Rumor: New Fable and Perfect Dark in Development, FH4 Set in Japan | Halo, "Mech", CD3 and More

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Oct 25, 2017
From the "Microsoft Studios (& Partners) Current and Future Landscape" thread. Klobrille's posts are starting to get traction on different threads/sites so figured it was worth surfacing in it's own thread.

Context first:

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At this point the admins can't verify if the post made by Klobrille in this thread is accurate. However, the user has shared that they posted a similar amount of information a couple of years ago that turned out to be true.

That does not mean we can verify that they are telling the truth or that their information is accurate in this case. As always, the member takes full responsibility for what they post.

I'll defer to the posts the user made on this topic.

I never stated anything about insider or stuff like that. Don’t call me something I never stated. I’m just a gamer like you who expects his first child within the next 10 days. That’s all.

Again. I have nothing for verification as my personality has nothing to do with this. It’s a technical thing which I know some things about. All I can do is to prove that I’m the same guy who found out the stuff 2 years ago.
For anyone wondering about Klobrille's previous dump from the Xbox API :
He got everything right but Battletoads, in fact the AOE rumour and Phantom Dust got proven this year.
And the rumors themselves.

I would love to revisit Albion. Project name could be Wisdom. An UK Studio should do it.

I would love to play around with Ms. Dark again. The Coalition should definitely help if it’s a 3rd person game. I mean ... Not them alone obviously.

I would also love to play the Crackdown 3 campaign in 4-player coop.

I would love playing Forza with the rising sun on the Horizon.

I would love to play AoE4 soon ... But it‘s probably super early.

I would love to have a really high player-count (connections per session) for Xbox biggest franchise.

Oh and I think I‘m sure Phil likes Mechs.

I‘m sure they have things I have no fucking clue about what they mean.

I doubt I get anything for Conker, Banjo or Crimson Skies in the foreseeable future.

Make out of that what you want. I don’t know what is just a prototype etc. I would definitely love to see those things happening though.
One last correction because I will close my setup soon: at least two different and unknown game IDs with Halo found. I have an idea about what they might be, but this is too vague. So I speculate: two different Halo games.
I don't think Halo with go Battle Royal to be honest. Just with connected sessions or file names I have no chance to find that out - but it's really just a personal speculation that they would rather build open Warzone and simply make it bigger and more epic.

Btw I never said Mech Assault. I found files that clearly represent a mech game. Could be Mech Assault. Could be Mech Commander. Could be BattleTech for Xbox. Something like that. I don't know guys, sry. It's not like I can find folders with simply "Mech Assault" - if it would be only that easy ... :D Everything is just numbers and some file names were you can detect a Warthog as an example

We all know what The Coalition is doing. It's obvious - they are here for the Gears franchise. I think they have a small team helping with the Dark project as a disclaimer file name suggests though.


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Oct 25, 2017
I’ve been screaming Forza Horizon: Tokyo Drift from the rooftops since FH2 came out.

Do it, Playground.


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Oct 24, 2017
I don't think this needs a thread. It's already being discussed in the Microsoft first party thread and the statement I put out explicitly says none of it has been verified.
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