1. NESpowerhouse


    It just sucks that so many people have forgotten that this game even existed.

    I have been waiting 10 years for this game.
  2. That's a bit premature don't you think?
  3. shancake

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    Soooo I may have just found the profile (which looks very legit) and a few others which definitely match timelines of said person and unannounced titles.
  4. Seik


    What the fuck.

    I mean, seriously lol.
  5. decoyplatypus


    I guess part of my curiosity here is that Retro was way more than muscle on MP--it was responsible for all the lead designers as well. And it had experienced FPS developers to fill those roles. Does Namco have designers who have worked on similar kinds of games (or first-person games in general)? And if Namco is not really doing design work, then who is? Tanabe certainly can't do it on his own.
  6. JasonMCG


    Ugh...remember what happened the last time Metroid was farmed out?
  7. Sammy Samusu

    Sammy Samusu
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    Nintendo is going after some pretty crazy exclusives lol.

    Ridge Racer, Shin Megami Tensei and Bayonetta. Cool stuff.
  8. TheDinoman


    We got Samus Returns, which was pretty good?
  9. Aters


    It sounds too real I have to believe.
  10. TheFireman


    Strange choice. Why groom an external development studio that is owned by another company? Maybe they had a really talented pitch or something.
  11. No.

    Stranger things have happened, but this is most likely fake.
  12. Kumikomical


    Era: Support small devs

    Also Era: Never heard of these guys before... their game is gonna suck lol
  13. What? Metroid Prime? Samus Returns?

    I know you are probably talking about Other M and Federation Force. But that was more the fault of the people at Nintendo (Sakamoto and Tabane) than the team they hired to work on the games.
  14. Eliseo


    We got Metroid Prime?
  15. Shiba


    Also remember when Bamco said they were gonna reveal 3 exclusives for the Switch in Spring-Summer of this year? Well Ridge Racer could be one of those exclusives announced in the coming months.
  16. NESpowerhouse


    Even with other M, Team Ninja handled most of the brute development. The majority of the creative decisions were still done by Sakamoto.

    I would think of this as more of a Smash 4 situation.
  17. Seems weird that devs would confirm unannounced games via their profile page.
    At least for ridge racer.
  18. Namco has had none of these people in the past (they mostly do fighting games...) so Tanabe or Namco would have to hire super talented combat designers and level designers... We'll see if that happens.
  19. Halfling


    I really want a new real Ridge Racer but AC7 is PC, Ps4 and XB1 (yay) so I can't really take this as confirmation.

    This is a bit of a stretch but someone at Namco asked and provided polls for which Ace Combat and Ridge Racer they would like to see remade. Now it would make sense for them to think about that kind of stuff with Ace Combat as they will be able to reuse assets post release. My hope is they will do the same for RR too. I'm dreaming at this point though, I just want my RR8 and R4 faithful remake.
  20. Vadara

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    Pretty sure I'm the only person in this thread who don't care about Metroid and wants to know more about Ridge Racer lol
  21. Shiba


    Ohhh well then that’s interesting, if more or less doesn’t seem fake for listing at least.
  22. Gamer 77

    Gamer 77

    Riiiiige Raaaacer.

    Will take these rumors with a grain of salt.
  23. Judge

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    Ace Combat isn't exclusive though

    edit: oh, the VR mode. Carry on.
  24. massoluk


    Remember what happened the last time Nintendo farmed out a major game to Namco?
  25. Faithless


    You are probably both right.
    But I really find this line quite strange, MP4 has been announced since E3 2017.
    That might be interesting to check the date of the last update of the linkedln profile - if even possible- that's seem quite a big hole if they still consider MP4 as announced and really working on it (except if, obviously, Nintendo does not want them to reveal this information for some reasons).
    I really don't know what to think, I have the feeling that's not MP4.
  26. Nightfall


    If this is true and this new Ridge Racer would be somewhat like the GOAT 4, I'd buy a Switch in a heartbeat.
  27. texhnolyze


    So, are we ignoring the false information about Ace Combat while believing the other info nonetheless?
  28. Nolbertos


    I’ll wait and see if thr rumours are true. If Metroid Prime 4 turns out to be the next Tales of Samus...I’ll be sooooo disappointed :’(

    I hope Bamco doesn’t pooch this one up. I have faith Nintendo is directing the game with Namco artsyle..

