Rumor: 4chan claims Nintendo Direct may come in July 22

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Nov 17, 2017

According to the thread, the evidence is Funkopop has obtained a Pokemon distribution license:

This is claimed by the 4chan leak, posted 2 days ago:

Given the timing of the Funkopop news, it seemed this leak has a bit of legitimacy. A bit, to be emphasizing, because it's only 1 thing confirmed out of all other rumors dump.

Please take with a grain of salt.
Oct 26, 2017
How did people conclude that "it starts with the ANNOUNCEMENT of Funko Pops" means the same as them being announced two weeks before
Oct 25, 2017
A trailer for a New Super Mario Bros Switch game is show titled New Super Mario World and every level is painted in the way that 5-1 in NSMBU was. The trailer shows Mario, Luigi and Blue Toad as playable characters however Yellow Toad is removed. Instead it is revealed that Wario is going to be playable instead.
They REALLY don't want to give Waluigi a chance don't they
Oct 25, 2017
Columbia, MD
Maybe some things are true, or have possibilities of turth. And StarFox Racing is just a freebie at this point, until it's revealed.

But it just sounds too greedy, the moment stuff like "Mother 3D" is tossed up.
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