Rumor: ATVI's 5-year plan for Crash includes N.Sane Trilogy on Switch/PC, New Game in 2019

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrestleman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Crash has been multiplatform for a long time, longer than he was exclusive. The truth is that Crash is an Activision character, not a Sony character.
  2. pswii60

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    Ori did very well on XBO.

    When you think about some of the obscure games that have had XBO ports, and how mainstream Crash is, and how Activision likes to port to everything under the sun, the only reason why it wouldn't be coming to XBO is moneyhats.
  3. Jimnymebob

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    Vicarious Visions made some of the best post Naughty Dog Crash games, so I honestly think they'd be my first choice after Naughty Dog for a proper Crash 4.
  4. fantomena

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    The Spenderbox 180.
  5. louisacommie

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    New platformer 2019, racing game 2020
  6. FelipeMGM

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    I would double dip on Switch easily

    No XB1 mention is weird though, I see no reason for why it wouldn't be released there as it totally should
  7. Wrestleman

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    I can't lie... I'm out here about to...

    T R I P L E

    D I P

  8. Zebei

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    Give it to me.

    The world needs more crash, and I need Crash on Switch so I can play the damn thing. If Crash can come back to the level he one was (doubtful) it would be glorious.
  9. DynamiteCop!

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    As I said previously this is information coming from a European merchandising company and not Activision, also North America is a very different story.
  10. TheDinoman

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    One could argue that the Xbox audience doesn't really seem to care much for family-friendly platforming mascots. I'd imagine that's probably the reason Microsoft is hesitant on greenlighting a new Banjo-Kazooie game.

    Nintendo's consoles/audience on the other hand, have always been welcoming for such kind of games. I'd call it "The Sonic Effect".
  11. Joezie

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    Ready my mind. The humor was cheesy but loveable and the acapella soundtrack by Spiralmouth was God Tier.
  12. The real question is, what direction do they take the franchise and who do they let develop the games. It'll be interesting, to say the least.
  13. KonFot

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    I'll buy each and every one of them. Plus the Switch and PC versions. Everything.
  14. cw_sasuke

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    They probably have data on how plattformers perform on Xbox and would on Switch.

    It probably would stay console-exclusive on PS4 if the Switch hasnt been such a breakout success.
  15. BlandrewYT

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    People are really surprised that Crash would come to Switch over XBOX ONE? After Playstation, a Nintendo platform would probably be the next smartest platform for the series sales wise.
  16. Bring Crash 4 to PS4 for $40 In 2019, make CTR again and Spyro Trilogy and you’re set.
  17. Cyanity

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    Yes, please for the love of all that is good in this world, keep making more crash games.

    Spyro when though?
  18. Kolx

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    Yeah but the franchise was at its peak when ND were developing it both commercially and critically and it's why it's still remembered to this day. There's a reason Acti picked the first 3 games to remake instead of any of the mostly junk shit they released after that. Crash has always been associated with Playstation in the mainstream and will remain so unless Acti do the unexpected and release a ground breaking crash game.
    You have to be joking to believe companies are actually this friendly to each other.
  19. Zaptroxix

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    I'm right here waiting for that CTR Remastered
  20. Inuhanyou

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    to be clear i dont think VV's post ND games were "bad" per se, but i dont think they are up to the challenge of taking ND's base and expanding on it. Especially considering their...later art and design choices for later games being very far removed from the original game concepts
  21. ReginOfFire

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    Your right sorry about that meant remake
  22. Jacob LeBeau

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    Why you always negative.
  23. Zalman

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    I'm optimistic about the future of this series, personally. I think VV understand the franchise well and got what it takes to move it forward.
  24. Yukinari

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    So if its CTR getting a remake does that mean it will be PS4 only? Sony still owns the rights to that.

    Id be down for a finished version of Twinsanity. With all the cut content.
  25. Phendrift

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    Because it’ll likely sell better on Switch
  26. doragon

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    I have so little faith in their capacity to do a minimally good job. Please prove me wrong...
  27. Benji

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    CTR Remaster and Spyro Trilogy as well please and thank you
  28. Scotia

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    Great news. N.Sane Trilogy was a great remake and I have huge faith in VV to make a great new Crash game
  29. Stygr

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    Activision owns the IP, end of the story, Sony moneyhatted the exclusivity and nothing else, do you think Activision Blizzards needs Sony approval to make games? lol
    And, Sony never owned the IP, never, it was all in Universal hands.
  30. Kolx

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    Because you're asking me to believe two companies competing are going to give each other titles even tho they can prevent it. Why don't Sony and Nintendo release every exclusive they have while at it if they're friendly enough to give multi-million selling game?
    Ori sold well and crash is a big name to justify a port. The game didn't come to Xbox yet because of the deal not because Acti just decided to ignore Xbox when it comes to releasing a game lie Crash. If Japanese games can sell well on Xbox you can bet freaking Crash would sell as well.

    Debatable but better doesn't mean the other won't sell.
  31. Hope

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    How did the non ps1 games perform saleswise?
  32. Wrestleman

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    They don't own the rights to that any more than they do to 1-Warped. It's a point of confusion because CTR was licensed to them and not funded by Universal Interactive, but UIS still very much owned the trademarks for CTR.
  33. Kouriozan

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    Man, we got so much rumor about that Switch version, still hard to believe it might be true.
  34. sfortunato

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    The first game on ps2 was one of the best selling game in UK.
  35. Wrestleman

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    Variously. Some not so well, others extremely well. Titans sold 1M+. Mind Over Mutant likely did as well, especially LTD. Those two are the most "hated" ones if that gives you any indication.
  36. Sandfox

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    I would rebuy the trilogy for Switch.
  37. Nemesis162

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    Crash coming to Switch is a no-brainer decision considering that the users that buy Nintendo consoles love platforms. Activision is being intelligent if this confirms to be true.
  38. Dark Cloud

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    If you had to choose Xbox or Switch it’s a no brainer for Activision.
  39. black070

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    I can believe all of this + it coming to Xbox One too.
  40. Zalman

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    Assuming it's true, I wonder when the port announcements will happen. If Sony had one year of exclusivity they could release it this summer.
  41. Maxrunner

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    Why not?
  42. First time the original trilogy would land on a Nintendo system.
    Not too interested in it myself, always thought these games were kind of bad. But I’m sure there’s an audience for it.
    I could’ve sworn we knew it was times exclusive for a year?
  43. Wrestleman

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    Acti earnings call in 4 days, could be a footnote there followed by PR in the afternoon.
  44. Kneefoil

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    There's a difference between "a huge part" and "the only reason". Nostalgia can also translate to a positive reaction, although not for 4 million's worth.
  45. Zalman

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    That makes sense. We'll see.
  46. Wrestleman

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    Sorry, I'm just used to people making the implication.
  47. Oregano

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    The important question:

    Will the Switch version have Funky Mode?
  48. Mory Dunz

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    why does it have to be one?

    It'd be weird if it didn't come to xbox
  49. AHA-Lambda

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    what utter insanity is this? Yes have ATVI curtail their revenue, and lessen the amount of people who can enjoy the game because.... vague brand emotion? I can't...
  50. Dark Cloud

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    I’m just going by the rumor. If the rumor is true then Activision decided not to bring it to Xbox.