Rumor: ATVI's 5-year plan for Crash includes N.Sane Trilogy on Switch/PC, New Game in 2019

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrestleman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. N.Domixis

    N.Domixis Member

    Just like the PUBG situation. Skirting around the exclusivity and creating confusion.
  2. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    Just be patient. We’ll probably find out next week.
  3. N.Domixis

    N.Domixis Member

    Hopefully this means they had time to develope skins. I think they said they wanted to but ran out of time.
  4. Motwera

    Motwera Member

    Even if not within the next week, it will be around now and E3
  5. Joseki

    Joseki Member

    This looks like the usual unintentional leak from a guy that wasn't aware of what he was allowed to share with the public, I'd say it looks pretty legit.
  6. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    ...that's what I said. Tomorrow begins next week.
  7. N.Domixis

    N.Domixis Member

    If pC is true, could this mean we can make our own levels with mods?
  8. 99humanity

    99humanity Member

    Yeah I agree. I'd love a new Crash game with the type of clever box puzzles in that bonus round. They now have tools at their disposal to make new levels in the classic Crash style. They already remade the old controls. I don't think we'd have to worry about the gameplay diverging too far from what's in N-Sane.
  9. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    Today is next week.

    Yep. I could see it in a Nintendo Direct too.
  10. Starlatine

    Starlatine Member

    Common sense about what? Ori is a platformer, Cuphead is a run and gun, people insisted both would tank on Xbox before release and both sold well. How many freaking times people need to be proven wrong to finally drop this bullshit? There's no genre that can't have success in any of the three major platforms, good games sell everywhere
  11. Well, I don't care that much about N.Sane Trilogy (I'd still buy it on Steam at some point though). But I'd pay $60 for a CTR remake on Steam. Even without multiplayer. Heck I'd pay for a simple re-release on Steam.
  12. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Oh right


  13. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    I never said it’d perform poorly on Xbox, just that it’d probably perform better on Switch.
  14. potatohead

    potatohead Member

    Really just need Spyro trilogy and CTR from this
  15. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    Thank god. This^^
  16. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    At this point I think it's a garrentee Spyro will happen
  17. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    Sony get on that CTR remaster. Add in some other PS Icons and courses and it will sell allot.
  18. Oregano

    Oregano Member

    Welcome to the last 25 years of being a Nintendo platform owner.

    The feeling that a platform has to earn what should be a no-brainer is so frustrating.
  19. black070

    black070 Member

    It would sell shit loads.
  20. Ludens

    Ludens Member

    Why is it wierd? its wierd that Crash is coming to a Nintento console, i think they are testning the water with the switch. Its even more wierd with Crash on Xbox.
  21. Wiggles

    Wiggles Banned Member

    Assuming the developers of N.sane Trilogy are working on Crash 2019, it's my hope that translating the classics to PS4 has been a learning process of what constitutes a good Crash Bandicoot game. If they can make a spiritual sequel of sorts to the originally trilogy, it might be able to wash away the bad taste of every Crash game post-Naughty Dog.
  22. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Ctr isn't own by Sony tho.
  23. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    Crash isn't.

    Crash Kart is owned by sony.
  24. N.Domixis

    N.Domixis Member

    Question is, should they reuse environment themes or make new ones? The ones in WOC were alright, however everything after that are was absolute hot garbage when talking about the clash games. Art style look childish as fuck.
  25. astroglide

    astroglide Member

    if is not comming to xbox that sucks. Thats what I wanted it on
  26. Akai

    Akai Member

    This nonsense really has to stop for the sake of consumers. The communication about some 3rd party (timed) exclusive deals is kindergarten level.

    Do your job and be clear about the exclusivity of your product and don't annoy consumers with vague wording.
  27. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    So much this.
    Im even in the boat and would say tv spots should have some kind of reminder to tell consumers that game x is also available on other platforms.

    Crash bandicoot is on Xbox since Crash Wrath of Cortex... there is nothing weird anymore about Crash being on Xbox. More weird would be a PC version when this franchise never released on PC. Piracy would be a big thing for it on PC.
  28. Abdulrahman

    Abdulrahman Member

    Crash Bandicoot @60fps finally!
  29. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    Please avoid spreading this misinformation. It has already been discussed in this thread.
  30. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Uhhh ...that's not how that works.
  31. Fuchsia

    Fuchsia Member

    Sounds great. I'll eat it all up.

    What about Spyro though......? :(
  32. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    When? As far as I know Sony sold Crash but not Crash Team Racing.
  33. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    It'll come soon, m'boy. I'm positive it will.
  34. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    No it’s not.
  35. Jaded Alyx

    Jaded Alyx Member

    Based on what?
  36. Silky

    Silky Member

    Crash Bandicoot fucking deserves this
  37. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    Are you guys sure?

    I remember reading about it back when the exclusivity of Crash was debated.
  38. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    Nevermind that. Seems I was wrong.
  39. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    It doesnt have multiplayer etc. Why spent 40 bucks when you can get it for free?

    I dont see a PC release happening. Xbox for sure.

    Lets hope this Activision Call on Feb 8 will reveal something
  40. Oregano

    Oregano Member

    Sony never owned Crash.
  41. Starlatine

    Starlatine Member

    Don't start a "PC gamers pirate everything" discussion please. It's as annoying and wrong as saying people on Xbox just play shooters
  42. I’m interested to see what Vicarious Visions would bring to a new Crash title
  43. AHA-Lambda

    AHA-Lambda Member

    No I distinctly recall this as well that Sony still retains the rights to CTR alone.
  44. Richter1887

    Richter1887 Member

    I know that, Naughty Dog sold Crash but not CTR.

    Now the trademark is finished so they don't own CTR anymore.
  45. TheGummyBear

    TheGummyBear Member

    I've seen weirder things happen. Viva Pinata had a Nintendo DS game back in the day, and I recall there being a Halo prototype built for the DS too. So Microsoft have a brief history of porting its IP to Nintendo hardware, and Sony are backing Death Stranding, which is coming to PC as well as PS4.

    So perhaps Activision is locked into a deal with Sony to prevent Crash from coming to Xbox, but the Switch is considered a neutral ground that can provide extra revenue? Or the Xbox One is considered such a non-player at this point in the industry it's not worth mentioning? Perhaps it's even a sign that Microsoft are rushing to faze out the Xbox One and are putting all their efforts into launching a next gen console?

    Of course, chances are that this is most likely a fake. But it's still fun to speculate what this could mean.
  46. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau Member

    Stuff like this gets leaked from toy stuff all the time. Sonic, for example, had a lot of leaks from toy stuff
  47. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    I dont see Activision skipping a Platform that provides them with a lot of money. And Crash would be another big seller for them even on Xbox.

    Wow didnt know that witcher is a platformer.
  48. jmga

    jmga Member

    I agree, just take a look at The Witcher 3 selling only ~7 millions on PC.

  49. Adamska

    Adamska Member

    I'm pretty sure the N.Sane Trilogy isn't getting ported anytime soon, much less to the Switch of all platforms. I mean, look at how Doom ended up looking on the Switch, and that was a 60FPS game on the PS4, whereas Crash is 30FPS. I mean, sure, I could be wrong, but with Sony acting as a producer on the game, I guess it could maybe be on PC someday, but definitely not on Switch/XB1.
  50. phanphare

    phanphare Member

    hope this rumor is true, I'd play the fuck out of some Crash 1, 2, and 3