Rumor: ATVI's 5-year plan for Crash includes N.Sane Trilogy on Switch/PC, New Game in 2019

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrestleman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Wrestleman

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    Yeah, I would temper any expectation of any big announcements. I'm mostly in this for Crash sales numbers.
  2. Mr Swine

    Mr Swine Member

    Probably 5-6 million sold worldwide?
  3. Zippo

    Zippo Member

    They're supposed to be releasing Crash sales numbers soon?
  4. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    I swear to god if nothing gets announced
  5. Wrestleman

    Wrestleman Member Original Poster

    No numbers, but here's what was said about Crash:


    Crash was treated basically as the "#3" in their top 3 for the Activision segment of Activision Blizzard. And a microscopic Spyro hint.
  6. "Look forward to exploring other Activision classic IP as well in the future"


    I wish we could have receivied more concrete details on Crash though.
  7. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Nothin. I was expecting at least Something, but we got NOTHING.
  8. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    And the waiting continuous.
  9. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Fuck waiting.
  10. MrHeisenbird

    MrHeisenbird Banned Member

    I expect that N.Sane Trilogy going multiplatform will be a minor announcement in the coming months.

    Maybe something about Spyro or CTR near E3. Another timed exclusive on PS4.
  11. Emilijo

    Emilijo Member

    My guess is Crash Team Racing remaster announced at Sony's conference at E3 for 2019. release.
  12. SNRUB

    SNRUB Member

    I’m not guaranteeing that it’ll happen again after what happened with NECA/GB Eye but Toy Fair is next weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an unintended blurb concerning the ports and/or 2019 game.

    Crash is gonna be there with a full toyline.
  13. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Pfft, yeah sure. If they couldn't be bothered to confirm or deny Crash coming to switch, that won't happen.
  14. All in due time :-P Offending my portfolio won't help lol
    Save the announcements for gaming events!

    This, too :-)
  15. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    And lets dont forget a Xbox port ;)
  16. fiendcode

    fiendcode Member

    Yeah, this sounds on the money. Sony gets the remasters for a year, then they go multiplat. I do wonder if CTR alone would be enough or would they add new content or another game (Crash Bash?) to fill it out?
  17. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    I think they could get away with CTR with added online for $40-50. They know how big Crash is now.
  18. Wrestleman

    Wrestleman Member Original Poster

  19. SNRUB

    SNRUB Member

    I love the detail on that figure.

    Here’s hoping we see more next weekend at Toy Fair.
  20. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Hope we get a confirmdation of the rumor soon, because i'm anxious about a portable HD Crash game.
  21. N.Domixis

    N.Domixis Member

    Lol, I remember when people said no one cared about crash, good times.
  22. Wrestleman

    Wrestleman Member Original Poster

    In what could be a frightening turn of events for GB Eye, all Crash Bandicoot content and merchandise has been removed from their website.


    I really don't think they'd revoke the license over something like this, though.
  23. Kenagain

    Kenagain Member

    Lol I just don’t understand how someone could say this... I mean to each their own but growing up in the 90’s, I don’t have a single friend that wasn’t stoked on this or Spyro... I always thought these were pretty much universally loved games, but I could be wrong
  24. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    I doubt they'd revoke a license over something like this. especially if the merch is already established
  25. Crayon

    Crayon Member

    I thought these motherfuckers were straight trollin. I thought it was like the Knack joke.
  26. SNRUB

    SNRUB Member

    What were the odds of the guy getting fired for letting the cat out of the bag and potentially breaking an NDA?
  27. Wrestleman

    Wrestleman Member Original Poster

    Yeah, I know, that's why I said exactly that too lol

    I just think it's a hilariously timed thing. I think it's probably the fact they're about to launch more products.
  28. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Isn't there a toy thing going on this weekend?
  29. SNRUB

    SNRUB Member

    Yes, Toy Fair is this Saturday.
  30. L4DANathan

    L4DANathan Member

    I'm literally posting in here to ask why the strange abbreviation for Activision. Why not Acti? Or Act-Blizz? Or just the full name? I'm so confuuuused.
  31. Wrestleman

    Wrestleman Member Original Poster

    ATVI is their stock market abbreviation and it's a fairly common shorthand in general. I'm shocked you've never seen it before.
  32. L4DANathan

