RUMOR: Burnout Paradise Remastered (PS4 / Xbone) Listed on Brazilian Online Store

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by TheBrokenMan, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. TheBrokenMan

    TheBrokenMan Member Original Poster

    According to a blog, it seems that Burnout Paradise Remastered has been spotted for the Xbox One and the PS4.

    The release date is March 1st 2018, which sounds like a placeholder?

    Considering there is no official word from EA or Criterion, let's see where this leads? AFAIK, EA isn't fond of remasters or HD remakes else they're missing a gold mine with plenty of amazing titles on the PS3 / Xbox 360 that can easily be HD remade.

    I searched and didn't find a duplicate thread, or if I missed it, please correct me.

    Takedown if old.
  2. Skeleton

    Skeleton Member

    Day one even with micro transactions.
  3. Fat4all

    Fat4all Community Resettler Member

    should be Takedown, but i'll take it
  4. Tribal24

    Tribal24 Member

    Damn day zero! lets goo my favorite racer
  5. Jack Orion

    Jack Orion Member


    Did not expect this. Would buy it!!!!

  6. Wiped

    Wiped Member

    Already got the Xbox 360 version on Xbox One and the PS3 version with the Big Surf Island DLC

    Still might triple dip...

    Would *love* a Switch version, sorry to be that guy.
  7. Billfisto

    Billfisto Member

    I'll buy it. Now also do Dead Space and Alice Madness Returns but DO NOT SHOEHORN IN LOOTBOXES SOMEHOW.
  8. wwm0nkey

    wwm0nkey Member

    Now can we get Takedown and Revenge too? Please? I want my old Burnout back :(
  9. De-mon

    De-mon Member

    First EA remaster? Mass Effect trilogy next?
  10. Cess007

    Cess007 Member

    Can we get Burnout 3 instead? :(
  11. Duxxy3

    Duxxy3 Member

    I thought EA wasn't doing remastered titles?

    Also, why not a good Burnout game?
  12. Silfer

    Silfer Member

    With 100% more lootboxes.

    Though it’s nice of them to bring this out now that NFS has seemingly gone to shit.
  13. VeePs

    VeePs Member

    I don't know why but I read this as a Burnout collection lol :(. Already have Burnout Paradise because of GWG and Backwards Compat., but for fans of HD remakes and PS4 fans, they'll enjoy this.
  14. Oneself

    Oneself Member

    Meh, every other Burnout would please me more. Actually, why not a Burnout Collection? That would rock. Hard.
  15. #15
    Should be Revenge, aka Burnout GOAT.
  16. black070

    black070 Member

    Well shit.
  17. DD Power

    DD Power Member

  18. Snarfington

    Snarfington Member

    I'm so in for this if real. I can't wait to play this thing all the way through again.
  19. Thatguy

    Thatguy Member

    Burnout Paradise was a great game!
  20. kc44135

    kc44135 Member

    I doubt this is real. EA hates remasters and hasn't done a single one this whole gen.
  21. Desmond

    Desmond Member

    Holy crap, will get if true
  22. Caiusto

    Caiusto Member

    If this is real, expect it to be $40 (PUBG is being sold for R$130 and it's $30).
  23. MilesQ

    MilesQ Banned Member

    Yeeeees!! Bring back the mini deloreon!!!!
  24. wwm0nkey

    wwm0nkey Member

    Listen, both are top tier. We can agree on this
  25. pswii60

    pswii60 Member

    Seems very un-EA to release a remaster. Maybe trying to make up the shortfall for their underperforming releases this year.
  26. Paul_Str337

    Paul_Str337 Member

    I've not been one for HD remakes thus far but a shiny Burnout Paridise would be enough to tempt me into a purchase. It's still better than any other open world driving game that has come since. I hope it comes with the DLC. I never got to play on the new island. Bikes were cool as well. Could they get the plane to work now?
  27. Eylos

    Eylos Member

    First of march, thats soon
  28. jwhit28

    jwhit28 Member

  29. Tambini

    Tambini Member

    Will platinum again
  30. Acquiesc3

    Acquiesc3 Member

    Gonna spend another 80 hours just mindlessly driving around and crashing while chatting. Good times.
  31. Rob

    Rob Member

    I have the game on PC, so a remaster of Paradise isn't a big deal for me. I would, however, love to see the Takedown or Paradise.
  32. El-Suave

    El-Suave Member

    My favorite racer ever. Would buy that in a heartbeat.
  33. CloseTalker

    CloseTalker Member

    Not my favorite Burnout, but I'll buy it if it helps send a message to make more Burnout games again.
  34. DD Power

    DD Power Member

    True. I think both are equally great, but the cheerful tone of Takedown feels a bit better than the gritty one used in Revenge.
  35. Agent X

    Agent X Member

    Oh, man, this had better be true! It had best be true!
  36. Shiggy

    Shiggy Member

  37. robotrock

    robotrock Banned Member

    Put a good soundtrack in it this time
  38. 5taquitos

    5taquitos Member

    This is the game EA has chosen to be their first remaster?
  39. Duffking

    Duffking Member

    Never liked Paradise. I'd rather they remaster 2, that was the pinnacle of the series to me. Takedowns were a cool bit of emergent gameplay to me, Burnout's strength was always the crazy racing through traffic and chaining and later releases lost that purity.
  40. TimeFire

    TimeFire Member

    It's good to remember that Brazil doesn't officially get Switch games. I don't think Burnout is coming but we can't rule it out completely yet.
  41. wwm0nkey

    wwm0nkey Member

    But you could also rear-end cars in Revenge, worth the trade off lol
    (No really though both are pretty much equal to me in quality though)
  42. Nemesis162

    Nemesis162 Member

    It's strange if true since EA said some years ago that they didn't want to make remasters. Either way, I loved Burnout when more younger so if it's true, I'm probably going to buy this. lol
  43. Agent X

    Agent X Member

    We can only hope! :D
  44. Fat4all

    Fat4all Community Resettler Member

  45. ABEZ23

    ABEZ23 Member

    In a Heartbeat!
  46. giancarlo123x

    giancarlo123x Member

    Would day one it to show support for their great dlc practices back then. Never played the dlc island.
  47. Krustoff

    Krustoff Member

    This was my first thought. Jeff is going to be excited. And I'm with him, Paradise was my favorite in the franchise and to this day it's still one of my favorite "relax and chill" games along with SSX 3.
  48. Cloud-Hidden

    Cloud-Hidden Managing Editor at WWG Verified User

    I wish it was Burnout 3, but I loved Paradise as well. I'll buy it.
  49. Fat4all

    Fat4all Community Resettler Member

    seriously, did they lose the original code to Takedown or something?

    they have to know people want it, right?
  50. SuperEpicMan

    SuperEpicMan Member

    Take me down to the paradise city
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