Technical Artist

    Beyond these super important and lead jobs, we have openings for:

    -Senior Weapons Artist
    -Senior Environmental Artist
    -Senior VFX artist
    -Senior Technical Artist
    -Senior Animator
    -Senior Cinematic Animator
    -Senior Rendering Programmer
    -Senior Gameplay Programmer
    -Senior AI Programmer
    -Senior Network Programmer
    -Senior Engine Optimizer
    -Senior Engine Programmer
    -Senior Scriptwriter (like actual dialog for the stories)

    It's going to be interesting to see how Rocksteady evolves as a studio if they want to do a big GaaS game like is rumored. 150 employees (Rocksteady's current count) is not that huge compared to Bungie's 750 staffers on Destiny. I guess we'll wait and see.
  2. javiergame4

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    hopefully superman game.
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    Superman is quite a difficult game to make... so if they are working on that... they could use all the help they can get.
  4. HockeyGuy412

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    I hope not
  5. ItWasMeantToBe19

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    It's definitely not a Superman game unless Superman is going to collect a lot of weapon drops.
  6. DJwest

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    Hopefully a Justice League game.
  7. adj_noun

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  8. LoyalPhoenix

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    Its been so long since they have announced a game, Arkham VR was just a small side thing.

    One of the devs im most excited to see from hopefully early next year.
  9. Sargerus

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    DO IT
  10. ItWasMeantToBe19

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    Hmm, what time frame are we betting on with this game?
  11. est1992

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    They’re rumored to show something at the Game Awards this Thursday, but by the looks of this, the game might be a ways off
  12. endlessflood

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  13. TheMadTitan

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    Of course it's going to be a Superman game; DC needs a Superman game that doesn't suck ass. They've had several good Batman games; they've had maybe two Superman games that didn't make people want to murder gophers.

    My only hope is that they don't do something stupid like tie Superman's health to the health of the city or innocents. Copy Prototype and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction in regards to scaling power levels and how invulnerable in lore characters take different types of damage in-game, and then have fun with it.

    People with guns needle away health without Supes flinching, people with explosives make him recoil, and then tanks, robots, attack choppers, mutants, and aliens cause him to stagger and fly back while taking damage depending on their power level.
  14. ItWasMeantToBe19

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    They've hired a lot of people to design weapon models for the game... I don't think Superman is fit for a game with weapon drops.
  15. onion

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    Justice League version of Arkham Knight/GTA...
  16. JigglesBunny

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    We already have a great Superman game, it’s called Megaton Rainfall.

    I want a new IP, personally. Rocksteady are some of the best in the industry, I want to see them without any constraints.
  17. Datajoy

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    Ninja Batman tie-in game? I'm not sure they could handle it actually, given how clunky Batman was in Arkham Knight.. (I haven't played the other ones).
  18. LoyalPhoenix

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    Batman Beyond is my guess.

    Which I would love.
  19. LuisGarcia

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    Please Justice League.
  20. Soggoth

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    Wait, Destiny 2 has 750 people working on it? How is it even possible to make such shallow game with that many people.. geez...
  21. lazerfox

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    Weapons? Harry Potter RPG dreams destroyed :(

    edit: well technically you could use a wand as a weapon
  22. Zip Stick

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    Judge Dredd or Hellboy please.
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    Damn that's a huge job dump.
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    A lot of those positions or ones similar to them have been open for quite a while. It may be more related to future games rather than the one they've had cooking since 2015, but time will tell.
  25. Falchion

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    I'm so ready to find out what they're working on. If it's Superman I just want to see it.
  26. PogChamp

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    Supremely excited for VGAs just to see their game.
  27. AlexCampy89

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    Batman Arkham Gotham?
    Arkham nation?
    Arkham World?


    Batman: Beyond Arkham?
  28. Mifec

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    Hopefully they hire better writers for this one. Arkham Knight was insultingly bad in that department. Hush and The Dark Knight: Rises level bad.
  29. Asbsand

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    After Knight I hope they consider more carefully who they hire. The guy who did Knight's scriptwriting was a real B-grade filler-writer.
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    As long as it's not another Batman game I'm interested...kind of. Arkham Knight was a mess so I feel they need to redeem themselves somewhat.
  31. HellofaMouse

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    Even if its not superman, its some other warner bros ip. They are not gonna take the risk of a new ip.
  32. Zukkoyaki

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    Maybe they're making that Suicide Squad co-op shooter that didn't materialize at Warner Montreal.
  33. Innolis

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    Whatever it is, please don't be GaaS...
  34. LuckyChamCham

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    I’m pretty sure your avatar just blinked at me O_O

    Edit: nvm it’s animated..
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  36. Faithless

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    Please be Batman, please be Batman, please be Batman, plea...
  37. Ahasverus

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    What the hell have they been doing these years, Jesus.

    Maybe it's a second game, but still.
  38. jelly

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    I hoping there is a Spy versus Mercs mode but with Superheroes and villains. Wouldn't that be sweet to be hunted by the Justice League etc. while others play as criminals. Tense and fun stuff, seeing superheroes leaping buildings, flying by while you are scurrying around in the ground, inside buildings, sewers then incoming, Wonder Woman smashes throw the wall. Could even have cool guns that give mercs a chance, freeze, toxic etc. Distraction equipment while you getaway.
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    I'm holding out for E3, love to see something on Thursday though. Saying that I am very afraid WB is gonna push for a big GaaS implementation.
  40. Derrick01

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    That's a lot of senior positions open, at least in my eyes. No idea if that's common or not but it makes me think of that Schreier article about burnout in the industry.
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  42. DMVfan123

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    So CG trailer at the Game Awards?
  43. cgpartlow

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    I'm trying to wonder what Warner Brothers IP would make a good GaaS game. Either a cooperative super hero game like Justice League, with loot and gear, or I wonder if they are doing something Lord of the Rings related? A co-op gear centered RPG in that universe would be kind of cool I think.

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    Every single day I pray for this.

    Fuck you Damian.
  45. Rivyn

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    Didn't Rocksteady say on Twitter recently that their new title will definitely NOT be Superman?
  46. BrettHeazy

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    they're also eating lots of eggs and bacon

  47. munchie64

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    Taking tips from Retro I guess.
  48. DanteZaibatsu

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    I've no idea where this idea comes from that a Superman video game can't be made because he's "too OP". He exists in Injustice just fine without killing the competition. What's the problem?
  49. 5taquitos

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    I never knew I wanted this, but now I really want this.
  50. StrapOnFetus

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    Fuck Superman, the real Super Man died years ago.

    Make a new IP or something else like batman, spongebob. Whatever the fuck, just not superman.