Rumor: ATVI's 5-year plan for Crash includes N.Sane Trilogy on Switch/PC, New Game in 2019

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrestleman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Kolx

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    Because it doesn't make any sense. Why develop for Switch and not XOne?
  2. Jessie

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    I have a lot of faith in them. They really just need to keep on doing what they’ve already done.
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    What a silly idea. Crash games have been multiplat for years following the original trilogy, CTR, and Crash Bash.

    I don't see why the remaster's success has to keep the IP from going multiplat.
  4. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    Hmmm. I might double dip on Switch, if it happens. I wouldn't be surprised as Nintendo has already confirmed Activision support.
  5. Motwera

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    BTW, we're talking about a Merchandising company (GB Eye) that Activision has already partnered with and already have produced/released a lineup of mugs, posters and canvases to buy. Here's the link for the full lineup and a link to their online store.

  6. Mariip

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    Oh forgot about that... quicker loads would improve the games a lot
  7. Mandos

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    You guys if there is a new Crash racer they won’t call it Crash Tag Racing for the same reason the other two weren’t, activision wants full control of the brand and won’t limit the possibility of sales by tying the to the rights. It may homage it heavily but it won’t have that name
  8. Spinky

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    I'll buy this shit on PC and Switch. And I already have it on PS4. And I don't even have a Switch yet.
  9. Hektor

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    Oh wow, that bottom right print is magnificent
  10. KZXcellent

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    I like this.
  11. Jacob LeBeau

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    Because Sony ALLOWED activision to make the remake, so they could choose which consoles to put it on.
  12. pld

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    Indeed as the loading times were awful. VV still hasn't patched the games (level retry in Crash 1 for example ;_;)
  13. fantomena

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    Getting the Switch version if it isn't downgraded anf FPS isn't shit.
  14. Wrestleman

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    Before the trademarks for "Crash Team Racing" expired, the company now known as Activision was the owner for all four marks. Ownership rights is not the reason Vivendi historically avoided the Crash Team Racing name. Crash Nitro Kart was called "Crash Team Racing 2" for most of its development.
  15. ReyVGM

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    No, once it has been confirmed to be credible. It doesn't matter if the game ends up being true or not.
  16. Ieet

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    its a remake not a remaster :)
  17. Mandos

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    Eh sony encouraged it, but they didn’t have any say in whether activision could do the remake. It’s only the rereleases they have a tie for on the original four games in their original 4
  18. MrCafecito

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    If this and the COD rumors are true, then that makes Activision a slow but supporting third party and my kudos would go to them.
    As for Crash, I think I can postpone my plan to buy a PS4 :P
  19. MentalZer0

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    • There's a new Crash game coming in 2019
    • Activision has plans for Crash titles through 2022

    PLEASE.... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill me with fire!!!
  20. AHA-Lambda

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    This, the Crash merch that's been around even quite recently shows they have big plans for the IP coming.
  21. Mandos

    Mandos Member

    I misread the rumor thread rules sorry
  22. Kolx

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    I'd give you that Sony were behind this (I doubt it), why would they agree on the Switch then?
  23. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    I don’t think Sony has a say in what Activision does with their IP. They can pay them money or Activision can get them a timed exclusive since Crash was known as a PS game back in the day, but that’s it.
  24. Inuhanyou

    Inuhanyou Member

    more crash to more people? Porting to Switch and PC, sounds nice, but i question vicarious visions on developing anything but naughty dog's core titles, so i am iffy about a new game. And Sony would have exclusive rights to Kart Racing. So....who knows how it might go
  25. Lil Boat

    Lil Boat Member

    This please. I'm going to be highly disappointed if this doesn't happen.
  26. funky

    funky Member

    Very curious how they handle a completely new Crash platformer.

    I think a new CTR would be a safer next step. A new platformer seems way easy to mess up.
  27. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    This was brought up in another topic. Activision can make a Crash Racing game without Sony. Didn’t Crash Racing games come to other systems?
  28. astroglide

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    Isn't the remaster supposed to come to x1 pc and switch at some point
  29. Kneefoil

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    I feel like a huge part of the reason why N. Sane Trilogy was so successful was just pure nostalgia. I doubt a completely new Crash platformer would sell as well as that game did. That's not saying that it won't sell OK, though.
  30. Plankton2

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    Crash N sane was meh, but new titles I can get behind.

    Is it possible we see Spyro reboots as well?
  31. ReyVGM

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    This one seems to be credible, so it'll be added.
  32. Lashley

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    But crash is a PS icon and only hardcore sony fans could appreciate it? Or thats what people said at the time
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    DO IT!
  34. DynamiteCop!

    DynamiteCop! Banned Member

    You have to remember this is for Europe, that doesn't mean it wouldn't come to NA.
  35. Ryuhza

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    Lemme hear about that Spyro plan though.
  36. Jonneh

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    That's what this is.
  37. IIFloodyII

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    Possible Sony just said no Xbox One and Wii U versions I guess, but I doubt it too. More likely they just did a [x] months of exclusivity deal. And Acti decide where it goes later.
  38. Jacob LeBeau

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  39. Inuhanyou

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    I mean, if they want to remake the one that exists on PS1 specifically.
  40. pld

    pld Member

    Yes, Nitro Kart in 2003 (PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, N-Gage) and Tag Team Racing in 2005 (PS2, GameCube, Xbox, PSP).
  41. 2B_

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    Xbox gets shafted again if true. Time for Microsoft to just buy everyone out at this point.
  42. Zalman

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    Remember when Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant came out on literally everything except PS3

    Weird, right?
  43. LukarWuff

    LukarWuff Member

    I’m legitimately surprised that PC is getting the collection and Xbox isn’t. It’ll be nice playing it on my computer, but it would also be nice if it were on Xbox.

    Regardless, glad to see that Crash is back.
  44. DynamiteCop!

    DynamiteCop! Banned Member

    Sony has no say in this IP, they don't own stake in it anymore.
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    The way how the levels on Crash work would be a nice match for the Switch I believe.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if it sells a lot as well.
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    I've never been more excited or nervous to see what they do with crash.
  47. Wrestleman

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    I think 4+ million sales is a little bit more than a nostalgia-based success. Word of mouth was good, reviews were good.
  48. fantomena

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    If Phil can't get games on to the Xbox plattform then he'll just buy the whole company.
  49. Lashley

    Lashley Member

    I'll legit be surprised if it comes to Switch and PC but not Xbox.
  50. 2B_

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    Phil $pencer