Rumor: Metroid Prime 4 developed with Bandai Namco Singapore & Ridge Racer 8 exclusive to Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Cinemikel, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Let’s get back on topic please.

    Thank you.
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    Probably for the best. I understand where you're coming from.
  3. I wonder if they were Tabata’s Prime choice 4 Metroid.
  4. SJPN

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    What the fuck is this abomination? Jesus fuck.

    They’ve given Reiko massive bolt-on tits, destroyed her face, and after watching her walk, either she’s had a stroke or she’s shit her pants.
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    Really curious on how nmh is gonna turn out. It is an indie project right ?
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    Yup. This thread is about a Linkedin profile from a Lead Designer at Bandai Namco.

    Let's keep the conversation focused on that.
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    I think you underestimate how thorough GameXplain are. A lot of work goes into these videos and rumors are only reported when there's convincing evidence. For instance this Linkedin listing is about as convincing as it gets.
  8. Well there’s also another employee who has “interesting unannounced IP...” all secret-like
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    Well, I must admit that the idea of a non western team developing prime 4 didn't really appealed me, mostly because I was/am afraid it could steer more towards other M in terms of aesthetics and gameplay.
    But this rumor really picks my curiosity
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    Please be a real Ridge Racer game, it's been over 10 years since we got one. :(
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    From my understanding it’s a type of collab where Travis wears shirts from different indie games. The game itself has Travis sucked into different game worlds via his console. So no it just has collaborations/references to known indie games.
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    One of the first few games I had on PlayStation
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    My heart....
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    Predictions on the release date of MP4?

    For me they will show it at this E3 and coming early 2019 (before the end of the fiscal year).

    What it is going to be i don't know outside what was on the fact sheet (a return to the classic formula of Metroid Prime)


    and the story is set after Corruption, Sylux will have a big part (it might be the final boss).

    This is what Tanabe told IGN at E3 2015

    The biggest concern is the fact that since those guys are ex-LucasArts, they might be more interested on the development of a story around Samus (it's also mentioned in the fact sheet above), which in theory could be good but at the same time it could be Other M all over again.

    It could be based on UE4, since BN Singapore has devs who worked on Star Wars 1313 (which was developed using the UE3).
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    For me the only way it comes Q1 2019 is that it has to be playable at E3 this year. Nintendo will not miss an E3 for MP4 to be playable. It’s hard to tell, but I’ll go with it won’t be ready until fall 2019.
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    I mean he was pretty close, he said long before announcement that there would be another World ends with you, only he thought because of language barrier issues it was a sequel while it was in fact a port/remake.
  18. RR a Switch exclusive ? Interesting, it will be weird to not have Ridge Racer on PlayStation but the series hasn't exactly been lighting the world on fire lately, not since the excellent RR Type 4 anyway.

    But whatever it comes out on, hopefully it's a return to form for the series.
  19. Emily

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    My current prediction is Metroid Prime 4 will be a 2019 title, and an HD Metroid Prime Trilogy will release on Switch.

    Again, it's just a prediction, but that's how I see it at the moment.
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    I hope it has similar vibes to dead space. Would be intriguing to have Samus to be stranded on a planet by herself as she tries to get off it with the planet trying to kill or stop her
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    I forgot about MPT in HD too. If not this year I guess that would be like a February 2019 title.
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    Now that we're starting new page, let's take a look to non-playstation Ridge Racer games

    Ridge Racer 64

    Ridge Racer DS

    Ridge Racer 3DS

    Ridge Racer Unbounded (PCS360)

    Ridge Racer 6 (360 exclusive)

    Ridge Racer Slipstream (Android/iOS)

    So no, the series is not Playstation exclusive.
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    Highly likely that one of them is the announced tales of game.
  24. ZER0

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    Yeah, buddy do your research.
    It has been exclusive to other platforms before.
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    At this point Nintendo could do a “Bandai Namco” Direct to announce Ridge Racer, reveal Metroid Prime 4, another exclusive, Tales of and Smash.
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    This is all correct. Xeen also worked on both the 3DS and Vita games.

    For mobile Accelerated was Namco Networks (NA) while Slipstream was Invictus Games (EU).
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    If they do the trilogy, how do you see them adapting the pointer controls of Prime 3? There's gyro pointing, but that's not traditionally been as fast or fluid as the IR pointer was, and would require Skyward Sword-esque recalibration.
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    Also Taiko.
  29. Dark Cloud

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    Yeah. So that would put us at Ridge Racer and Tales of. One game left...
  30. I don’t think a Switch-exclusive Tales of is very likely.
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    I believe that if there'd been even the slightest chance to make MP4 a (let's go with FY) 2018 title, they would've positioned it like that in their reports. It surely has to be something more than a mistake that Pokemon is listed with 2018 while Bayo 3 and MP4 are not.

    And honestly, they should give the team all the time they need.
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    RR8? Oh my.
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    Oh yeah, you’re right. The 3DS game is in-house which is odd because it feels like a generic offshoot similar to RR64.

    The phone game is Cellius as well? That’s what I was referring to, not the Vita game. I can’t recall actually.
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    This is weird to say the least.
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    That would seem like a bad move on Bandai’s part. Idk what else Namco has that they could bring exclusive to Switch.
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    If there's a Metroid Prime HD Trilogy, I wonder if Retro's doing it. Having Retro port both the trilogy and DKCTF would explain why their next original game is taking so long.
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    i think, if nintendo is handing over the mp licence to another company, it might become something as metroid: other m.
  38. Emily

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    They'll just redesign the controls for the Switch port.
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    Hey man, I love GameXplain, Im just teasing about how every news got a minute video dedicated to it. It's pretty unique
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    not sure why they would make RR8 an exclusive, but the part about MP4 is completely believable.
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    I'm so down for more Ridge Racer. I've played a ton of racing games on my phone over the years, but Ridge Racer Slipstream is the only one I'm still constantly going back to three years later. Unbounded on Steam is really fun, too, despite not being the most traditional of RR games.

    Fun fact: I don't know if this is true any more, but a few years ago Bandai Namco was insistent that the vehicles in Ridge Racer not be referred to as cars. They're called "Machines". This is something Namco passed on to Invictus, who developed Ridge Racer Slipstream. I hope they maintain this for RR8, too—"Machines" just sounds cooler and more unique.
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    Ridge Racer 8 on Switch.. I never would've thought. Really hope it's true. It better be 60 fps!
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    I want this so much!! It would be really great. Also Sega Rally , Daytona and Virtua Striker please !!!!
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    There are a bunch of enemies that require being able to aim independent of the lock-on. Like those flying guys that you have to lock on then aim at their shoulders, and a bunch of bosses, too. Or those balls that you can't lock onto that fly toward you in a group with some of them shielded, that you have to manually aim at.

    I suppose they could change those guys so that when you lock on, you lock onto a specific part of them that you need to target. It would take out a lot of the challenge, though.
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    Jokes on them, we use the same word for both in my language!
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    Permanently exclusive? Probably not.

    But exclusive for a few years? Why would it not be likely? The Gamecube had 1 and the Wii had 2 exclusive Tales. The DS and 3DS also had exclusive Tales games.
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    Haha! What language is that?
  49. Taiko would be my guess.
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    Yeah! It's going to be just as bad as that time they let that no-name Retro Studios work on Metroid, or when they lost their mind and let MercurySteam of all companies make Samus Returns.