[Rumor] Red Dead Redemption 2’s First Major Update Might Arrive Tomorrow

Oct 25, 2017
Where's the tomorrow part? I feel like something is going over my head, because tomorrow is Tuesday.

“It will be teased at some point this week, most likely monday but will definitely be launching on thursday”
Oct 28, 2018
ugh. i was hoping it was for the main game. Aiming is so terrible...and the HDR thing. I kinda dont expect them to fix these things. But man they are some big flubs. The games so tedious and i stopped playing awhile ago and haven't gone back. And everytime i think i might...i remember that it has some of the worst shooting controls ive experienced in the last 2 gens
It's been over a month without any updates, i thought they have moved on lol. Unless R* change something around SP (controls etc which is unlikely) with this update, i'm not excited at all.
I thought they were gonna fix the singleplayer issues like unresponsive controls?
Played 2 hours and it bored me to death.

I really hope this patch revamp some of the awful controls
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