Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is SP only, not developed by Raven Software

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by poklane, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. poklane

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    Via CharlieIntel:

    Update: Eurogamer sources have said this is true as well
    Update 2: Jason Schreier (from Kotaku) also confirms this rumor (thanksBrucey for posting this)
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    Why bother??? Like I enjoyed the campaign but it’s not he reason why I bought the game at all.
  3. thekonamicode

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    I did love that Burger King level ...
  4. New Fang

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    This would be incredibly dumb if true. For many COD fans this was the best COD multiplayer game.
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    Bleh. No wonder it was $25. Which is still expensive but it makes sense
  6. Get_crazy

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  7. Frox

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    I just want MW2 to be remade with the same graphics as MW Remastred.

    The gulag mission would look so amazing.

  8. Conkerkid11

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    The biggest beef people had with MW1 Remastered was how they dealt with the multiplayer.

    They'd just ruin it.
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    Spec-Ops?? They have to include Spec-Ops );
  10. Heromanz

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    What's the Goddamn point then.
  11. Rocco

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    They wouldn't dare.
  12. Xer0

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    "Let's take the multiplayer out of the most popular console multiplayer franchise ever."

    An astoundingly stupid idea.
  13. Cronogear

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    I really don't see the point of selling a remaster of MW2 without the multiplayer. Who would buy that?

    Maybe as a bonus packed in with another game?
  14. Kyoufu

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    Makes sense that they wouldn't want to split the COD MP player base. They'd want as many people playing the game with microtransactions instead.
  15. Feral Gingy

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  16. madman1370

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    No way they would do something this stupid... i simply cannot believe it.
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    Reminds me of Halo CEA. Why even do this if you aren't including the multiplayer?
  18. Kthulhu

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    MW2s multiplayer sucked but the campaiwas awesome. I'd totally buy it.
  19. EvilChameleon

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    This explains so much. And is a very dumb move. I guess they know people would just play the multiplayer and not buy Black Ops 4 or any game after that ever again.
  20. lazerfox

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    That's funny. I have played hundreds of hours of MW2 on the 360. Never finished the campaign whatsoever...
  21. jorgejjvr

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    What we care about is the multi player..
  22. Lost

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    This would be the biggest failure in history LMAO
  23. Alienous

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    Seems quite pointless.
  24. Jawmuncher

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    Makes sense to me. There’s already MW1 remastered and they’re getting to a point of too many people sticking to just one games MP and not always going to the newest entry.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more people are playing MW1 remastered than infinity warfare for example.
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    Single player only? So you won’t remaster he best MP in the series? Piss off, activision. More like Whacktivision.
  26. TheLionsDen

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    The rumored price point makes a lot more sense now.

    One would be better off just getting it off Redbox for a couple days or so.
  27. jorgejjvr

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    I would be okay with multi player only. But not this.
  28. poklane

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    It honestly makes sense to me, releasing a full MW2 Remaster in the middle of the year is a great way to ensure that WWII's playerbase and DLC sales take a huge hit and could obviously negatively impact BO4's sales. Why buy BO4 later this year if you're still having lots of fun with MW2R?
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    How much are they asking for it? Or will they, rather.
  30. Strafer

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    Great. Multiplayer is not my cup of tea.
  31. DMVfan123

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    I refuse to believe this
  32. SheriffMcDuck

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    My most played MP game of all time so if it's not included, I'm out.
  33. nasirum

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    Wut? The MW2 multi is what I was hoping for from this.

    Disappoint is me.
  34. Mórríoghain

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    Oh boy, can't wait to defend Burger Town!
  35. Whompa

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    I enjoyed the single player far more than the multiplayer so i'm fine with that.
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    Only way I could buy that is if it maybe has Call of Duty Online's multiplayer for western audiences.
  37. Platy

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    I vastly prefer the singleplayer to the multiplayer in COD games.

    That said, it makes much more sense to release a mp only remaster if you are going to take something out =P
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    Lmao they played it safe and just are doing the SP alone

  39. TheWickedSoul

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    if this is true, they must be confident in Black Ops 4.
  40. Xer0

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    I mean, if you aren't going to release a game that's better than an old one, why are you even bothering to develop it? That kind of thinking just makes me feel like they don't have faith in BO4.
  41. ViciousDS

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    biggest troll move in history if its just singleplayer
  42. SixelAlexiS

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    Good, MW2 single player is the best CoD evah, and the MP is actually the first one that ruined the MP of the series with all that crap.

    p.s. damn if the Platinum was hard, and I played the co-op TWO times, one online with a friend and another time in split screen with my brother :0
  43. JehutyRunner

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    It'd be better if they just included the CoD4 MP and just remade the MW2 maps for it.
  44. MELLO

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  45. ShinUltramanJ

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    Seems like this will be a bonus in a bundle with Blops 4. Makes sense that there’s no multiplayer included as they want you playing the new multiplayer.
  46. RedSwirl

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    Makes sense. Maybe they don't wanna split the multipalyer player base between that and this year's COD multiplayer. It would make even more sense if MW2R, like MWR, was at least initially launched packaged with this year's COD.

    You gotta think of it in terms of live-service games. Activision doesn't want two competing, very similar live-service games in the same year. At this point the campaign is basically just a single piece of content in the live service. Making a COD game with just one MP mode but more than one story campaign makes sense if you ask me.
  47. Mass Effect

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    oh boy! time to bring back this oldie!


    I never understood why. The game is a hilariously unbalanced mess. From zero-recoil weapons, to one man army, to tac knives, to heartbeat sensor, to akimbo shotguns. It was ridiculous.

    Or maybe that's precisely why? Admittedly, it was fun running around with troll loadouts.
  48. Joeyro

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    Like Activision wouldn't add microtransactions like they did to MWR.
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    Tbh they probably would've ruined it with microtransactions like they did with MWR

    And they probably would've made you rebuy the map packs. Again.
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    My reaction perfectly.
  51. Kawaii

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    Music to my ears! Now I wait for a discounted bundle of both (SP) MW1 and 2 remastered and i'm set. I love those damn campaigns, it's like playing an action movie.