[Rumor] Retailer leaks God of War release: March 22nd

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by RocknRola, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. RocknRola

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    (This is basically a post of mine from a different thread about GoW)


    Hey folks! Not quite sure whether to post this or make it a thread, however I just found something very curious today (like, 5 minutes ago even).

    My usual online retailer (here in Portugal) just updated (or at least I only noticed it today that is) their God of War release date to March 22nd:

    Now, what's interesting about this is that this particular retailer only adds specific dates like that IF they have them. Otherwise, what they'll do is something like this (it says "Spring 2018"):


    Or something even more general, more in the lines of an actual placeholder (just "2018"):



    Now, this may likely be a whole lotta nothing, but even if they were doing this based on general rumours they'd just place a "March 2018" date for it. Or even a more general "Spring 2018" like in the RDR2 example. It's odd that they'd specifically use "March 22nd 2018" for it, I've used their site for years now (literally since the PS2 days) and I can't recall a single time they've used a wrong date on purpose (delays and logistical problems have happened of course, but they're the 1st ones to inform their costumers of anything of the sort too), not when they book down a specific day at least.

    Could this be an early "leak" of the actual date?

    http://www.mega-mania.com.pt/pt/produto/4219-god-of-war-ps (<-- the link for the GoW landing page in the site, if anyone is curious).


    So, what do you guys think? Would a March release be possible?
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    I believe it.
  3. kickz

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    Seems like this would be announced if it were that close, I don't think this is ready yet
  4. Serious Sam

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    Absolutely. This looks like March game to me.
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    That would be sweet. God of War and Kirby seems like an ideal yin-yang situation.
  6. Kenzodielocke

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    I don‘t tbh.

    And OP: The PSN had 22nd for a short period.
  7. Maxey

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    Past Cure? Nunca ouvi falar desse. (Never heard of that one)
  8. Fiel

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    Yeah, this date i think is real. Several place where i live start preorder collector edition right now.
  9. FelipeMGM

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    Incoming 20 page thread just like this lol.
  11. Gxgear

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    All 3 GoW + Ascension were released in March, so it's quite possible. Bombast crew was speculating about this as well.
  12. DigitalOp

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    March just makes sense. Its a mistake to miss that date.

    And its a problem to push this past April.
  13. Plankton2

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    I've been following retail leaks a lot the last couple of months...they are incredibly unreliable
  14. Simo

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    A Sony producer told Japanese gaming press, I believe, this week that the release date would be revealed "soon". Also we didn't get God of War 3's release date until January 28th as a PS blog post announcing the release for March 16th so it's plausible.

    PSN leaked this date last month too.
  15. Derrick01

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    Didn't another retailer have it at around that time at one point too? Pretty much everyone already assumes it'll come out in late march.
  16. Ctlead

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    That's really close. Would be awesome if true, but dunno.
  17. FtheQueen

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    Nearly if not all God of War games release around March so it's either true or just a educated guess.
  18. RocknRola

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    Me neither tbh. But hey, whatever it is, they have it!
  19. spad3

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    Believable. GoW usually launches in March.

    Also, Ni No Kuni 2 launching right after GoW seems suicidal.
  20. gundamkyoukai

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    March normal date for GOW still don't see this coming out later than April .
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    That's a Thursday...
  22. MWorldII

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  23. jbug617

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    That week is packed.

    Sea of Thieves
    Yakuza 6
    God of War
  24. Simo

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    You mean Thor's Day...;)
  25. RocknRola

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    Ah, I see! I missed this. Hmm, yeah they could possibly just be using this date (as in, they could be assuming that this will be the real date, regardless of it being removed).

    Curious. There may be less smoke to this fire than what I had previously assumed!
  26. asd202

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    Yeah poor GoW.
  27. chrisPjelly

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    I suppose it does work in terms of marketing.
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    Every God of War game has come out in March hasn't it?
  30. Philippo

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    Damn, same day as Ni no Kuni?
    I don't know what to play first, on one hand i preordered NnK, but GoW seems like the kind of story heavy game full of plot twists that gets spoiled early and i want to avoid that.

    Decisions decisions
  31. Derrick01

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    Ni no kuni 2 and far cry 5 are also right around the same time too.
  32. Zukkoyaki

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    It also still lists Far Cry 5 as February even though it's been delayed. I hope this date is true but that type of error has me skeptical.
  33. ActWan

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    A few months ago there was a "leak" about the same date. I don't think it's a coincidence, but I'm still skeptic.
  34. shotgunbob04

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    March always made sense to me, but if it's true, then it begs the question: why hasn't Sony announced the date already? This seems to be one of their biggest titles for 2018, and you would think they'd want to really push the marketing for this one like they did for Uncharted 4 in 2016.
  35. Angie22

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    Only english audio and subtitles?
  36. XDevil666

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    I hope so, or would really love it. But seems a bit too close to not announce it
  37. Chrno

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  38. darkside

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    I'd be surprised if they really are releasing this in March, especially the weekend before this years mlb which is really their only consistent annual franchise they have
  39. Jacob4815

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    Please God (of war) be true!

    But I don't know.. the marketing of this game is very weird and it looks like the game is just announced, not so close to the release...
  40. RocknRola

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    Yeah, there is that too. Though, from personal experience in those cases, if we've actually made a pre-ordered they'd already sent an email by this point in time (so at least those that pre-ordered it are aware that it's coming later).
  41. Rembrandt

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    that's very fitting for a soft reboot since the first one launched ont hat date.
  42. Simo

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    Yeah it's why the date seems credible because from a marketing perspective, they could just advertise "Thor's Day, March 22nd". The date is also the anniversary of when the first game launched too.

    Again for those saying "if it's March we would of heard something by now..", here's the originally PS blog post from January 28th announcing GOW3 release date.
  43. Kaelan

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    No fucking way. Wouldn't they have to start marketing soon? It's way too close imo
  44. Zurick

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  45. Maxey

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    Games in Portugal don't usually have Portuguese dubs or subs. Although a lot of big Sony titles do come with those.
  46. Sulik2

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    Gotta get it out before the fiscal year is over.
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    Same date as the Chilie PSN store had
  48. DisturbedSwan

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    Would they really release it so close to Yakuza 6, Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves and Ni No Kuni 2? (Probably others I’m forgetting too)

    I want to believe, I’ve always thought March but it’s so ridiculously packed that I don’t understand why they wouldn’t wait until mid-April which is wide open.
  49. RocknRola

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    Being a Sony game it'll have both Dubs and Subs in PT (and a bunch of other European languages) regardless of what they put in there (though it's not wrong either, the default settings will be the English ones).
  50. Angie22

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    God of War 3 did :P

    Just like UC and Infamous.

    That's why suprised seing that not even subtitles. Seems weird