RUMOR: Massive Smash Ultimate leak is allegedly an emotional roller coaster [UPDATES IN OP]

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Oct 27, 2017

Updates are at the bottom of this post

Definitely worthy of its own thread. There have been many "leaks" in the past, but this one is incredibly well made if it's actually fake. It's getting a ton of attention. A guy (accidentally?) leaked the entire roster through the final character art through Snapchat. The info checks out with his LinkedIn information -- he could be a person with this kind of promotional material. Furthermore, making all of this art from scratch would be an immense amount of work for a fake, even moreso than the infamous Rayman "leak".

Quoting the top info from the OT. Read from top to bottom~

Just wanted to post an Imgur link to the banner "leak" for the morning crowd

It could be real (it's feasible that marketing materials are being sent out to stores for the holidays), what I need to know is whether we've seen that clean background before, kinda funny how the best proof for it is the part without any characters on it

I also don't mind the characters and hey, we might finally get out of the Ken/Incineroar hole
Yeah!!! I found a much cleaner image

I want to BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!
I've put together three of the banners, including the leaked one, so we can compare and contrast:

Top: Current, Post-Isabelle Banner
Middle: Leak
Bottom: E3 Banner

  • Luigi, Sheik and the Mii Fighters have been moved considerably. Luigi is now near the middle, left of Ken, all of the Mii Fighters are to the top right of Mewtwo, and I dunno where Sheik is.
  • Jigglypuff is shifted slightly up, next to Geno, and you can see her full art.
  • This is the first time we've seen Greninja's full tongue I think.
  • Isaac is standing on some weird green... stuff? I assume it's meant to be Psyenergy?
  • Inkling is now actually looking at someone, thanks to Mach Rider.
OP HERE: Just wanted to clarify that The Grinch is not part of the leaked roster lol, it's just more unrelated-to-Smash evidence that this is legit.

I decided to look into the part of the leak that might be overlooked - The Grinch. It's in the background in a couple of spots.

Universal Studios, which is distributing the film, is not listed as part of the company's references, though that's not saying too much since the movie's merchandising could be handled by a third party, like Hasbro, which is listed. Their site also still has a 2010 copyright so who knows how up-to-date it is.

Another Grinch oddity - the ornament (?) with the dog is based on this promotional art but with one major difference - the Grinch is facing the other way. As in, the ornament folds over, and there's a front and back face. I can't find a single render of The Grinch's back, although admittedly I'm not spending my Wednesday morning looking at that many Grinch images. But if such a thing isn't freely available, and this is fake, then the faker decided to also mock up The Grinch renders of all things.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, The Grinch's cinema run in France begins on November 28th. It makes sense that it'd be in the same batch as Smash, given their release proximity.
I made an image with the guy's name edited out for privacy concerns:

(img above first posted by Dark Cloud)


The leak reveals the following characters:
- Shadow
- Banjo-Kazooie
- Isaac
- Ken
- Mach Rider
- Geno
- Chorus Kids

Shadow and Ken are likely to be echoes of Sonic and Ryu respectively.

I wanted to know what all the characters look like, so I googled them all.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Banjo Kazooie

Isaac from Golden Sun

Ken from Street Fighter

Mach Rider

Geno from Mario RPG

Chorus Kids from Rhythm Heaven
For those curious what this would look like on the CSS:

Why people find the story legitimate:

The leak was framed as just a dumb Snapchat gone wrong. How the app works is that you can send a small video to a friends as a video message that will get deleted by the app itself. The story is he was banking on that to delete the evidence and have a laugh with a friend. Then his friend leaked the photo (whether or not this was a part of a larger prank or not) on 4Chan and censored the name so poorly that people were able to find this guy and where he worked.

That's why people find the story legitimate. It's not the picture that's the focal point but the framing all around the picture itself is the story why people think it's real.

UPDATE: The company that the accidental leaker worked for has been confirmed to be real and working with Bandai Namco.



Also some more #teamreal stuff:

Another set of comparison images I put together, this time looking at the empty battlefield which, AFAIK, hasn't popped up anywhere before without characters on top. The top image is the earliest and emptiest banner (doesn't even have Ridley), the bottom image is the latest.

Every cloud and light source is identical, from what I can tell. Not only that but...

