Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 release date leaked by retailer?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Simo, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Simo

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    So this week someone, I believe originally on reddit, found that Danish retailer had changed their listing for RDR2 with a release date for Friday, June 8th. In the past Rockstar's releases have obviously released on Tuesdays like most titles but Friday releases have become common.

    If anything I thought it was just another placeholder, until this tweet brought up a interesting fact about the retailer..

    Sure enough, using Google-Fu and back in July 2014 the same retailer did leak the current gen ports dates for GTA V. Rockstar didn't confirm the date until 2 months later.

    Obviously back then the retailer was off by a few days for GTAV but the timeframe was correct. So what do you think ERA? I mean I was hopeful for May/June and was, well still am until Rockstar confirms it, fearing another delay to Fall 2018 so hopefully this turns out to be true!
  2. Ahasverus

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    Good timing. Summer is barren and it would dominate discussion for a long time. I'm in.
  3. janusfilmsfan

    janusfilmsfan Member

    Gah. I was hoping for sooner.
  4. Bear

    Bear Member

    Could just be a random placeholder, but man I would be stoked to have a huge game like Red Dead to play over the summer.
  5. Bedameister

    Bedameister Member

    That would be a very good date
  6. Alcântara

    Alcântara Member

    Fall 2018, certainly.

    June is the E3 month. Any game launch in june.
  7. Bronx-Man

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    Last of Us launched June 2013.
  8. Neo-Rudo

    Neo-Rudo Member

    if it wasn't for the fact they leaked the GTAV port releases i would just scream placeholder but .....
  9. ~Fake

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    Man... Still way far.
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    Seems realistic enough, although I was hoping/expecting may
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    It seems equally likely that June 8 is the planned date now and that it will still get delayed into the Fall. We are talking about R*.
  12. LewieP

    LewieP Member

    Someone double check with Brandon Jones.
  13. Ctlead

    Ctlead Member

    Not a bad date. As long as it isn't delayed to Fall, then whatever.
  14. ZeoVGM

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    Why would E3 happening one week in June have any relation to a game releasing? It happens all the time.
  15. Alcântara

    Alcântara Member

    A exception, I guess?

    I don't know. Rockstar live outside of game industry in some way. It has its own rules.
  16. chandoog

    chandoog Member

    WAY too soon. This is not coming out till Q3-Q4
  17. silva1991

    silva1991 Member

    About what I was expecting.
  18. TheGameshark

    TheGameshark Member

    I still think it gets delayed to fall.
  19. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    Isnt this coming in Spring and not in Summer?
  20. bombshell

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    Batman Arkham Knight released June 23, 2015.

    Big games can launch in June, I don't know why you think they can't.
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    Summer starts June 21
  22. Simo

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    Lol yeah I originally brushed it off as that too until their history was pointed out. Hoping it's around that time, Rockstar have been quiet again of late....
  23. Raptomex

    Raptomex Member

    Looking at Rockstar's track record, even if this is accurate, I predict a delay. It was already delayed so who knows. Rockstar is usually good about keeping things close to the chest.
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    More kids to spend summer job money on Buffalo Bucks hell yeah
  25. Alcântara

    Alcântara Member

    It's logical. Why launch a game at a time when the conversation is basically dominated by just one thing?

    Yes, of course, games can be launch in june, but but not like months like March, October, November, and others, you know?
  26. Ctlead

    Ctlead Member

    I doubt that. It's already been delayed from Fall 2017.

    If we hear nothing from Rockstar by next month then yeah, all hope is lost. :/
  27. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    Nice date but wont happen. We only got 1 delay so far of the 5.
  28. YaBish

    YaBish Member

    That would be perfect timing for me, so it probably won't be that date.
  29. Grim Patron

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  30. mindsale

    mindsale Member

    That's a believable date, but it's a just a hair too far out to be anything but a placeholder I feel.
  31. RoboPlato

    RoboPlato Member

    I was expecting it around May but this date works if it's legit. Hope we see something from the game soon.
  32. Hawkeye 131

    Hawkeye 131 Member

    Wouldn't be the least bit surprised by this, summer can be a bit dry for major releases and given the pedigree of the brand combined with the market conditions this could be huge. I mean it's Red Dead Redemption and R* for crying out loud it's going to sell like crazy no matter when it releases. R* does what R* wants.
  33. nDesh

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  34. Dick Justice

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    I guess that means 2020 for the PC version.
  35. Yerffej

    Yerffej Member

    For how long it's been gestating...naw.
  36. Scrobbles

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    I guessed May like RDR but I can buy early June
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    I'll still go for September/October at the earliest.
  38. EightBitNate

    EightBitNate Member

    Rockstar could release a game during an alien invasion and it’d still sell like gangbusters.
  39. Bond

    Bond Member

    June would make sense, as nothing releases in the Summer. I still think Rockstar Games will get delay the game for a September/October release.
  40. Septimus

    Septimus Member

    Is Red Dead Redemption 2 being worked on by the entirety of R* San Diego AND R* North? Or is North working on their next project (presumably GTA6)?
  41. Bond

    Bond Member

    Rockstar Studios. I believe it will be a combined effort
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    I was hoping May but I’d live with this.

    Let’s hope there is no final delay until fall
  43. FelipeMGM

    FelipeMGM #Skate4 Moderator

    Was guessing May but thats also a great window and my birthday (and Kanye West birthday as well) so Im gonna hope its correct
  44. Allyougame

    Allyougame Member

    Specifically, June 8th is the Friday right before E3 (June 12-14). Recall last year EA had their presentation on Saturday, with Microsoft and Bethesda choosing Sunday as well.

    As for the date itself, I don't see a problem with it. Start selling copies in the Summer, continue through the Fall and holiday seasons, keep building the online userbase. The original Red Dead Redemption launched May 18th/21st in NA/EU after all.
  45. Anth0ny

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  46. Schaft0620

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    We really need some more RD2 news.
  47. Gotdatmoney

    Gotdatmoney Member

    Red Dead Redemption launch in May. I don't know why June seems so impossible.
  48. NovaXz

    NovaXz Member

    I was figuring it would be May like the first one, but early June works as well.
  49. Karspankey

    Karspankey Member

    I'm vibrating at the thought of what gameplay will look like. I really want Microsoft to do a 4K patch for RDR to hold us off :P
  50. meppi64

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    Red Dead Redemption always felt like a summer game to me. Don't know why that actually is.
    Especially when thunderstorms and such break lose. Just the perfect atmosphere I guess.
    So I'm hoping this is correct.