Rumor: Battlefield 2018 to be Battlefield: Bad Company 3

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Theorry, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Theorry

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    AlmightyDaq did release alot of info of Battlefield 1 in early 2016 wich was correct.
  2. Ocarina_117

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    I've sworn off EA games.

    But a Bad Company game with a good campaign would pull me right back in.
  3. 5taquitos

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    This was your chance for 2143, DICE.

  4. iRAWRasaurus

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    Whatever the next battlefield game is, ready to preorder.
  5. Bastos

    Bastos Member

    I'd be so happy.

    16x16 please
  6. Eolz

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    With the destruction that came back properly in BF1, I'd be really happy about that.
    Now hopefully the solo will be as ridiculous, and the multi as good as BC2. Still my favourite one.
  7. Trace

    Trace Member

    Haven't bought a battlefield in a long time.

    If it is actually BFBC3 and not just "Battlefield with the name Bad Company" I'll be happy.
  8. stan_marsh

    stan_marsh Member

    I can't tell if this is good or not but count me in that group.

    As much as BF1 DLC rollout sucks (slow), the gameplay is on point.
  9. Turkoop

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    Makes sense. A BF 5 is way too early. People got recently WWI to play, I don't think they want now a game in modern time. Future setting is also not so likely.
  10. Nirolak

    Nirolak Member

    IIRC a lot of the Bad Company people are still at DICE LA, so it's not wholly unbelievable.

    Mind, I wouldn't necessarily read "no microtransactions" as "no microtransactions", and more as "no Battlefront style microtransactions". I'd be surprised if they dropped the Battlepacks given no one complained for the last games.
  11. Alexander DeLarge

    Alexander DeLarge Banned Member

    I'm only interested if the lack of microtransactions thing pans out. Also no DLC map packs. If they want more money, I want a proper expansion pack like BC2:Vietnam and a completely separate community that only has access to that content.

    Also, I agree with the first reply that we should've gotten 2143 after Final Stand BF4 DLC hinted at it.
  12. Mechanized

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    I only want a new Bad Company if they're traveling through time solving problems.
  13. Bedameister

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    Please don't. I don't want to see a series that I love so much being dragged through the dirt like that again. Get your dirty hands off, EA!
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    Feeling a bit excited for this, and I might play through and complete Bad Company 1 and 2 on PS3 in preparation.

    Though I'll be very wary of any shady MTX nonsense from EA.
  15. DNAbro

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    Damn I might pick up both CoD and Battlefield next year.
  16. Silky

    Silky Member

    Make it 12v12/16v16, with GOOD rush maps by having the Rush gametype being the focus and I'll be there day one.

    Bad Company 2 is still the best goddamn Battlefield I have ever played. Despite 4 rearing it's head around to be the #2.

    Oh and smiley face grenades. Revel in the fact that Bad Company is, at it's heart, a light-hearted series.
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    I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  18. SweetNicole

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  19. wwm0nkey

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    PLEASE! Bad Company 2 was soooooo good.
  20. Hopping_Mad

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    So im fighting the russians in canada?
  21. 60EffPeeEss

    60EffPeeEss Member

    I was thinking the other day if they wanted an in-between game, then they should aim for something like R6 Siege. Imagine BF Hardline went that way instead of trying to be a cop skin of vanilla Battlefield.
  22. bryanee

    bryanee Member

    ....I dont believe you but boy do I want it. I loved BC2 and its smaller maps.
  23. TwinsUltra64

    TwinsUltra64 Member

    My all time favorite Battlefied was the second game released on PC, now that was a beast of a game.
  24. AuthenticM

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  25. Prison_mike

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    BC 2 was the last great shooter... please let this be true. I also want golf carts back.
  26. Bishop89

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    BFBC2 was in my top 5 mp games from last gen. Good stuff
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    very very hesitant on this

    BFBC2 is one of my favourite games of all time but after battlefront 2 I'm worried it'll be a shitshow
  28. jwhit28

    jwhit28 Member

    I hope they bring back Laguna Presa. I know it's unbalanced but I probably put 100+ hours into a 24/7 server of that map alone.
  29. Psychoward

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    Was hoping for Vietnam
  30. Dabanton

    Dabanton Member

    Good news if true. The last two mainline games have been way too po faced.

