1. MBS

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    Take it with a grain of salt, i'm not affiliated with this guy, nor i can guarantee the accuracy of the information provided below:

    On DMC5:

    On Soul Calibur 6:

    On Pokemon Switch:
    Much more regarding Metroid 4, RE2R, etc., here:

  2. Gonna be an insane PSX if true:
    DMC5s time has come

  3. Dahbomb

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    The DBZ stuff seems legit because people WANT it to be fake.

    DMC5 stuff isn't really that juicy except for PSX unveil which seems unlikely every day.

    MVCI seems too wild. 6 free characters in Summer? Yeah right.
  4. Tambini


    Well I checked out the subreddit and I'm convinced
  5. Son of Sparda

    Son of Sparda
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    Thank you making the thread MBS.

    This may interest RE fans:
  6. KunaiDrilla


    I need that Soul Calibur. Cannot do Tekken. I do well in the game. But I need that real 3D movement and amazing character designs.
  7. Dahbomb

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    The REmake 2 thing is basically nothing. Like I could have told you that and I don't know anything about REmake 2.
  8. I hope the rumor of R2R being third person is true. I don't really understand the arguments for having a classic RE style camera, because there's nothing it can do that a third person camera and decent level/environmental design can't replicate.
  9. Usyren


    If that DBZ rumor is real lmao. 5 Goku's and 3 Vegeta's huh.
  10. Solid


    ORO bro

    Man these leaks sound fuckin' good
  11. Just some random reddit guy?
    Also, isn’t PSX not getting a press conference?
  12. Dahbomb

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    Classic RE is 3rd person too. This rumor does not actually confirm the camera or the controls of REmake 2.
  13. ZhugeEX

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    As always folks, take rumors with a grain of salt.
  14. gnilres


    I thought it was confirmed to be internally developed by Nintendo?
  15. Son of Sparda

    Son of Sparda
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    You'd be surprised to know how many people believe it's gonna be a game in the same style as REmake.
  16. DPart

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    "According to one of my sources, they claim that Square Enix is doing The World Ends With You 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch."

    don't do this to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  17. Phendrift


    Bandai Namco on Prime 4?

    If this is true, that’s definitely unexpected. Though it does line up with “talented new development studio” and them apparently announcing three new big exclusives.
  18. The Giant

    The Giant
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    It's been a while since we have seen any rumours for games. Now it's feels like home.
  19. Leafhopper


    Another DMC rumor will be at X event again.

    I don't believe the SC6 stuff really either.

    Pokemon I can't really say.
  20. It's worded as though it's implying that it has a behind the camera third person perspective. I think if it was Classic RE, they would have said so assuming this person is legit
  21. FelipeMGM

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    Really rare that someone would be told stuff from all these different JP publishers. Its not easy to come across of that huge amount of info, especially from a bunch of different parties

    Im very skeptical on this one
  22. Cinemikel

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    I don't think there's any way one single guy can have so many sources or one source with such a far reach with so many different developers. Seems impossible to me to believe.


    Oh man.. some will be happy. Others, not so much.
  24. Sargerus


    If dmc5 doesnt happen at either PSX or VGA i'm giving up the dream for good.
  25. Unknownlight


    Whatever you say, man.
  26. Yeah, that too.
  27. CrimsonCrescendo

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    They will see, we'll fight until eternity.
    Come with me, we'll stand and fight together.
    Through our strength, we'll make a better day
    Tomorrow, we shall never surrender.
  28. ZhugeEX

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    This 'leaker' actually has some stuff right. But it's mixed in with a lot of stuff that's wrong or is a clear guess.

    It also seems like they just rounded up rumors that are already out there in one way or another. So of course some stuff will be right.
  29. Lexxism


    Subscribed. Let's see which one of these rumours will end up true.
  30. Kyoufu


    these rumours sound bad
  31. 9-Volt


    How about a special Soul Calibur for Switch? How about a crossover? Soul Calibur vs Fire Emblem? Every FE character has a melee weapon, it would be perfect versus game for SC.
  32. Clive


    What kind of person would have inside information on secret games by completely different companies? I can understand someone knowing about PSX or Bamco or Capcom but additionally the completely unrelated Nintendo? I'm not buying it.
  33. Zedark


    There are some bombshells in there if this turns out to be legit: TWEWY2 Switch exclusive, Hearthstone Switch, Soul Calibur VI, DMC5.

    The thing about Metroid Prime 4 being developed by Bamco is interesting. Zhuge recently made the comment that (citing here) he is "looking 4ward" to the Bamco exclusives for Switch. That would match up with this.
  34. "3 of the DLC characters I've heard of include Broly, Regular Goku (it was noted to me that he does use the Spriit Bomb), and Regular Vegeta."


    Name me lamer choices, I'll wait
  35. Jawmuncher

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    Dino Crisis reboot? Yes please.

    Also third person RE2make is fine by me
  36. Shin

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    There's usually a Capcom game revealed at PSX or has been in the past IIRC, so it sounds plausible.
    Soul Cailbur 6 is somewhat expected since Tekken 7 out of the way now, that's a pattern with Namco Tekken > SC.
    Plus Harada and Ono usually share the stage or interact in some way so that kinda gives me hope that these rumors might be true.
  37. Jebusman


    This was the part that broke the illusion for me. I refuse to believe any leak that claims SQUENIX is actually making TWEWY2
  38. Dahbomb

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    DMC5 stuff real or nah?
  39. SecondNature


    I thought sony said psx was going to be low key
  40. Leafhopper


  41. ZeroCDR


    Cyclops in development for MvCI? Yes, I want to believe this!
  42. --R


    Sounds good. Let's see if the leaks are true.
  43. Kyrios


    Eh, I'll get excited when the announcements actually come. That way I'll be pleasantly surprised if any of those announcements end up being real lol
  44. Platy


    Always take a step back when a person post leaks that come from completely different sources (namco/capcom/nintendo or nitnendo direct, psx whatever) at the same time.
    One person alone cannot know all of this. So every person decided to tell that reddit user at the same time ?

    That being said.... Soul Calibur on switch, Worlds Ends With You, DBFZ on switch, Mother 3 and pokemon rumors sounds good =D
  45. Cinemikel

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    I bet they got the Bandai Namco is developing Metroid Prime 4 rumor from you talking about "4" before
  46. yuoke


    Bandai namco making prime 4. Whhhhhy?

  47. McMoneyman


    "According to one of my sources, they claim that Square Enix is doing The World Ends With You 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch."

    If true, I'm so buying a Switch.
  48. Knight613


    I don't believe for a second that The World Ends With You 2 is being made.

    It's the only one that I wish was 100% real though. :(
  49. Neoxon

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    I hope the DBFZ stuff is bullshit, but I'd be cool with the SFV & MvCI stuff being true. Even if he got Enchantress & TMNT right, that's casting a wide net of info.
  50. Nirbion


    Yeah...no. At least to the Pokemon-thingy.
    Pokemon is such a strong brand. They can allow skipping a year without a major Pokemon-title. I know Nintendo's Switch-titles have a tight release-schedule now, but I think Nintendo is aware that GameFreak can't fart out a major Pokemon-title next year.
    This year's announcement made it clear they just have started and only want to reassure fans and investors.