    L4DANathan Member

    I actually haven't, I've seen so many other variations of that name, but never their actual stock market abbreviation. Now I'm even more confused about that, lol.
  33. Wrestleman

    Wrestleman Member Original Poster

    It couldn't be simpler, ATVI is how "Activision" sounds when you get shitfaced and cut off your jaw
  34. Pancakes R Us

    Pancakes R Us Member

    So do I, back on GAF. How those haters got proven wrong. Ho ho ho.
  35. Sander VF

    Sander VF Member

    GAF/ERA likes eating crow in general, I suppose.
  36. PaypayTR

    PaypayTR Banned Member

    People who doubted Crash at first place were likely born in NES-N64 enviroment and never had PS1 or was already growed up when Crash came out. Here in Asia-Middle East - All europe Crash was the shit.

    It wasnt popular as Mario in USA though
  37. Ryuhza

    Ryuhza Member

    Those arguments could generally be boiled down to

  38. LewieP

    LewieP Member

    To be fair, I'd say I knew there was nostalgia for Crash, but had no idea how well that would translate into sales.

    MANUELF Member

    The fact that it was the 3 games everyone knew for 40 dollars was the biggest reason it did so well, if they tried each one for 40 or all 3 for 60 it wouldnt have sold as well, the biggest test will be a new full price release
  40. Remo Williams

    Remo Williams Member

    We have (or used to have) a PC magazine called PCChip over here. I remember reading it in 2005 or 2006, and one of the journalists wrote "The most popular platforming game of all time is probably Commander Keen." I think that was the last issue that I ever bought.
  41. LewieP

    LewieP Member

    imo, the smart move would to make a game that's bigger than any of the three original games (but not as big as all three put together) at the $40 price point.

    They can reuse a lot of stuff from these remakes, and just do new levels etc.
  42. PaypayTR

    PaypayTR Banned Member

    Why would they do that? Also if they sold it 3 for 60 $ it would sold similarly.
  43. Gitaroo

    Gitaroo Member

    I didnot enjoy crash collection as I did with the original back it the days honestly. Something felt off.
  44. Motwera

    Motwera Member

    The 40 dollar part is very important as that helped sell them like with Ratchet & Clank on the PS4, same thing with the remake of Shadow of the Colossus.

    Would if have to be more open-ended with that length or a more linear kind of game with that length? (I'm also referring to Thumpin' Wumpa Islands and the 2015 N. Sanity Beach Protoype from 2015)

    For me, I did enjoy it as much but the thing that keeps throwing me off is the Jump mechanism/Pill-Boxed (possibly) collision hit detection of the charact model. I know some people who feel the same way as you.
  45. PaypayTR

    PaypayTR Banned Member

    3 games for 60 $ for ground of remake is still pretty good for price.

    Also Open end crash with collectables never work because that is literally not what crash is about. Thats for Banjo,Mario and their clones.
    Not like we are in big pool of Crash clone arcade level short 6-7 minuted level games. They are practically non existent so why not create one instead of bastardising Crash and turning into some open world Twinsanity bullshit.
  46. Motwera

    Motwera Member

    Obviously not expecting a Twinsanity--style game since that misses some of the most important core aspects of the Crash gameplay. But thank you for responding and understanding where I'm coming from as a fan.

    Also, doing it as 60 instead of 40 would mean a bigger risk for the game(s) to sell overall in this kind of genre. Just saying since people here expected that to not work with Crash originally.
  47. PaypayTR

    PaypayTR Banned Member

    Yeah i get that 60vs40 but just telling if anyone was able to justify its price it was Crash collection even for 60$ imo. They could slice up each title for 20$ as well. But end product is still more satisfying for 40 $
  48. Motwera

    Motwera Member

  49. TZchassis

    TZchassis Member

    I hope a Crash Bash remake / sequel is coming next. Loved that game on ps1. I would assume they would do a new entry + a racing game before that.
  50. Motwera

    Motwera Member

    BTW, I think it's fair to say that Activision should not overestimate sales or make it on a similar level to N. Sane since there has to be a safety net for the new game or the upcoming ports. (the whole leaked/rumored bits according to the GB Eye Licensing Manager)