    Edit: Riidgggggeeeeee Racccccceeeerrrrr, here’s to Kaz Hirai’s giddiness and ackwardness at that E3
  29. Shroki


    Well, those lead designers all left Nintendo and made... ReCore.

    It's not even really about Tanabe here. Nintendo tends to bring out the best of the developer that's doing the work under them (exception to this might be the Star Fox franchise). We can be reasonably sure that more than Tanabe is working on this from Nintendo. If Bandai Namco IS working on it, I'm sure it's a matter of working under Nintendo's direction on most-if not all- matters.

    Nintendo probably needs to outsource for the man power.
  30. Tsukinopio

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    It's not false information. The VR mode is indeed exclusive to PS4.
  31. Phendrift


    Is the Ridge Racer series good?
  32. shancake

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    The listing is 100% not fake. The dev that this was pulled from is extremely reputable and has worked for other very reputable publishers. Whether it's Metroid Prime 4 is another thing.
  33. Jahranimo

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    Metroid Prime 4
    Ridge Racer 8
    Tales of _

    My guess.
  34. GreenMamba


    A fighting game handled by a studio with a long history of developing fighting games being directed by the same very, very hands on director that the series has always had. I don't think they're really comparable situations.
  35. texhnolyze


    Right, I stand corrected then.
  36. Hailinel


    Nintendo did say that a new team was making Metroid Prime 4, which indicated the possibility that it was literally a brand new team and potentially a new studio.

    And I mean, Retro was a ragtag mess of nobodies and former Acclaim devs in the days that Metroid Prime 1 was made, so it's not like this is without precedent.
  37. Phendrift


    Tanabe, who directed Primes 1-3, is directing 4.
  38. Shiba


    Well if this whole thing about Bamco working on Prime 4 is true as well as Zhuge hinting at it then it wouldn’t be apart of the three game. He clarified that the first party game was separate from the three exclusives Bamco has planned.
  39. I mean, he produced those games not directed (Mark Pacini, now with Armature, was the director for the trilogy) but yes he was heavily involved and it's safe to say that he will do the same for MP4.
  40. Dogui



    These 3 exclusive games Bamco promised for Switch could be Metroid Prime 4, Ridge Racer 8 and the new Tales of.


    Ninja'd lol
  41. Shroki


    That he is producing MP4 is the actual ONE real thing we know about Metroid Prime 4.
  42. We will see how this looks probably within 4 months.

    Not much reason to get excited as of now, but no reason to be that worried either. If it looks good, then we can get excited. If it doesn't look good, then probably OK to be disappointed.

    It definitely is a STRANGE choice, but we'll see soon enough...
  43. GreenMamba


    Tanabe hasn't directed a video game since like the eighties, he's a producer. All the creative leads of Prime 1 -3 were all Retro.
  44. Servbot24


    I don't want a "pretty good" game though...
  45. JustinBailey


    Maybe you play Ridge Racer inside Samus' visor while exploring?
  46. Eliseo


    If this turns out to be true I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt, I remember how people overreacted when the Mario+rabbids info was out and the game ended up being a freaking awesome game.
  47. MoonFrog


    IDK. I think it would be cool if this were true and pans out well.

    I don't really have a developer in my mind that I think should and would do Metroid Prime (Retro/EPD being the should but probably wouldn't) so...I'm wait and see on the product, if it lives up to my hopes and dreams or not and to what extent either way.
  48. Vishmarx


    What exactly has led people to believe the next tales of is a switch exclusive now that its even a regular on pc of all things?
  49. big_z


    Smash was both Nintendo and namco. Namco did a lot of the grunt work.

    However the last time namco managed a Nintendo ip on their own we got that less than stellar starfox game.

    Neither Nintendo nor namco have inhouse FPS experience which adds additional concerns but I have a feeling prime 4 won’t be first person.
  50. pixelation


    Ridge Racer exlcusive to the Switch?... say it ain't so!