Rumor: New Fable and Perfect Dark in Development, FH4 Set in Japan | Halo, "Mech", CD3 and More

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dancrane212, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. Dancrane212

    Dancrane212 Member Original Poster

    From the "Microsoft Studios (& Partners) Current and Future Landscape" thread. Klobrille's posts are starting to get traction on different threads/sites so figured it was worth surfacing in it's own thread.

    Context first:

    Mod Position
    And the rumors themselves.

  2. MELLO

    MELLO Member

    That man is Ntkrnl lol
  3. hwarang

    hwarang Member

    What's FH 4? Forza Horizon?
  4. Dancrane212

    Dancrane212 Member Original Poster

    I would love playing Forza with the rising sun on the Horizon.

  5. PaypayTR

    PaypayTR Banned Member

    Horizon is gonna fatigue.
  6. #6
    Fable, Perfect Dark, and Mech Assault (or whatever the mech game is) would be awesome.

    Some good variety.
  7. Kenzodielocke

    Kenzodielocke Member

    A new Fable would be a big Fuck You.
  8. Silfer

    Silfer Member

    Man I'll never forget thatt Ntkrnl leak.
  9. Oluasc

    Oluasc Be more dog! Member

    No KI2 mention? :(
    Perfect Dark TPS <3
    Halo Warzone 2.0 <3
    FH4 Japan <3
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  11. Luchashaq

    Luchashaq Member

    It's hard to imagine a less appealing revival than a new perfect dark.
  12. Mesoian

    Mesoian Member

    IMO: These are not the games Microsoft needs right now.
  13. Neptonic

    Neptonic Member

  14. Shiba

    Shiba Member

    Perfect Dark and that Mech game would be good if this is true.
  15. Serene

    Serene Community Resettler Member

    I’ve been screaming Forza Horizon: Tokyo Drift from the rooftops since FH2 came out.

    Do it, Playground.
  16. Magwik

    Magwik Member

    Didn't the "big" Xbox dump happen around the same time of year as well? This is absolutely a controlled leak in response to the Engadget article it seems.
  17. Cess007

    Cess007 Member

    Keep Perfect Dark as a FPS :(
  18. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    I don't think this needs a thread. It's already being discussed in the Microsoft first party thread and the statement I put out explicitly says none of it has been verified.
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