RUMOR: God of War release date leaked on Chile’s PlayStation store

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by HeisenbergWW62, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. HeisenbergWW62

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    March 22, 2018
  2. Wollan

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    Sounds genuine though maybe - 1 or two days for US & Europe. Norse-hype.
  3. Caiops

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    i dont know
  4. JehutyRunner

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    That's a Thursday.

    Hmm. I'm not gonna say this is not real, I don't know what Chilie games release schedule is like in terms of days it releases, but it is oddly specific, albeit on a Thursday.
  5. bunkitz

    bunkitz Member

    Awesome. Would fit the whole March thing, plus the art book releasing in June.
  6. Ian Henry

    Ian Henry Member

    Not surprised
    They always release the games in March
  7. Ieet

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    H Y P E
  8. Nagito

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    Cool can’t wait
  9. #9
    My wallet is totally dead.
  10. Fork

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    Big typo on Chile"s name. But I guess we south americans get thrown into the pile :(
  11. HeisenbergWW62

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    Oops, my bad :(
  12. AlexFlame116

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    I'm super excited for this God of War! Hopefully the CE gets announced soon!
  13. Ahasverus

    Ahasverus Banned Member

    Great date, similar to Horizon.
  14. Tygerjaw

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    The first God of War was released on March 22, 2005.
    The first Resident Evil was release on March 22, 1996 in Japan. REmake too.
    March 22 is also my birthday.
  15. Filament Star

    Filament Star Member

    That's an entirely believable time frame.
  16. ASleepingMonkey

    ASleepingMonkey GameZone Member

    I’ve been expecting a March date for a while. Spider-Man in May or June. I’m interested in how Sony is going to do this, isnt PSX supposed to be significantly smaller because of the PGW and E3 blowouts? Maybe just smaller in terms of new AAA games being announced but we get some dates on a few games like Detroit, Spidey, and God of War?
  17. dmr87

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    It's allways March.
  18. andrerobot

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  19. b4lmung

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  20. Jahranimo

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    So mid-late March? Okay then.

    But where is the Spiderman release date leak tho
  21. Buffer

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    Thursday? Probably a mistake. We all need to Chile.
  22. Danis Saur

    Danis Saur Member

    I want to believe it.
  23. silva1991

    silva1991 Member

    Every console GoW was released on March. Not surprising.
  24. Javier

    Javier Member

    I guess I'm chiLIEan now :3

    That date seems believable and just enough time to save money and buy the console + the game.
  25. Kiro

    Kiro Member

    A day after my birthday. It's gotta be true!
  26. FZZ

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  27. LycanXIII

    LycanXIII Member

    We'll know this weekend most likely.
  28. PhaZZe

    PhaZZe Member

    March sounds good.
    Chilie makes me sad :(, it's Chile.
  29. MCD250

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    Seems weird to me that it'd be on PSN.
  30. NinjaCoachZ

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    Kind of random for it to be a Thursday, but either way it was always going to be March.
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    June something something
  32. daniel77733

    daniel77733 Banned Member

    Don't see March 22nd as it's on a Thursday. My guess and hope is March 27th.
  33. Tygerjaw

    Tygerjaw Member

    Please, no. I need it sooner.
  34. MCD250

    MCD250 Member

    Oh huh, uh. I just went to check the US store and it has the same date there.
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    Its gonna be a March release for sure.

    God of War games haves always released in March.
  36. HighJump

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    Thirsty for that GoW release date.
  37. Omegamon

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    didn't even know my country had a PS store
  38. Jokegeta

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    I LOVE IT!


  40. ASleepingMonkey

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    They’re going to give God of War some time to breathe. I say the soonest you get it is May to tie-in with the marketing for Avengers: Infinity War. I do think it’ll probably lean more toward June like The Last of Us and Batman: Arkham Knight, one of those “Hey, look at all these cool E3 games months and years away!!! WELL SPIDER-MAN IS OUT NEXT WEEK!”
  41. Datajoy

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    Seems about right.
  42. BitByDeath

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  43. Exentryk

    Exentryk Member

    March seems fine.

    Jan - Ni no Kuni 2
    Feb - Lost Sphear
    Mar - God of War

  44. salromano

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  45. srtrestre

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    Hmmm chilie
  46. silkysmooth

    silkysmooth Member

    Pretty much expected it to be March.

    Still have to play Ascension to complete my series playthrough this year.

    Can't fucking wait.
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    My next most anticipated game. Can't wait to play Norse Teal'c!
  48. MattAces

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    CHILLie guys, stop making fun of OP.

    Excited for GoW!
  49. Ecliptor

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    ChileEra would like to have a word with you.
  50. Sense

    Sense Member

    February is shadow of the colossus ;)

    March makes sense for god of war. April or May for Detroit. June for Spider-Man. Days gone in august would be my guesses