Rumor: Metroid Prime 4 developed with Bandai Namco Singapore & Ridge Racer 8 exclusive to Switch

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  1. Well.. Ridge Racer usually is exclusive to one platform at a time. 6 on xbox, 7 on PS, wouldn't be out of reach if 8 is on Switch. specially since graphics wise, The switch / PS3 / Xbox 360 arent very fat from each other. so they could be using the same old engine plus updated graphics and tracks / cars

    But Metroid prime ? emmm.. Err i duno
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    Italian probably.

    They call cars Macchina (machine).
  3. Sander VF

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    Cars have been referred to as "machines" ("manqana") since forever. To the point where most would think about an automobile if they heard the word "machine" out of context. Same is true for Russian ("mashina").
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    I am currently playing it on my WiiU for the first time but with the (rather fast) growing install base of the switch and the upcoming fourth entry of the series it totally makes sense. It really is a great experience in all its facets.
  5. #teamreal
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    I see. I actually don’t know anything about that franchise.
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    ROFL oh my word what the fuck is this.
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    Ridge Racer 8!! I didn't think this would ever happen. If it's anything like Ridge Racer 7 I might need a Switch.
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    Retro isn't working on DKCTF, and would likely not be the studio doing an HD port of the trilogy, if that even exists. There are other studio's to do that.

    It's highly likely (don't think it's confirmed) DKCTF is ported by Monster games, who helped with the development and did the 3DS port of DKCReturns (and Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS)
  10. Branduil

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    It would be gyro+right stick aiming just like Splatoon and BotW.
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    If Ridge Racer 8 is happening I hope it includes an Arcade History mode (ala Tekken 5 on PS2).




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    I'd wager the same is true for even more countries.

    No one tell guys at Namco.
  13. Dark Cloud

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    Retro is doing the DKCTF port.
  14. faint

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    I uhh.... don't want either of these?
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    Can you imagine when 3rd parties got Switch Dev kits? These games have been in development for what? 15 months? Making the games about 1/2 way done?

    Summer 2019 for a large scale AAA Metroid with no delays best case.
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    i don't think this is true, i remember reading that monster games no longer works with nintendo since they got the NASCAR license and are contactually obligated to work on nascar games.
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    Why Ridge Racer?? I am very confused by this.
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    There's the way out ---->
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    Sounds weird, but.. ok. It's possible as they did do the Wii ports of metroid themselves.

    Oh ok, didn't know that about Monster Games.
  21. Mr.Deadshot

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    Yeah seems strange because they already confirmed that it's done by a new Nintendo team? Maybe co-development or something like that.
  22. Ishaan

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    Huh, that's interesting. I had no idea—thanks for the insight!
  23. I guess a spin off has a decent chance but mainline Tales has been doing well on Sony consoles.
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    You should think before you post. This would not be the first time RR was for another system than PS
  25. ReyVGM

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    Bill did not say this. The original source (IGN) only has that Trinen said “talented new development team.” It doesn't say anywhere that it's an inhouse team.
  26. Dark Cloud

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    Bruh did you read that? First there’s no such thing as EAD. Second it links to IGN and all Bill said was it’s being developed by a “talented new team”. He didn’t say anything about it being internal. That website wrote some bs that Bill didn’t say.
  27. Ishaan

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    This is a case of information passing through too many filters. The original IGN report (linked below) that this article uses as a source makes no mention of EAD. It simply states that the game is being developed by a new team. No mention of whether it's inhouse or external.
  28. TheGreatLugia

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    Bill doesn't seem to say that in the article's source:
    Bill said Metroid Prime 4 is being made by a new development team, but he didn't say it's being made by a development team inside Nintendo.
  29. Dark Cloud

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    They didn’t. That website spun it up and made stuff up. It links to IGN. All Bill said was it’s being developed by a new talented team. He didn’t say anything about it being internal.
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    ??? Gyro aiming is working very well with Splatoon 2, I don't see why they couldn't use it for MP4 or a MP trilogy port. Thankfully because I can't play fps-like games without gyro anymore.
  31. faint

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    Given that it's a rumour thread (although very likely true) I should be allowed to openly express my dismay.

