Rumor: Microsoft to have marketing rights to BL3, Cyberpunk 2077 & more (UPDATE: May be inaccurate)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Rychu, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. Rychu

    Rychu Member Original Poster


    Sources close to Microsoft told Rectify Gaming that Microsoft has marketing rights to the following games:
    • Borderlands 3
    • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    • Metro Exodus
    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • Splinter Cell
    • Battlefield V
    • Madden
    • Anthem
    • Elder Scrolls 6

    They have a previous track record apparently with leaking the Xbox One X name while it was still called Scorpio.

    The article supposedly has more information but Rectify says that they are encountering server issues so the site is offline right now.

    EDIT: Marketing rights basically means the games will have Xbox advertising on them and will likely be shown on their E3 stage running on Xbox One X.

    MOD EDIT 2:

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    So long as I can play them elsewhere it's whatever
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    Battlefield 5

    Modern it is?
  4. ilikesanta

    ilikesanta Member

    Seem like solid gets for them
  5. ~Fake

    ~Fake Member

  6. Cess007

    Cess007 Member

    Wait, there's a new Splinter Cell coming? WHAT? Was that known?

    All the Ads and promotion will only be displayed on and for the Xbox
  7. Chromanin

    Chromanin Member

    Marketing rights? What's that exactly?
  8. Shiba

    Shiba Member

    Ooooh sounds solid.

    Advertising by Microsoft for ads and stuff. If any these are gonna be shown at E3 you’d bet they will appear in Microsoft’s conference.
  9. Rhaknar

    Rhaknar Member

    will they finally announce BL3 at E3 then? I would totally day 1 that right about now, I absolutely loved Pre-Sequel (thats right, I said, I said it, what? what? Ill fight you!)
  10. Coolduderedux

    Coolduderedux Member

    Stealth Splinter Cell confirmation.
  11. PSOreo

    PSOreo Member

    Did I miss the official confirmation of a new Splinter Cell? Not surprised about the Cyberpunk since CD Projekt have always been cosey with Microsoft.
  12. Van Bur3n

    Van Bur3n Member

    That's what I was thinking. When did this happen?

    Also, those are some pretty big names. Like really big.
  13. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

    it's already leaked twice in the last 30 days ;)
  14. Saint-14

    Saint-14 Member

    We already knew most of those.
  15. Bhonar

    Bhonar Member

    What does "marketing rights" mean in this context??

    Like the logo on ads or intro videos, etc?
  16. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    Most of these people could’ve guessed so it makes sense.
  17. Mr.Deadshot

    Mr.Deadshot Member

    Last rumors I heard were WW2 - what makes sense coming from Battlefield 1.
  18. Mazzle

    Mazzle Member

    1st post nails it
  19. ps3ud0

    ps3ud0 Member

    I can't see how
    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • Splinter Cell
    • Madden
    • Anthem
    Weren't shoe-ins anyway

    ps3ud0 8)
  20. diablos991

    diablos991 Member


    This means we’ll see proper Xbone X footage. I hate the Sony deals that only show Pro footage of multiplats since they aren’t running on the most powerful console hardware.

    diablos991 8)
  21. DumpsterJuice

    DumpsterJuice Member

    3rd party marketing contracts have always been strange to me. Why in the hell would I want to market a 3rd party game? The only games I want to market are my exclusives; my company games. Let them market their own stuff. Guess that's why I am wasn't a marketing major or business major.
  22. 真棒!