The blue crystals behind Villager's net and Ivysaur are also seemingly the same distance apart. I didn't even know they were there until I did this comparison and tried to track 'em down.

So yes, the leaker could have just painted this entire Battlefield themselves, but they sure nailed every aspect of it, even when its all smudged up like this.

A THIRD UPDATE: As you know from one of the quotes above, The Grinch has been used as a piece of evidence that this is legit. However, some users have commented that it's hard to see that the Grinch artwork really isn't the same art as what's already seen on the official movie poster, so two members have explained it more thoroughly:

Side by side and mirrored, to give the full impression. You can see the lighter green face and his nose on the "bottom".

The ornament is meant to be folded over, so the Grinch's face is on one side, and the dog w/ back is on the other.
I made this quick comparison. Maybe this could be added to the OP to accompany Rotobit's explaination?

I used the dog, and the Grinch's chin on the left poster as reference points. Not only is the Grinch's head lower, you also can't see his eyes, nose and mouth. Besides, it doesn't seem to have the lowest tuft of hair or a cutout line for that, so it's almost 100% a flipped image of the poster on the left (that doesn't explain the difference in height, but he's probably carrying something else than the dog on the front).

The leaker no longer works for the company we thought he worked for...

...but he's now working at a similar nearby company, lol.

We still in this ride.

Leak not dead yet

credit to u/rockerLS on reddit:

So, upon further investigation, I don't think this means anything.

There are two Eric Bricard LinkedIn accounts:

The former is the one that links Marina PLV, the latter one links ACP PLV, where he's worked for 1 year and 8 months. They list the same education, so it's clearly the same person. So...this lines up with him leaving Marina PLV in November 2016 assuming he got the new job a couple months later.

We might have been wrong about which printing company this was from all along. The leak might be from ACP PLV and not Marina PLV.

I'm a little less confident in this leak than I was a day ago, but I don't think it's dead quite yet. "
Guys, we knew about the two different companies yesterday. This is nothing new.


UPDATE NUMERO 5: Internet Detectives are going way too far, but this is some mild fuel for #teamreal


UPDATE NUMBER SAD: People are 50/50 on Liam, some are saying he's been legit this year while others are pointing out that he's been devastatingly wrong and full of misinformation in the past. He also stole information from a different tweeter yesterday and claimed it as coming from his own source. Furthermore, this could be either misinformation or a straight up lie by the leaker, but if what Liam is saying is true, then this is really fucked up that an innocent person got involved in this and I hope people won't send hateful messages to the person if this supposed leak turns out to be fake.

(OP edited this into an image as the maximum number of media has been hit)

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Oct 27, 2017
If this is real. No one. Not even pessimist will ever believe a thing Sakurai saids.

I don’t think it’s real honestly. Seem like it’s way too many characters.

Cross post.


Oct 27, 2017
I'm not seeing why any of this is legit but then again I feel like all those new characters are feasible.


Oct 27, 2017
Well, Smashville they say, the roster's newcomer count grew three sizes that day.
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Oct 27, 2017
I am already satisfied but this should let those who have been screaming for a decade to finally calm down and rest their souls.

Hopefully KOS-MOS and Dante for DLC, as well as Sora.

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Oct 25, 2017
I still feel this is too up in the air to merit massive Resetera reach but I am becoming more convinced on it


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Oct 25, 2017
Banjo Kazooie is fantastic, but no Crash Bandicoot? I refuse to believe any leaks that don't include Crash!


Oct 25, 2017
Okay. NOW we can expect 30 minutes of GameXplain discussion. I hope Grinch takes at least 5 of them.


Crisis Dino
Oct 25, 2017
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If that’s the final roster. Nothing in the last batch is really hype for me outside Banjo due to being MS and opening up Master Chief as DLC.

I got Snake tho, so was never gonna complain about the roster after that.

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Oct 25, 2017
Paris, France
The grinch
Why not olaf from frozen or Ronald MC Donald when we're at it

Edit : ok I'm dumb

But maybe not as dumb as the guy who leaked that
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Jan 10, 2018
If this ends up being real then I'll be in cloud 9.

Having Geno, Isaac and the Chorus kids would be amazing (especially the latter since I've wanted a rhythm heaven character for ages).
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