1. Jacob LeBeau

    Jacob LeBeau
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    Well there was drama betweel Liam(An industry insider) and Marcus Stellars (A joke) about Mario Party 11. Guess who won? Here's a hint: Marcus had to delete Mario related tweets
  2. erikNORML


    I don't think Metroid needs a multiplayer mode. Can't imagine a series that is most identified with single player story heavy gameplay would somehow stumble upon some multiplayer formula that would blow people's minds and propel it's sales up much further than it would have if they only focused on single player and really made it amazing.

    That said, as someone who actually loved the hell out of Hunters and enjoyed Federation Force, I would take some spin off game like that on the eshop in a second.
  3. wwm0nkey


    I would be fine if that spin-off MP game was just included in MP4 too tho.
  4. Doctre81


    I think it will this time.
  5. yuoke


    We'll see, people have said that before, especially for prime 3 with it being an early wii game.
  6. Cinemikel

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    I agree, I would honestly like something like MP3 but with a little bit less Aurora Unit guidance pushing you through
  7. SJPN


    Stupid sexy Samus.

  8. Servbot24


    My controversial gaming opinion: the Light Suit aged poorly.
  9. ILikeFeet


    Uncharted and Last of Us come to mind. While the single players are still huge draws, the multiplayer still have a lot of life in them, helping extend the life of the games.

    Metroid can definitely do the same, I think. In fact, this recent news help support the idea, I think. The BN Singapore staff working on the multiplayer mode (a number of the staff worked on a CoD styled multiplayer Star Wars game), while BN Japan works on the single player. The Singapore team could lay the controls groundwork for the whole game thanks to their FPS experience while the JP team builds up the story, art, and level design for the single player
  10. That isnt it. The Light Suit is/was so fucking cool that it overloaded your retinas' ability to detect coolness. You've just yet to come back down to baseline. It is THAT cool.
  11. DecoReturns


    More like, not enough people love Metroid.

    If the game is good, the Metroid fans will be there, but what about the rest? Hope they market the game well
  12. yuoke


    You would have thought Prime would have jump started the series a lot in sales with it being one of the highest rated games ever and critical praise across the board, but it ended up being the peak.
  13. Brock Reiher

    Brock Reiher

    Is Ridge Racer... good? Legit never ever heard of anyone buying it, playing it, or even mention it outside of the meme. Is it big in EU or Japan?
  14. Hailinel


    (WARNING: Large-scale speculation approaching!)

    Metroid Prime attracted a lot of attention for being a first-person Metroid, which was unusual because, well, it's a first-person Metroid. It attracted all of the Metroid fans curious to see what it was like, as well as other people, perhaps FPS fans, as well.

    Naturally, it garnered an audience, but not all Metroid fans enjoy first-person shooters, and not all first-person shooter fans were interested in what Metroid Prime offered. So in that sense, that the series peaked with the first isn't really surprising. People came for the novelty and once they had their fill, they were content to stick with either the side-scrolling Metroids or the FPS games that were more their speed. So Metroid Prime basically entered the same rut as the rest of the series, appealing to a select audience, but unable to expand with any significance beyond it.
  15. yuoke


    Well that's why there isn't that much they could really do with marketing. People know what the series is at this point, and it either is or isn't for them. So you either completely change some major things with it and alienate the fanbase, or try to make incredible metroid games that will sell to every possible metroid fan and tiny percentage of non fans. Changing little things in trying to "grab more people" really won't help the sales overall.
  16. Hailinel


    That really depends. Look at Fire Emblem. That series was almost mothballed and likely would have been had Awakening not done well. The game ended up including things that a wider audience found appealing (A no-permadeath mode, marriage, just enough nostalgia for old-timers, etc.), and with marketing behind it, it surprised everyone and blew the franchise sales records out of the water. Now, instead of the verge of death, the series is considered one of Nintendo's upper-tier IPs. Not a Mario or Zelda, but it's seeing a healthy number of new releases and Fire Emblem Heroes is far and away their most successful mobile game.

    And none of this would have been possible if Awakening wasn't different enough in the ways that mattered.

    Nintendo has tried to shake Metroid up to varying degrees, but none of its games have come anywhere close to what Fire Emblem Awakening did for Fire Emblem.
  17. carlosrox


    I want some more Guyver influence in Prime 4.

