RUMOR: Nintendo Direct January 2018 (Thanks EA)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by AAMARMO, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. guek

    guek Member

    Who the fuck are yo- oh shit, it's Vern
  2. [​IMG]

    RROCKMAN Member

  4. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    Forgot metroid Prime 4: the baby’s bottle. Fake
  5. Jahranimo

    Jahranimo Community Resettler Member

    Awwwwwwwww shit!

    *Ahem* I mean, "Hmm, sounds intriguing. I guess I'll keep a respectable expectation for it."
  6. "Shake to doubt faster" omg, I'm fucking dead.
  7. amazing
  8. Nintex

    Nintex Banned Member

    Nintendo wants to keep the Switch train rolling. They're pulling out all the stops. I expect the January event will be much like the original unveiling. The announcement of their entire strategy for the year, including a teaser/trailer of Metroid Prime 4 (which could also debut at the TGA's), updates on games already known such as Yoshi and Kirby, new third party announcements and new projects waiting in the wings next year. The big question is if they manage to squeeze in a release for January/February or start to load their guns in March again like this year.
  9. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    I definitely think it’s possible.

    I think Nintendo just wanted to confirm it’s being worked on so Switch owners wouldn’t have backlash against Samus Returns when it was revealed. And they didn’t want to completely show it off in order to keep the focus on Odyssey and other 2017 games.

    I’m definitely thinking they will have something to show of the game.
  10. karmitt

    karmitt Member

    Who is this Vern character?

    Also, hype...I think?
  11. TimeFire

    TimeFire Member

    TvC HD would actually be hype.
  12. Pandy

    Pandy Member

    Mario is a little off in this, but Cappy is amazing.
  13. He's the guy who leaked L.A. Noire for Switch and the recent September Direct IIRC.
  14. FromAshesRise

    FromAshesRise Member

    If you honestly think that EA would randomly speculate when Nintendo will have a direct in what looks like official PR collateral that probably gets circulated to management, then you’re out of your mind dude.
  15. HNNNNG

    Now i need to change pants


    My dream game is a Zelda made by Ninty-Monolith-Platinum.

    Zelda aesthetic and puzzles
    monolith exploration, world, secrets, towns
    Platinum combat depth and fun

    make it happen nintendo
  16. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member

    They were pretty much finsihed with SMO even when it got announced first, so nah, that's not the smell of rushed and cut content, just the one of wishful thinking ;P.
  17. MetalLord

    MetalLord Member

    Do you live in canada ?
  18. byDoS

    byDoS Member

  19. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member

  20. byDoS

    byDoS Member

    Vern are we gonna freak out over the "new team" responsible for Prime 4? Or should we be worried?
  21. Vern

    Vern Member

    No. Why?
  22. MetalLord

    MetalLord Member

    Oh dont mind, just a federation force joke
  23. MP4 being in a state to show would be a pleasant surprise.

    I figured it was a SMT x FE style announcement of “here’s what we’re gonna start soon, please be excited.”
  24. I thought you were insinuating that Eidos Montreal was making MP4.
  25. Xiao Hu

    Xiao Hu Member

    Woop, woop, it's Vern. 好久不见, buddy!
  26. TheDinoman

    TheDinoman Member

    I'd be kinda surprised if Odyssey got DLC. I just don't think the 3D Mario team feels really strongly about that practice. 3D Land and 3D World didn't receive anything, and this was the same era where the 2D Mario games (NSMB2 and NSMBU) both got proper DLC support and expansion packs.

    I'd imagine they'll probably just jump to the next 3D Mario (Hopefully Odyssey 2), or some smaller project in between like Captain Toad.
  27. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    Oh damn a Vern sighting! Thanks for the info!

    He's basically batting 1.000 on a whole host of Switch related leaks, everything he's said so far has been accurate except possibly Steep for Switch being cancelled.

    So yeah, get hype, but he said he has no idea if they will show it, just that it's in a state to be shown. That suggests a 2018 release is back on the table but I'm still a bit doubtful.
  28. Vern

    Vern Member

  29. I’m 100% with you on this.
  30. Dekuman

    Dekuman Member

    Guys keep expectations in check. Realistically. 1st half 2018 releases plus a few longer term teases is all I expect. Gotta leave room for E3 and other directs
  31. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member

    Dude... don't do this to me. Oh my fucking god.

    I mean one doesn't exclude the other.
    Vern please...
  32. byDoS

    byDoS Member

    My God, I'm FUCKING EXCITED with Vern's post.
    The mere possibility of a Prime game for next year got me hype af
  33. Vern

    Vern Member

    A few things haven’t panned out. But like I always said, things can change... I’d say I’m batting .980 or so.
  34. Mariolee

    Mariolee Member

    Did not expect an MP4 tease in this thread. What am I supposed to do with my life now until it's revealed?
  35. FZZ

    FZZ Member

    We finally about to get that Migos x Switch collab we've all been waiting for

    Culture 2 otw
  36. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    That's still a hall of fame average :)
  37. brainchild

    brainchild Member

    Oh my God my expectations are going to be so unreasonable come January. Did your mate comment on the state of the visuals in any technical sense (does it have graphics up to standard)?
  38. byDoS

    byDoS Member

    J FUCKING MON, my dude
  39. Skies

    Skies Member

    Vern's mate seeing MP4 makes me think it is being developed by an external team that is NOT in Japan. I wouldn't think MP4 would be far enough along for Nintendo's localization branches to have their hands on it, and most of Vern's previous leaks seem to be related to western titles.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  40. Wally_Wall

    Wally_Wall Member

    What the hell is up with Pikmin 4? My son is gonna lose it when it's announced. He has been waiting so long.
  41. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member


    If there's one game that should have them it's that game. They should aim for the same timeless artstyle Retro has gone with the first time. If they go with the same structure of rooms loading between doors (Which they need for item progression/gating anyway) I can see it looking spectacular.
  42. byDoS

    byDoS Member

    And his friend usually leak Take Two stuff....
  43. Hermii

    Hermii Member

    There’s always a January direct.

    Also they’re never announced more than a few days in advance.
  44. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    Way before it was announced I said it would be cool if id was developing it, since DOOM gave me great MP vibes. I can't think of a better Western non-Retro developer for the series to be honest.

    Maybe Arkane?

    Could he perhaps have multiple friends?
  45. Vern

    Vern Member

    Just don’t cut off my head and freeze me like Ted Williams.
  46. Arkane and id were bounced around after Bethesda’s Switch games got revealed.
  47. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member

    I fear that's unavoidable if you're wrong. Let's make this an ERA tradition.

    It's just... I like the leveldesign of Doom, but all the jazz that's in Prime like morphball/spiderball puzzles and general item progression is just not there. Also I liked Prime's bossfights way more. Not sure if they can pull it off but I'd be pleasently surprised ofc.
  48. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    No promises but I'll do my best.

    Although I'd think if someone were to cut off your head you'd probably prefer it to be frozen, no?

    Yeah I think then being on board with Skyrim got me thinking about that.
  49. byDoS

    byDoS Member

    Remember Pete Hines:

  50. [​IMG]
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