    BF1 for me fell off quite quickly didn't have enough to keep me engaged like BF4.
  31. Alienous

    Alienous Member

    I would have guessed that. Battlefield seems due to a 'good-will restoration' iteration in the series.

    And getting to the lighter take that Bad Company embodies will allow them more cosmetic monetization opportunities, smiley face key-chain grenades included.
  32. Witness

    Witness Member

    Man, I loved BC2. It was so much fun, going to be hard to trust EA and Dice again though.
  33. Kolx

    Kolx Member

    2 years I'd have been excited. Looking at Dice current output... not so sure.
  34. Nameless

    Nameless Member

    Interesting if true. No way it doesn't feature a Battle Royale mode, which actually fits the spirit of Bad Company perfectly.
  35. excaliburps

    excaliburps MP1ST Member

    Thanks for posting this! Was dreading another site picking it up and rehashing what we wrote. Haha!

    I asked EA for a statement about it though I don't expect anything other than your usual "we don't comment on rumors or speculation" spiel.
  36. Benji

    Benji US Sales Insider Member

    Yeah Day 1 if this is a legit Bad Company 3 and not just using the name
  37. Arrakis

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    2143 is spelled wrong
  38. Derrick01

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    I enjoyed BC2 at the time, even the multiplayer. It's probably the last multiplayer game I played seriously, meaning more than a few times.

    But I'd be incredibly naive if I expected current EA/Dice to replicate that kind of game in 2018. I don't even expect the campaign to be any good.
  39. Inuhanyou

    Inuhanyou Member

    Bring back the fucking comedy instead of the Po faced modern warfare wannabe shit 2 tried and ill think about buying it
  40. Hobbes

    Hobbes Member

    As soon as Excaliburps told us before he dropped the article I called bullshit because it would be too good of them.

    And my god if it is true I will cream.
  41. Protome

    Protome Member

    You mean like what the OP says? C'mon...

    I would prefer this, the lack of anything similar to Titan mode in recent years is driving me nuts.
  42. IIFloodyII

    IIFloodyII Member

    Sounds like it'll be Bad Company 3 in name only, which would be disappointing (I know 2 had a Vietnam themed expansion), if it's not going to continue from 2, might as well just be Battlefield [insert whatever is most fitting], instead of bringing back Bad Company and slapping 3 on the end.
  43. Chandler

    Chandler Member

    I'm skeptical of any EA game now because of Battlefront 2. Hopefully they don't fuck it up for DICE.
  44. MasterVampire

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    I like all-out warfare
  45. J_Macgrady

    J_Macgrady Member

    I hope this is true. Bad Company 2 is one of my favorite shooters ever.
  46. AYF 001

    AYF 001 Member

    Should we start asking if dinosaurs will be in this game now?
  47. AegonSnake

    AegonSnake Member

    Good to see smaller maps and tighter gameplay. Battlefield 1 has turned Operations into 64 player clusterfucks with no room to breathe. Fuck DICE for ruining THE best game mode in the game. I want my money back.
  48. Surface of Me

    Surface of Me Member

    Holy shit my friends and I were discussing what the next Battlefield should be the other week and I mentioned a historically inaccurate cold war/Vietnam would be dope. It being Bad Company would be all the better.
  49. ReginOfFire

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    Nothing wrong with battlepacks IMO
  50. NinjaJamil

    NinjaJamil Member

    Word for word my thoughts. Feel like the last DICE game I enjoyed was 3. Under EA's current supervision, I can't help but feel not excited.