    I for one am actually glad Prime 4 will probably have more Japanese flavor. Say what you will about Other M but it felt a bit more true to OG Metroid than the Prime series did. It went back to the Godzilla, Ultraman, Power Rangers design aesthetic and I fucking loved it.

    I hope Prime 4 has more of that. Loved Other M's cheesy Power Rangers-esque designs.
  18. carlosrox


    So much this.

    I would go crazy if Retro, or a side team of Retro was working on the MP. Or, another team.

    Hell, even the same team.

    There's no good reason we couldn't have both.
  19. Mistouze


    Crossing my fingers for Ridge Racer 8 to be Ridge Race Type 4-2
  20. JoeInky


    Man, I'm so ready for MP4, they could just show a render of the suit design and a picture of what the HUD looks like and that would be enough for me.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Tanabe has planned for Sylux, I'm hoping it actually has a payoff and MP4 doesn't end with Sylux tailing Samus again.
  21. Well 8 IS 4 x 2! :P
  22. Mistouze


  23. Tregard


    I really hope they take another shot at Blast Ball from Federation Force.
  24. Kelanflyter


    The PSP game was a blast.
    Ps Vita one was pure garbage

    Let's hope for a good one.
  25. carlosrox


    Let's not forget:

    The fact sheet for Metroid Prime 4.

    Metroid Prime 4 returns to the First Person Adventure roots of the original Metroid Prime game and introduces a new storyline that ties together the events of the Metroid Prime universe and takes the storyline in new directions.”

    The fact sheet for the game also said the upcoming Switch title will see a return to the first-person perspective of the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii Prime titles.

    It also reveals the development team are “hard at work bringing the action, isolation and exploration of the Metroid Prime universe to life on Nintendo Switch.”
  26. Dunban


    But its most appealing attribute - namely, not being the Dark Suit - is timeless.
  27. Ridge racer series is fucking fantastic
  28. tilliino


    Just had the stupid thought of a Daft Punk OST for MP4. Holy shit that would be glorious.
  29. Defect


  30. Servbot24


    That will be a strong Please God No from me
  31. fiendcode


    The series is great but it hasn’t been really big since the 90s.
  32. Servbot24


    The last Ridge Racer I played was the DS launch game. It was alright but it basically seemed like Normal Default Racing Game.
  33. Thatguy


    They made a mistake with echoes. The dark/light mechanic wasn't fun, and the series lost momentum because of it. I think there was some other big release too close to it IIRC.
  34. Interested to know who the writer is.
  35. yuoke


    I mean I disagree personally, I thought echoes was really great, with a few issues, but I liked the dark/light switching. Either way, blaming the sales on other games out is a bad excuse at this point since there are constantly always new big games coming out. Prime 3 also flopped even with it being on the wii when it was at its peak.
  36. 4859


  37. Servbot24


  38. carlosrox


    I've played MP1 a bunch of times and played through MP2 2.5 times. I usually like to play games I really like at least more than once. I don't think I ever made it through a second game of Echoes. When the Trilogy released on Wii I got about half way and got horribly horribly stuck in Torvus Bog. Summer 2016 I had a huge Metroid itch and played through 1 yet again, and decided to tackle 2 again. I got to that same part in Torvus Bog and had again thought I was stuck. Then I finally passed it and I was completely in love. I missed all the upgrades. They were so great.

    At the end of the day I came away loving MP2 almost as much as MP1. In fact I could argue MP2 is better. With the Wii controls it's super fun using the different beams and upgrades.

    I made it about halfway through MP3 and am now in a similar situation as I was with MP2. I never fully completed a second game of MP3, this is now the second time I've made it halfway through a second game. I still love MP3 though.

    2 is no slouch though, I could argue it being even better than 1.
  39. Mr. Pointy

    Mr. Pointy

    Doctre81's LinkedIn hunting backs up the thing about BN Japan taking over from Singapore. But also, "Senior Online Programmer". Hmmmmmm.
  40. Phendrift


    Just as I suspected. Almost Threadworthy

    If it doesn’t take away from the single player, they can do what they need to do to get those copies sold. I wanna see Samus prosper.
  41. skittzo0413


    Maybe not threadworthy but I think this is definitely worth a bit more discussion than these two posts haha

    I think a good online mode for MP4 would basically be like DOOM 2016's- completely separate from the main game, with completely different weapons, maps, characters but reusing the same core game mechanics. Maybe with the ability to play as different hunters too.