Rumor: Breath of the Wild Explorer Bundle Leaked, Expected to Launch November 23 [Update: it's real]

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by LordKano, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. LordKano

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    UPDATE : it's real

    Note that there's no mention of including the DLCs. The release date is November 23th, maybe it will coincide with DLC2's launch.
  2. Servbot24

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    Read that as "The Wild Explorers NSFW" at first glance and thought Nintendo was making a bold move to expand their audience.
  3. WestEgg

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    I dunno, I think Nintendo doesn't want to overshadow Skyrim in November. I can see this happening, but November seems a bit early.
  4. Zojirushi

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    They got some of them modders in to get these faces extra clean.
  5. jakoo

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    That's perhaps the case, but it's equally likely they want to get a new special edition on store shelves for Christmas irregardless of the DLC2 launch.
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    Nintendo frequently issues cease and desists towards fans projects too similar to their own product, so this would explain why they shut down my Tumblr.
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    Very bold indeed
  8. GooseSe7en

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    Hahaha, so silly.
  9. Lelouch0612

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    A Nintendo Direct is coming guys.
  10. Nintendojitsu

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    Seems really early given they have a brand new Mario bundle and a good year end already. I can imagine this in Q1.

    If true though, wow. What an embarrassment of riches.
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    Sounds like nothing.
    Like a weird collector's edition 8 months after launch.
    DLC doesn't seem to be included.
  13. Nabbit

    Nabbit Member

    Wait, what are you seeing as special about this product? (No offense, sincerely asking)
  14. DecoReturns

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    Horizon vs Zelda fight continues lol

    Assuming it's true, both of these have bundles around the same time.
  15. Mbolibombo

    Mbolibombo Member

    Yeah I think Skyrim and the rest of the third party games will get their time to shine no matter any bundles. It's been getting plenty of time in the spotlight... and It's skyrim, really doesnt need much to sell no matter.
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    Put the US cover on the EU version and I'll buy it asap.
  17. asd202

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    Most likely Goty edition.
  18. Pixelbuster

    Pixelbuster Member

    So wait explorer edition? I mean that's cool and all but it would be nice if this did include the DLC but hey if it's true then that's good for first timers.

    GOTY edition please Ninty
  19. mindsale

    mindsale Member

    That's really strange. Might have nice box art but the current one is already stellar.
  20. Spyder_Monkey

    Spyder_Monkey Member

    Why would they re-release a months old game without DLC?
  21. LordKano

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    I sincerely doubt that it will include the DLCs as it's listed for only 59.99$. I'm already surprised it's listed at that price, because the base game still costs that much, and here you seem to have nice goodies on top of that.
  22. ElMexiMerican

    ElMexiMerican Member

    I think what they're thinking this is is a Switch bundle like Mario, but it sounds like this is just a limited edition version of BOTW.
  23. QuantumBro

    QuantumBro Member

    Hope it comes with the dlcs, otherwise what's the point.

    If it doesn't and it comes out at $60, hopefully they lower the price of the base game.
  24. Pancracio17

    Pancracio17 Member

    id buy it
  25. Pixelbuster

    Pixelbuster Member

    That's the special edition, comes with a free trap link mask
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    Wouldn’t make sense to bundle the dlc. Games been out like 5 months.
  27. OrbitalBeard

    OrbitalBeard Member

    This seems like very odd timing to release a new retail version of the game. BotW is not going to need any new SKU to continue selling like crazy throughout the holiday season.
  28. ElMexiMerican

    ElMexiMerican Member

    I think a lot of you are misunderstanding what this is. Going by the date, it sounds like this is a limited run Black Friday version of the game that Walmart/BB/Target are going to have that comes with a few extra physical items. Once they run out, the normal edition of BOTW will still be available and sell for 59.99.
  29. Pixelbuster

    Pixelbuster Member

    Honestly that's what I am thinking
  30. OrbitalBeard

    OrbitalBeard Member

    Ok, that kind of makes sense. It would be a good way to give the game some extra exposure during the mad sales rush of Black Friday.
  31. Astorgh

    Astorgh Member

    This seems like a “lets milk money” edition.
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    I misread it as another console bundle.
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    Game still sells at full price. It still seems weird unless we get details soon.
    Maybe a direct for the DLC
  34. Kureransu

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    I said a while ago i thought that they would "relaunch" BotW in November with the new DLC coming. I beginning to think i may have actually been right on the money!
  35. Monogatari

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    This would be perfect for me.

    I 100%d the normal game on WiiU and now I have a Switch, so an all DLC copy would be much welcome.
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    Isnt it too early for a Game of the Year/Complete edition?
  37. Sloth Guevara

    Sloth Guevara Member

    Bloody shot!

    The money the switch is taking is breaking my wallet
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    Yeah I don't expect this will have the DLC included, it kind of devalues the idea of the season pass to do that, although I'm sure there's plenty of examples in the past of being able to get the whole deal for cheaper by waiting.

    And what ElMexiMerican said.
  39. geo

    geo Member

    This seems like a cute little 'gift' box to wrap up alongside a switch for christmas, and nothing more.

    It'll include a mini strategy guide and likely the same map bundled inside of the LE version of the guide. A cool way to gift it to a younger kid for christmas, is all. Not a goty edition, not a complete edition, just a 'gift' edition.

    I mean, it's the same MSRP at the normal version, so this is clearly just intended to be something they list in black friday ads, sold in limited quantities, but containing no *critical* collector's content or materials.


    Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if the packaging had like christmas ribbons on it or something.
  40. Rich

    Rich Member

    Is there a decent breakdown of what this dlc will include?
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    The DLC is not included here.

    What the DLC contains:
    Pack 1 (already out)
    • Extra costumes
    • Master Mode difficulty
    • New map features
    • Trail of the Sword
    Pack 2 (out this year)
    • Story DLC
  42. AaronB

    AaronB Member

    Dimensions of the box are 5.3" x 7.5" x 1" - appears to be a larger game box that has some kind of physical item(s) in it.

    For comparison, normal Switch game boxes are approximately 4" x 6" x .5" (eyeballing it)
  43. Nabbit

    Nabbit Member

    Ohhh, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.
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    The safe word is "korok."
  45. Rich

    Rich Member

    Ah yeah, I already know all that. I was hoping for more on what the Story DLC contains.
  46. TripaSeca

    TripaSeca Member

    Good timing. These folks will be finishing the game by the time the DLC comes out.
  47. hibikase

    hibikase Member

    Well duh of course it will include the DLC, why else would they re-release the game at this time?
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  49. AYY LAMO

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    Bokoblins really get me goin man
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    Since it's still due out this year, I'm guessing we'll get a trailer pretty soon.
    Maybe next week.
    We don't know anything outside it's after the ending in BOTW