    Ridge Racer is a stale IP that needs a big shake up while this Metroid news just sounds tragic and makes me wonder what Nintendo is doing with Retro (I saw the Labo rumours...) but for the love of God do not become the next Rare.
  32. MondoMega

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    If you read the IGN article sourced in that article, you'll notice that they don't refer to Nintendo EAD at all (because EAD doesn't even exist anymore) but instead a "talented new development team", which has been know for months, which fits Bandai Namco Singapore.

    EDIT: Beaten by a few minutes.
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    Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia 2, Tales of Graces, and the three DS games were not spinoffs. Some of them were later ported to Sony consoles, but they were initially exclusive to Nintendo systems. Same thing can happen now with a Switch version.
  34. Ridge Racer on Switch, MP4 and a MP-trilogy-remake and I could die happily after that.
  35. Dark Cloud

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    Yeah Monster Games wanted to do NASCAR games, but we do know Retro is doing the DKCTF port. Maybe they could be doing a MPT HD port along with a new Switch game.
  36. Emily

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    Yeah, having the entire Prime trilogy in HD would be amazing, and it would be a great way to re-introduce fans to the Prime series before Prime 4 is released.

    I suspect we'll hear something about it soon. I know Nintendo was pushing to make it happen.
  37. ReyVGM

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    I didn's say you couldn't express your dismay. I just showed you the way out since you are not interested in what the thread is about :)
  38. NotLiquid

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    I can believe it.

    I'm sort of apprehensive about putting too much stake into the preconceived "pedigree" of any developer that handles Metroid. The series is probably one of the most fickle to ever exist. Unproven developers at Retro created two of the best games ever made; when the key talent eventually left Nintendo to form Armature, that company has been throwing out nothing but duds. More established developers like MercurySteam and Team Ninja have both tried their hands on the franchise, and those have been to varying degrees of success ranging from pretty good to outright mediocre.

    Whoever gets to develop Prime 4 has a lot to prove regardless of whether they're an acclaimed studio or up-and-coming talent because the science of what makes a good Metroid game is incredibly deliberate and easy to gloss over. Much of what makes Metroid good can also be attributed to pure happenstance and happy accidents. Not a lot of franchises and genres can claim to hold such a dubious distinction.
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    Down for at least RR.
  40. ReyVGM

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    Wait, what? Some more details please?
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    Oh my god this is such a classic intro, but I didn’t remember it being so horribly sexualised.

    EDIT: oh that’s because it’s a remake of the intro. The original wasn’t anywhere near that bad. Who is this by? Some Pervy fan?
  42. kurt

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    Ok i've doing some multiple checks on that, and it seems that you are right

    However, Kensuke Tanabe is leading this project it seems. So it could be some co-op dev if the rumor would be true..
  43. LordKano

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    I really hope you're right, physical copies of the Metroid Prime Trilogy are going at insane prices for a Wii game. I bought the collection on Wii U when it was 10€ but I'd double dip for a HD version.
  44. Dark Cloud

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    Hmmmmm. Do you know something, Ems? :D
  45. Camjo-Z

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    i don't really care about MP4 but HOLY SHIT RIDGE RACER 8 AND IT'S ON SWITCH
  46. Piccoro

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    Having the old Ridge Racers would be cool!

    I still remember when RR Type 4 came with a bonus disc that had Ridge Racer 1 in 60 fps!
  47. Yeah, I know. That was ages ago. Things change.

    I’m not saying it 100% won’t happen. But the way Bamco has been handling the franchise, a proper mainline entry skipping PS4 and PC for Switch exclusivity is very unlikely.
  48. ILikeFeet

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    Edit: fuck it
  49. Jawmuncher

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    I’m ready for more rrrrrrrrrridge racerrrrr
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    Easy exclusive to lock on since the interest around this series from Sony and Microsoft is gone.

    Switch needs more driving games: Gear.Unlimited is kinda bad and Fast RMX was nice but more F-Zero-esque.