Rumor: Pokemon Switch is Currently Being Localized

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Zippo, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Zippo

    Zippo Member Original Poster

    Potentially big news.

  2. Servbot24

    Servbot24 Member

    Is localization usually done later in development?
  3. DecoReturns

    DecoReturns Member

    A console Pokémon game for the Switches second year would be something.
  4. Zippo

    Zippo Member Original Poster

    From what I know, yes.
  5. --R

    --R Member

    That would be great.
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    That 20m switch goal this year seeming more likely...
  7. Lazrgatr

    Lazrgatr Member

    I'd get hyped but pokemon SM was a letdown for me.

    For all we know the game will be DP 2.0 and suffer from horrible slowdowns due to gamefreak's technical incompetence.
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    Time to reset the clock?
  9. Anth0ny

    Anth0ny Member

    almost like it'll be out in november and the big switch game for the holidays

  10. KZXcellent

    KZXcellent Member

    Interesting. Either they are dead set on getting this out 2018 or they are locking in the script?
  11. louisacommie

    louisacommie Member

    Dolphin pokemanz plz
    Though I should have asked when the game was way earlier in development.
  12. udivision

    udivision Member


    I really would prefer 2019 but I guess it doesn't really matter eitherway.
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    Hmmm interesting. E3 direct bombshell? Or sooner?
  14. Aokiji

    Aokiji Member

    Pokémon is obv their big e3 news. What else would it be?
  15. Gaardus

    Gaardus Member

    Dang, maybe it really is coming in 2018.

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  16. Viking Jesus

    Viking Jesus Member

    Theoretically it can't be done until the bulk of the game is done, at least content-wise, so yeah I'd say so.
  17. TheFireman

    TheFireman Member

    I have no doubts Pokemon will be the star of E3 if it comes out this year, but remember that Odyssey and BotW were both shown off before their E3. I don't doubt Pokemon will be as well.
  18. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz Member

    same. with voice acting
  19. tiebreaker

    tiebreaker Member

    Getting a new Pokemon so early makes me skeptical that GF would do anything disruptive for their first title on Switch. Seems like more of the same.
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    I mean I wouldn't doubt it, they said 2018 or later.
    You mean suffer from horrible slowdown due to the 3DS's terrible specs??? 3DS Pokemon games run like shit because they are pushing models with very high poly counts. Nothing Gamefreak can do about that.
  21. DecoReturns

    DecoReturns Member

    Ususally yeah.

    I remember it was one of the reasons some started to believe Xenoblade 2 would hit this year, because Info like this was coming out as well.
  22. FusionNY

    FusionNY Member

    Yeah, 2018 seems like a lock now. I really wanna see Gamefreak's first foray into AAA console development.
  23. Dmax3901

    Dmax3901 Member

    Would line up for an E3 2018 reveal I guess.
  24. Pandy

    Pandy Member

    This isn't unrealistic, but the tight turnaround from Sun/Moon & Ultra S/M makes me think this will be a smaller progression from those games than I would have liked for the first Switch entry.

    Still means a good/great game is coming our way sooner rather than later, though, so I'm not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth.
  25. Novel Mike

    Novel Mike Member

    If they actually get a real Pokemon game out on Switch this year that would be crazy, that 20 mil may end up being a conservative goal and yes I know that sounds crazy but its god damn Pokemon the sky is the limits if they make a game on the quality of Zelda and Mario with that IP.
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    Pokemon Switch is this year.
  27. Aokiji

    Aokiji Member

    That’s true, but Pokémon is a much bigger entity that both Zelda & even Mario.
  28. TemplaerDude

    TemplaerDude Member

    Pokemon coming out this year would be bonkers.
  29. FoXR

    FoXR Member

    Placaje for everyone
  30. tomofthepops

    tomofthepops Member

    I kinda wish they would have taken more time. I feel were just getting a higher resolution typical Pokemon game, not the console game we've always wanted.
  31. Lord of Ostia

    Lord of Ostia Member

    Yup, don't expect a huge overhaul.
  32. AlexFlame116

    AlexFlame116 Member

    Okay I'm pretty surprised by this. They're about to work in localization already??? Is production that far ahead?

