RUMOR: Nintendo Direct January 2018 (Thanks EA)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by AAMARMO, Nov 30, 2017.

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    AAMARMO Self Requested Ban Member Original Poster

  2. MrValtor

    MrValtor Member

    "tbc", so it's really just speculation on their part.
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  4. Raijinto

    Raijinto Member

    I was about to ask in that other thread if this was thread worthy. Let's have a nice speculation-filled discussion here for 2 months eh? :)
  5. JimJamJones

    JimJamJones Member

    I think the TBC refers to the actual day in January
  6. Gambit

    Gambit Member

    not unexpected, but awesome.

    Also what a way to reveal it, lol
  7. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

    Time to hope for Animal Crossing Switch.
  8. Bandage

    Bandage Member

    Probably on their 2018 line up, the paid online service and the Metroid Prime 4 demo.
  9. 10k

    10k Member

    Finally good support from EA.
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    I think the tbc refers to the actual day not the month
  11. Iriscomeback

    Iriscomeback Member

    lol, well done EA.

    Smash reveal!
  12. Datajoy

    Datajoy Member

    Detective ERA comes through!
  13. Burdmayn

    Burdmayn Member

    Hell yeah! We pretty much knew that something was coming in December or January but this just helps nail it down. Give me more sweet information on Switch games Ninty. You now own 90% of my gaming time.
  14. Maxime

    Maxime Member

    At least, some good news from EA in 2017.
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    . . .
  16. Joseki

    Joseki Member

    EA confirms water is wet.
  17. TreIII

    TreIII Member

    I'm thinking this one is gonna be big. Even if Ninty themselves focus more immediately on things like Yoshi and Kirby, this would pretty much be the ideal opportunity for third parties to show what they got.

    I'm ready~
  18. cw_sasuke

    cw_sasuke Member

    Everyone is expecting one for January.
    It will be big because it will feature OS level stuff and their online/vc/subscription system.
    Games will be there as well obv.
  19. RoboPlato

    RoboPlato Member

    This wasn't announced? I've seen people talking about a January Direct for a while now.
  20. Crow Pudding

    Crow Pudding Member

    Not UBI this time...
  21. GasProblem

    GasProblem Member

    I need some AC Switch info.
  22. Astrot

    Astrot Member

    There were rumors but no confirmation
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    So Nintendo might be continuing the idea of revealing more of their lineup in January again.
    Can't wait to see what they have as well as the announced stuff as well.
  24. Bandage

    Bandage Member

    It was just expected because they often lay out their lineup for the year in January or February.
  25. OnionPowder

    OnionPowder Member

    Just assumed. They've done it before and there's a lot of unknowns regarding 2018 still.
  26. Raijinto

    Raijinto Member

    It still hasn't been announced, hence the 'whoops'. The speculation was so rampant because it was always very, very likely to happen.
  27. MrValtor

    MrValtor Member

    Because we've had one a few times now as it's the perfect time to show people some of the 2018 lineup while still keeping stuff for E3.
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    Not expecting much from EA though.
  29. DPT120

    DPT120 Member

    That's just speculation. As of now, Nintendo doesn't have many games announced for 2018, so they need a Direct for that. Having a Direct in January 2018 makes sense.
  30. frankabus

    frankabus Member

    Sort of saw it coming, but always good to have confirmation!
  31. Cudpug

    Cudpug Member

    'Influencers' and 'sustain indie love' being on strategic documents makes me giggle a bit.

    FE has lovely visuals, hope its gameplay is inventive!
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    I’m hopeful for the January direct. Should be an annual thing.

    Hoping for Smash DX announcement, Yoshi and Kirby release dates, Animal Crossing or Pikmin and gameplay teaser of one: MP or Pokémon.

    Along with a shit ton of third party announcements
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    Pikmin 4 and smash Switch has got to be ready to go at this point.
  34. RoboPlato

    RoboPlato Member

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks guys! I haven't really followed directs much.
  35. Forkball

    Forkball Member

    We all expected a January Direct, but it’s nice to see one game confirmed. FE looks impressive.
  36. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    How do we know this isn't fabricated? Any new assets here? I don't follow these games so I wouldn't know.
  37. SamAlbro

    SamAlbro Member

    There usually is one, and it's typically one of the bigger non-E3 Directs of the year.
  38. NeonBlack

    NeonBlack Member

    Trying to win us over.
  39. Nord501

    Nord501 Member

    Excellent. Hoping for some info on Nintendo's paid online service. Also maybe a surprise Mother 3 confirmation but that's less likely.
  40. Nathan.exe

    Nathan.exe Member

    I'm shocked
  41. Altered

    Altered Member

    Going to need dat smo dlc announcement asap


    That's the smell of rushed and cut content
  42. Johnny

    Johnny Member

    I need Smash Nintendo. It's the only card I can pull out of my sleeve to interrupt a boring FIFA session with my friends.

    DXB-KNIGHT Member

    E Oooops
  44. Joseki

    Joseki Member

    Reggie said they would talk about their 2018 plans after the holidays, so everyone just assumed a January Direct.
  45. Tesser

    Tesser Member

    I haven't been keeping track, but when was the last time a Direct was all-but-confirmed in this manner? One of the little things I like about them is Nintendo's seemingly last-minute "oh yeh, Nintendo Direct this week kthxbai" manner at which they announce them and offer a nice surprise for that week.
  46. Spades

    Spades Member

    Not really. Was posted on Reddit.
  47. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief Member

    This year's January event iirc
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    Show me Fire Emblem!
  49. supershort

    supershort Permanently banned for having an alt account Member

    The best thing EA has done all year. All is forgiven.
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    Has hell frozen over or something? Who'd have ever thought that EA would leak a Nintendo Direct?
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