1. I hope not. I'm not a Namco fan, even though they are good at the technical level.
  2. Shiba


    I mean the last one would count as more of a port than an exclusive.
  3. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

    Maybe you did. I never believed they would do it nor did I care for them to touch Metroid.
  4. TheWickedSoul


  5. Neonep


    This is was my 1st thought. I don't care about Metroid & Ridge Racer.
  6. I wonder what people will think once they know Metroid Prime 4 is being developed by FROM.
  7. ShinobiBk


    Also, Namco working on Prime 4 was part of that huge leak on Reddit way back late last year.
    If you guys remember that leak has got a lot of things right. They got the SFV season 3 characters dead on, even including Cody and a brand new character in G "The President".
    They got Soul Calibur VI before the reveal although they got the platforms wrong but said they were unsure on that
    They leaked DMC V, which has pretty much been confirmed at thus point
    They also leaked that the Switch was getting The World Ends With You 2 (ended up being an expanded HD port, but 2 might still be coming)
    They also got several DBFZ characters right in Hit, Beerus and Goku Black (Rose) being launch characters.

    What a crazy leak. So much is coming true
  8. Sadist


    Finally its Geist 2 time to shine

    I kid I kid

    Still, untill proven I remain sceptical.
  9. mariodk18


    What's the big deal about Ridge Racer being a Switch exclusive? Hasn't the franchise been dormant/dead for a while now? I've never seen anyone asking for one.
  10. Samsquanchewans

    User Permed at their request Member

    Ouch on Sony losing Ridge Racer exclusivility if true. Especially with the sparse amount of Arcade Racers right now on the market since EA NFS Payback killed it.

    And while Microsoft have Forza Horizon, Sony wouldnt have any arcade racers on the market since Evolution is dead.
  11. UltraMagnus

    Banned Member

    I'm thinking Soul Calibur on Switch is happening but it might be branded in a different way (heavy Zelda crossover?).
  12. They "leaked" a bunch of shit they stole from 4chan, here, and Reddit.

    They just gathered up rumors and spit them back.

    Bamco making Prime 4 was a rumor that started on this forum!
  13. massoluk


    Speak for yourself, in my heart, it was going to be a Platinum collaboration and a spiritual successor to both Vanquish and Metroid Prime. ;/
  14. Ethifury


    You’re right. Sequel to Tank! Tank! Tank! ???
  15. RPGamer


    3 Million dollar budgets? Hope that's not for the entire game
  16. PogiJones


    Yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw this. To be fair, we're often pretty insulated from development over there, since most of what we deal with here is western or Japanese developed. But seeing this thread, I immediately thought, "Ah, that's why he knows."
  17. Jahranimo

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    I think Ridge Racer 6 was a Xbox 360 launch title exclusive and 7 was a PS3 exclusive. Ridge Racer has been hopping platforms for a long while.

    Oh yeah there's that 3DS one too.
  18. Ethifury


    I’m still mad there’s no sequel to DriveClub. I fucking loved that game
  19. El-Pistolero


    Ridge Racer no longer has the aura it once had...
  20. Samsquanchewans

    User Permed at their request Member

    And the old Evolution staff cant do anything since Sony owns the IP :(

    I doubt they'd care at this point
  21. bulletyen


    Screw metroid, I need my Ridge Racer! Daaamn gonna have to get a switch. There's absolutely nothing else I want on it. This has turned into a sunset overdrive xb1 situation for me. Fuuuuuuk…

    I guess it makes sense since the Vita one sold like shit and the 3DS one probably fared better. Also to be fair Nintendo probably bank rolled it cheap, wouldn't have been made otherwise. Hardly anyone gives a shit about RR these days.

