Rumor: Dark Souls Remaster will be running in DS3's engine [Update]

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Frox, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Soruce is Vaati and Fextralife.

    Sseems the remaster will be running in DS3's engine.

    • The remake runs at 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One with 60 FPS.
    • This is a REMAKE of the game using Dark Souls 3’s engine. Expect Combat differences.
    • Native 4k resolution on PC
    • Remaster renders upscaled 4K on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One while the PC version will feature resolution upto native 4K.
    • The remaster will feature up to 6 player online, like Dark Souls 3.
    • The multiplayer now has dedicated game servers rather than p2p
    • The remaster includes the DLC Artorias of the Abyss
    • QLOC is at the helm for the PS4/PC/X1 versions while the Switch is handled by a developer based in China.
    Remake me if old. May the flames guide thee
  2. Phantom Thief

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    Wait, on the Switch as well?
  3. mutantmagnet

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    This was already known in the current 7 page thread.
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    Wow, so it's a straight up remake. That's even better then.
  5. Rushoff

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    This is the question.
  6. Alexander DeLarge

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    From the perspective of a PC gamer
    Pros: "improved lighting/engine" (we'll see on that, I prefer Dark Souls 1 to Dark Souls 3's visual style)
    60FPS/4K support (dsfix)
    dedicated servers (dsc makes this pretty much irrelevant )
    higher multiplayer count

    Cons: Splits the community
    Kills 5 years of mods
    Costs $40

    Yeah I'm not liking this.
  7. Get_crazy

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    So... the remaster is a remake. What?
  8. Servbot24

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    Depends if they reuse the same assets, they could just reuse all of those in the new engine.
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    I imagine this is on Switch as well, considering there have been rumours of the trilogy hitting Switch for a while.

    This now makes sense why it's coming to PC.
  10. Ferrs

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    It this were a remake this would be called DARK SOULS REMAKE, not REMASTERED. Let's gonna chill, I don't think Vaati knows how the game truly works.
  11. SuperSah

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    Switch will probably be a port of the old game on the same engine with fixes and maybe ever so slight bumps in detail.

    No way it'll use the DS3 engine. It's not even being developed in-house, is it?
  12. Nocturnowl

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    Time for me to actually be incredibly concerned about ending up with DS3's imitation Bloodborne pace and Estus chug in DS1.
  13. Escalario

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  14. KHlover

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    This is the only scenario where I'll buy the game <3

    Looking forward to DS3 animations (hopefully).
  15. SaberVS7

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    No, people will migrate over for Dedicated Servers and a proper PC version that doesn't require DSFix. If SotFS PC has a community still, this will too.
  16. Transistor

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    So does that mean it will have the frame pacing issues that DS3 has? Or did they fix that in the Pro patch? I haven't played it in a while
  17. Leafhopper

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    Oh I thought this was only coming out on consoles. Guess I missed that. Huh.
  18. tencents

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    God fucking dammit.
  19. iksenpets

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    Oh wow, that has me way more excited for this.
  20. Steezus

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    Dedicated servers sounds really nice. Might get this after all.
  21. Vesper

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    why is the remake called Dark Souls Remastered
  22. Strafer

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  23. ReginOfFire

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    GOTY confirmed?
  24. entremet

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    Wow! Great.
  25. LordOcidax

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    This looks more like a remake then...
  26. Ferrs

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    Shouldn't be an issue at 60 fps. DS3 on Pro doesn't have it.
  27. Carn

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    is Fextralife a legit source for this?
  28. Papacheeks

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    Have to wonder how this looks and plays on switch.
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    This just went from being extremely hype to potentially terrible.
  30. takriel

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    Yeah I don't trust Vaati of all people.

    Also it seems pretty unlikely that the game has any significant changes to combat. They would have announced these in the PR statement.

    Also, please no combat changes, man. Other than maybe 8-diagonal movement.

    I like my poise the way it is in Dark Souls 1, thank you very much.
  31. Get_crazy

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    I think we should take this with a grain of salt.
  32. Yoshimitsu126

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    Not sure emoji (why can't my iphone emojis work on ERA)
  33. JINX

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    Thats way better!, a lot more hyped now if thats the case.
  34. RockmanBN

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    Remake + Remaster = Remakester.
  36. Elshoelace

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    That is insane! Eightway roll?!?
  37. SugarNoodles

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    This is the best!

    I sincerely hope they dont ruin spells with FP again.
  38. Pandora012

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    Shit didn't even think about that. DS3 poise was/is a joke.
  39. KyleRipman

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    That plus the expanded number of online players, and now if the combat is different...not feeling it as much as I was initially.

    Well yeah, but what about vanilla DS2 on PC? I think that's more comparable since that is the version that lost players.
  40. BeImonkey

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    DS3 engine, but 1080p 60 fps whilst DS3 ran at 30 fps?
  41. Jawbreaker

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    It's running at 60 FPS on the base PS4/Bone consoles, so I'm not expecting any miracles visually, but this is welcome news.
  42. Ferrs

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    They probably saw that Kotaku report with DS3 lighting and though it was a full remake.

    I doubt Vaati too,he's a youtuber...

    They are talking about a remake when the game is called Remastered and there's no mention of combat changes in the PR sheet.
  43. Ephonk

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    The switch version is in house, the other versions not (apparently).
    And getting DS3 engine on switch might be easier then getting the old one up, newer engine also means more modern toolset etc, why would they bother working with a toolchain from 8 years ago.
    We'll have to wait for more details I assume.
  44. DigSCCP

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    At 60 FPS on PS4/One?
  45. HypedBeast

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    If this is true this could actually change the game a ton, since 3 basically feels like Bloodborne.
  46. bombshell

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    The Kotaku report said it's not in DS3 engine on Switch:
  47. NediarPT88

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    I wasn't expecting that, I assumed it was just a port with higher resolution and some better textures or something.

    The 60fps makes me doubt this is true though.
  48. saci

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    Same here. Vaati just seems like an extremely sketchy individual, especially after all that plagiarism thing.
  49. funky

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    Uh oh.

    DS3 was targetting 60 FPS on PS4 pro patch and it ended up as mostly 45fps and a terrible way to play. They didn't offer a 30 FPS lock too.

    Hope this is better then that
  50. lord_of_flood

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    If the pace of combat is similar to DS3 then I'm definitely all in. I enjoyed DS3's combat quite a bit, and I would definitely look forward to DS1 having similar mechanics.