    真棒! Member

    I imagine if they got the marketing rights for it now, surely that means Cyberpunk isn't that far off?
  23. Brhoom

    Brhoom Member

    Runnning ads showing the game being played on an Xbox.
  24. Damn Silly

    Damn Silly Member

    It's the Xbox logo and slogan that will be seen with the game in advertisements and the like.
  25. DarthWalden

    DarthWalden Member

    Marketing deals do not excite me in anyway
  26. Chromanin

    Chromanin Member

    OK, sounds like what Sony did with Monster Hunter World.
  27. Rychu

    Rychu Member Original Poster

    Not officially confirmed by Ubisoft, but Ubisoft has an Amazon page up called “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 2018” for the past month.
  28. JMY86

    JMY86 Member

    Good for MS! They can thank Scorpio for it but fuck it. Go get em Phil...
  29. Xumbrega

    Xumbrega Member

    Curious Starfield wasn't mentioned as well, at least in the headline.
  30. space_nut

    space_nut Member

    MS E3 is going to be lit :)
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    Yep. Cyberpunk is the only one I'm interested in.
  32. IDreamOfHime

    IDreamOfHime Member

    What does MS get out of this? They pay to advertise the game and it then probably goes on to sell more on the other system.
    I can't think of many (if any) games Sony did this for last gen.
    Seems like only a good idea if you're the company in the lead or at the start of a gen when it's a neck and neck race.
  33. HStallion

    HStallion Member

    I'm guessing Sony's stable of recent, current and upcoming first party games is becoming the bigger focus for their marketing and they aren't going after these third party deals as hard.
  34. Madness

    Madness Member

    They were bound to reverse course. Not only did nothing pan out for them post 2013 with their focus on first party IP, but they essentially just gave Sony Call of Duty, and other franchises on a silver platter. When Bungie becames more known with PS4 you know you dun goofed. No real major first party games, loss of third party support and things like Cod World League using playstations. Things like Destiny, Call of Duty, Battelfront and so many more were Sony marketed.

    I hate timed exclusivity, so I hope Sony peeps get the same content day one even though I would read posts about how it just feels right for Spyro to get one year exclusivity. In the end we're all gamers. Xbox owners had to wait a year to get certain strikes in content starved vanilla Destiny etc. Cyberpunk is a big one though after the success of Witcher 3, especially with Xbox One X going to be the best looking console version. Hopefully this means cheaper Xbox One X bundles and deals and possibly new designs.
  35. Rychu

    Rychu Member Original Poster

    Commercials will have Xbox advertising and the games will likely be shown on Microsoft’s E3 stage running on Xbox One X.
  36. Celcius

    Celcius Member

    If the games aren't going to be exclusive to xbox then why even do this?
  37. BoxManLocke

    BoxManLocke Member

    Some of those were definitely expected, but good gets anyway, especially if they carry on to next gen's installments of these franchises.
  38. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher The Abominable Showman Moderator

    All of these seem fairly likely, especially if Sony is retaining marketing rights to Star Wars stuff, Call of Duty and Destiny for the foreseeable future. Even if it's not true, it's pretty much the most obvious conclusion to draw given the state of the industry at the moment.

    Also, OP, please put Rumor in your thread title if you're posting about a rumor with no evidence beyond some random site.
  39. Graciaus

    Graciaus Member

    Does that mean footage of borderlands 3 is coming out soon?

    THEVOID Member

    Because it creates a association with your product and exclusive content and such.
  41. Surface of Me

    Surface of Me Member

    You'd be surprised. Some if they see Xbox or Playstation on the commercial will assume it's only on that console. Other than that it keeps your brand out there and associated with popular titles.
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    Well, they certainly know their market.

    Nothing says Middle class white american male between 18-35 better than this list.
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    Splinter Cell? LETS GO
  44. Ctlead

    Ctlead Member

    So does this mean Borderlands 3 will be at E3?
  45. okayfrog

    okayfrog Member

    Next-gen's comin' soon then, eh?
  46. sredgrin

    sredgrin Member

    Because it still helps sell copies on their systems (and thus systems themselves). Hell with the right marketing many more casual fans end up thinking X game is only on Y platform.
  47. Dabi3

    Dabi3 Member

    Madden will be huge.
  48. Bhonar

    Bhonar Member

    Ok makes sense.

    Then if that's the only things, I don't care and they can do that. As long as the PC versions launch at the same time.
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    I believe it. sounds about right.
  50. Falchion

    Falchion Member

    Damn they're going big!
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