Rumor: ATVI's 5-year plan for Crash includes N.Sane Trilogy on Switch/PC, New Game in 2019

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrestleman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Wrestleman

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    Take it with salt, but:

    Max Arguile, Licensing Manager of GB Eye, a licensed merchandising company in Europe, goes on record in the new "Licensing Source Book Europe" from DHX Brands and claims the following:
    • Activision will release N.Sane Trilogy on Switch and PC in 2018
    • There's a new Crash game coming in 2019
    • Activision has plans for Crash titles through 2022


    SOURCE: (page 97)

    Death tornado spin me if old.
  2. ReginOfFire

    ReginOfFire Member

    Bring on more please they did just such a good job with the remaster
  3. Zukkoyaki

    Zukkoyaki Member

    Crash not getting a new game would be shocking at this point
  4. ReginOfFire

    ReginOfFire Member

    I wonder what those people who said crash wont sell in 2017 are thinking now
  5. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    I think it should also be in the Switch rumor archives, no?
  6. KonFot

    KonFot Member

    This sounds n.sane.



    I love Crash
  7. Oregano

    Oregano Member

    Switch but not XBO?

    I very much doubt it.
  8. Mandos

    Mandos Member

    Once it’s been confirmed to not be fake.

    Been anticipating a switch port for a while especially since Activision promised more switch support
  9. Yaqza

    Yaqza Member

    Hmmm season pass and lootboxes incoming (in later games, that is)?
  10. Cuboid 64

    Cuboid 64 Member

    Seems like a good fit for the Switch if true! I'm really interested to see Vicarious Vision's take on a Crash 4 too. Unless it's actually the new/remade CTR people think Sumo's doing.
  11. Astandahl

    Astandahl Member

    Why not Xbox?
  12. Telpis

    Telpis Member

    Buy the collection traded it in crash 1 is to hard and frustrating and the controls were to stiff to play
  13. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    I have no interest in it on PS4 rn but if it comes to Switch I might pick it up

    Why? At this point it’d probably sell better on the Switch
  14. fiendcode

    fiendcode Member

    NST on Switch and PC is a no brainer. They should port to Xbox as well.
  15. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    I am almost positive this is true. They own Crash, not sony.
  16. Cybersai

    Cybersai Member

    I don't think a new game will be good. Crash has always been poor post the PS1, I don't know if they can bring back the magic. They are not Naughty Dog.
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  18. Oregano

    Oregano Member

    Sure but an XBO version would be easier to make. There's no reason to skip it.
  19. Mandos

    Mandos Member

    Sales prediction numbers are against success possibly, considering how few successful platformers there’s been on the system
  20. Hektor

    Hektor Community Resettler Member

    Given the immense success of the game and the ton of merch released in the last 6 months, not surprising and very likely true.
  21. Wrestleman

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    This is just my speculation, but it's been made clear as day by Activision and Vicarious Visions that Sony came to them with the idea for this. Could be that they're in some sort of agreement as to which platforms the game can arrive on. It's also possible Arguile simply left Xbox out for no reason and it's coming to everything under the sun.
  22. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    This coming to Switch makes sense. This is the kind of support we need from Activision
  23. TheEnd

    TheEnd Member

    Where’s my kart racing?
  24. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Furthermore, Crash on PC equals MODS.
  25. Almaz_Hiro

    Almaz_Hiro Member

    I hope they make a game like Twinsanity. I really liked that game despite it flaws.
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    CTR incoming soon! Right? Right?!
  27. Brandon

    Brandon Member

    Go ahead just give Spyro his trilogy first..
  28. memoryman3

    memoryman3 Member

    Well there was the timed exclusivity thing going on....I was always dying to play this and I think it will look amazing on the Switch. Vicarious Visions are extremely talented.
  29. daxy

    daxy Member

    Does the 'five year plan' involve releasing a half-finished game to then feed players the rest of the levels through DLC?

    Did not expect them to pick this back up. Wonder what a new Crash game even plays like.
  30. JammerLammy

    JammerLammy Member

  31. Timu

    Timu Member

    If true, nice!
  32. fiendcode

    fiendcode Member

    What if the new game is a CTR remaster with online?
  33. DrakenAstro

    DrakenAstro Member

    I would buy N sane trilogy again if it came to the Switch.
  34. Status Effect

    Status Effect Member

    Hmmmm. I own and love my Switch, but I feel half the nostalgia for the Crash remaster was that he was synonymous with the PlayStation brand and people were happy to see him back where he belongs. Releasing a new game as multiplat removes the feeling that he's part of the PlayStation family. I think Activision should keep him exclusive even without any Sony deal. It weakens the brand
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    We'll keep asking until it happens.

    Give us CTR!
  36. IIFloodyII

    IIFloodyII Member

    Crash Team Racing Remake please.
    Bit surprised they haven't said anything about the Remakes going elsewhere yet, no Xbox would be a surprise too.
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    I think it’ll come to Xbox too no reason not too
  38. Kolx

    Kolx Member

    Switch but not xbox one? yeah this is bullshit.
  39. stat84

    stat84 Member

    Gives us CTR!!!!
  40. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    Crash should stay exclusive to Sony because of branding for you? You’re joking?
  41. Mariip

    Mariip Member

    Interesting... but the game took ages to load on a ps4, can they really make it run ok on a switch?

    Still waiting for ctr btw
  42. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    You seem so certain even though this might actually be real.
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    That seems more likely.
  44. Hektor

    Hektor Community Resettler Member

    There have been 9 CB games on Nintendo Platforms already, 4 of them exclusive. He hasn't been part of any platformholders "family" for two decades now
  45. BlandrewYT

    BlandrewYT Member

    I always thought Twinsanity was the best one. Great humor, amazing soundtrack, and great platforming. Would love to see the series continue off of this, rather than keeping him going through corridors like the Naughty Dog games.
  46. Meowmixez

    Meowmixez Member

    There better be a Crash Team Racing game!
  47. Toni Codrea

    Toni Codrea Member

    More sales = weakens the brand? Wut? I'd argue a bigger install base would widen it. For example, it'd be my first time playing a Crash game and I've heard they're quite good.
  48. Mandos

    Mandos Member

    Loading tends to be more efficient on switch due to both its card format and internal memory having a slightly faster transfer rate than the ps4s harddrives
  49. xxbrothawizxx

    xxbrothawizxx Member

    Definitely seem more likely that Sumo's kart racer is CTR.
  50. Mr Swine

    Mr Swine Member

    If this is true, do platformers not tend to sell well on Xbone? Could be a reason why it’s not coming to Xbox