RUMOR: Sony to announce they are skipping E3 later today

would you rather sony be at E3 or holding their own PSX?

  • E3

    Votes: 1,060 45.4%
  • PSX

    Votes: 1,274 54.6%

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Aug 13, 2018
To be honest Sony should show the Playstation 5 before E3 to build more momentum.

I do however miss talking the day off if I can to watch all the conferences and chat about it. If i do not watch it live and just trailers later then it kinda loses its hype for me . specially with the crowd cheering and such.

With that being said i never attended E3 and I always watch it online so in theory it really shouldnt matter if its Live from E3 or their own conference with real crowd and not something like Apple where half of the conference is MS employees lol.

Just don't go Nintendo Direct style please. so boring. Thank you

Man, I‘m so excited
May i ask why ? just for them to annouce they are not attending E3 ? or i am missing something here?


Oct 25, 2017
We deserve an explanation for why they are taking so long to announce a cancelling that they never announced was going to happen.


Oct 25, 2017
That entire fiasco was so dumb honestly. The guy (Cornelius Boots) is actually a master of the shakuhachi flute. I found that out after the fact but his performance was pretty cool not gonna lie. A lot of people showed their ass that day lol.

I don’t think the problem was him playing the flute professionally. It was just the choice to dress like that. You do you but it’s still funny.
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