    Maybe Ridge Racer X will be a 4k 60fps semi port on the UHD twins, like 6/7...
  22. Crayon


    Ridge Racer yes!!! Switch exclusive? Would make sense.
  23. Crushed


    Ridge Racer hasn't been exclusive to Sony in years. There was an altered port for N64, there was a port of 1 for DS's launch, 6 was a 360 exclusive launch title, RR3D for the 3DS's launch, that multiplatform one by Bugbear that was essentially their take on Burnout, and a bunch of mobile games.
  24. Rmagnus


    Don't think we are close to China tbh.. I think our politicians shot themselves in the foot quite a few times regarding China
  25. JJConrad


    I have a theory:

    - If the profile isn't changed... Its all fake.
    - If the profile changes/removes all the juicy information...Its an actual developer trolling people because he didn't think it get much attention.
    - If the profile changes to "May 2016 - February 2018" ... Its ALL TRUE!!!!
  26. I stand corrected if this is the original source.
  27. Vareon


    Maybe he just wanted to be specific in what he does (it's a job resume after all), these stuff gets past his NDA, and doesn't really care if people made the connection anyway. Ridge Racer is very specific though.
  28. ILikeFeet


    He means location-wise
  29. Zalman


    I am okay with all of this.
  30. At the end of the day, Metroid Prime 4 has already been publicly announced. I don’t think putting this info on his LinkedIn profile will jeopardise his career
  31. Rmagnus


    Lol don't think we are close to China too location wise
  32. And he's worked in video games for like two decades and he's won personal awards.

    So he'll be fine but probably just yelled at.
  33. lowlifelenny


    Ridge Racer is coming back? To Switch? Presumably with online play?

    My body was not ready to wake up to something this insanely awesome.
  34. Selina

    Gotham's Finest Administrator

    I would like to know what Bandai Namco Singapore have done before. I guess they will be mostly made up of a new team, though, will be interesting to see how they handle a FPS game, I don't think any Bando Namco division have made an FPS game.

    Also, Ridge Racer 8 is a surprise.
  35. pronk


    It doesn't actually say Metroid though right? Just unannounced IP, that could be anything.

    But maybe...

    Metroid Prime.. Warriors! Shoot Lu Bu with the charge beam!
  36. Shiba


    Yeah from any mention of the Bandai Namco three exclusives this twitter or at least the account is referenced.
  37. ZER0


    I don't see how they did? Bamco is known to have a close relationship with Nintendo and Ridge racer is an amazing fit for the Switch.
  38. Epilexia


  39. This is a new studio with most of the leads having worked on The Force Unleashed or Star Wars 1313.

    So we'll see...
  40. Status Effect

    Status Effect

    Ridge Racer would be a good fit for switch actually. The series is a bit too simplistic to justify a big PS4 game and there's no Sony portable to put it on. Switch is a great option for arcade style stuff
  41. jdstorm


    Onrush has you covered. (Ex evolution staff)

    As for the news. Cool if true. While quality remains to be seen, this is likely to 100% produce something interesting.

    GL Namco Singapore
  42. ZER0


    It's pretty interesting that a lot of people that worked on Star Wars are in the studio.


    I'm expecting Ridge Racer to be a repurposed port made into its own entry
  44. It also mention this:

    • Concept Design – Created many design concepts in order to meet Nintendo’s exacting requirements.

    • VIP Presentation – Regularly presented pitches, storyboards, design directives, and gameplay to both Nintendo Headquarters and Bandai Namco Entertainment Group.

    So yeah, definitely part of the development.
  45. Immaculate


    doesnt FPS/Action-Adventure fall under that though? Like what else is it lol
  46. Dark1x

    Digital Foundry Verafied

    I'm not sure a port of Tekken 7 would be all that feasible. Unreal Engine 4 does work well on Switch but one of the first things cut is frame-rate. I don't think there are any UE4 60fps titles on Switch which is what Tekken 7 is. I know that T7 is already very rough on a standard Xbox One. Anything is possible but I just can't see them pulling off a 60fps version of Tekken 7 on the Switch hardware.
  47. Conor419


    Can’t wait to see the official announcement trailer denounced as fake this summer.
  48. ILikeFeet


    Repurposed from what? As old as 6 and 7 are, they'd look absolutely terrible on the Switch. If they want low budget, they can just farm it out to another studio. But I doubt they'd bother to bring back Ridge Racer after all this time for a shitty-looking game
  49. Amiibola


    It had two duds (RRVita and RRUnbounded) but there's no reason to actually say that.

    Let's not forget Tekken and Soul Calibur for PSP...

    It was actually Flatout 4 in spirit.
  50. Riiiidgeeee Racerrrrrrr yeessss
    Please be good