    Or it could be D/P remakes for Switch. As a peace offering for extended time while they continue to work on the next mainland game.
  33. KoolAid

    KoolAid Member

    So that would mean like December/January 2019? But yeah, don't expect this gen to be revolutionary tech wise, they'll probably use the same engine as the 3DS game but in HD
  34. ASaiyan

    ASaiyan Member

    They really are rushing this out for the holidays :/. Oh well, maybe Gen 9 will innovate and take full advantage of the Switch, lol.
  35. Aleh

    Aleh Member

    To me Pokémon games have always been on par with many home console games (from hardware with similar capabilities) in terms of scope and content. Sun and Moon would not feel out of place as GameCube games.
  36. Cinemikel

    Cinemikel Member

    God I hope they're not rushing this game to market. Polish that crap and make sure it's not a disappointment for the first ever mainline console Pokemon game and first ever HD Pokemon
  37. LightKiosk

    LightKiosk Member

    Release it in November with massive Switch restocks to get ready for the Black Friday/Christmas shopping, and that 20M becomes realistic.

    Even if it is a small step compared to the huge overhaul people expect, it's Pokemon on the Switch and people will eat it up.
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    Nintendo said they would but I didn't believe them.

    I'm worried about the quality now though.
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    Eh, we don’t know how long it’s been in development. I wouldn’t be surprised if it started development 2-3 years ago.
  40. Serenitynow

    Serenitynow Member

    This might be a stupid question, but why would it be a minimum 6 month contract potentially starting in June if we presume the game is scheduled for release 5 months later in November?
  41. Madao

    Madao Member

    either this game was in development for a lot longer than anyone thought or it will be a super minimal upgrade over the previous gen (basically, SM in HD as far as graphics go) or they're introducing only 50-60 new Pokemon this time, seeing how the last 2 gens introduced around 70 each. seems the time of 100+ new monsters per gen is truly done.

    or Retro was the one making it along Gamefreak all along.
  42. Jpop

    Jpop Member

    The plot thickens.
  43. TheFireman

    TheFireman Member

    Yeah, that'll be a bummer if it's not a big evolution. The series has felt incredibly stagnant for a while now. I didn't particularly like any of the 3DS games much.
  44. pokéfan

    pokéfan Member

    Never doubted a 2018 release, this just pretty much confirms it.

    Aboard the hype train.

    The real Question is when is the announcement coming.
  45. 9-Volt

    9-Volt Member

    If this is a new gen, I expect a March teaser reveal (just names, logos, starters and legendaries) and updates every subsequent month.

    If this is a remake, I expect a July/August full reveal with November release. Remakes don't need monthly updates.
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    Which would be a damn shame. Still adore Gen 5 for introducing 150 of the fuckers. I feel if the first HD Pokemon is an iterative one they should go all out with the Pokemon and gives us a new 150. Make it special.
  47. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    wonder if they'll do voice acting for this game. at this fidelity, and with as many close ups, it's gonna have the same issue Zelda had and Dragon Quest 11 also have

    also, leaks when?
  48. Lord Azrael

    Lord Azrael Member

    I don't see what that has to do with what they said.
  49. LewieP

    LewieP Member

    Yeah, I'm guessing this isn't going to be much more ambitious than the 3DS games, it'll probably just going to have the graphics turned up a bit, and higher resolution obv.

    A bit of a missed opportunity, I'd love to see Pokémon get a bold reinvention, much like Zelda and Mario got, but I'm sure it'll do well even if it's just a small step up from previous games.
  50. tomofthepops

    tomofthepops Member

    Being on par with a 17 year old console doesn't excite me. I want skyrim-ish world level/scope with pokemon basically.