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Rumor/Speculation: Alan Wake Remaster for Switch / XB1 / PS4

T002 Tyrant

Nov 8, 2018

Edit: Sorry early post! Dropped my oat milk while writing up and hit post while catching it mid air!

- Found on LinkedIn
- Virtuous developing all versions (they helped on Quantum Break)
- Currently just counted as rumor but Doctre is almost always correct in my opinion and usually doesn't say anything without some kind of evidence to back things up (i.e LinkedIn posts)
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Oct 26, 2017
Virtous remastered a few games before like Heavy Rain and Remedy just got the IP back. So this is likely real. They do a decent job without much frills. Should be a solid one


Oct 8, 2018
i just skimmed through the video, but seems like this is speculation based on that job posting from virtuous + remedy getting the rights? its not strictly saying that its alan wake remaster, in fact the description of the job posting said remake, and i dont think alan wake's visually is so bad that its need a remake yet.


Oct 25, 2017
It wouldn't be surprising seeing as how publishing rights recently reverted to Remedy.

I would love to see Alan Wake updated with some better facial animations, textures and a little bit more enemy variety.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I'll buy this in heartbeat if true. I wish I hadn't replayed Alan Wake on the original Xbox One a few years ago.
Breakdown of Evidence


Mr. Gematsu
Oct 25, 2017
While it's entirely possible Virtuos is remastering Alan Wake for new platforms, this video seems to be a guess based on:
  • Virtuos staffer's profile listing an "unannounced 3A action adventure game remake."
  • Said profile listing mentioning "set pieces destruction."
  • Virtuos having worked with Remedy in the past.
So basically, there is nothing here to substantially say whatever Virtuos is working on is definitely Alan Wake.

Also, calling what would likely be a remaster a "remake" is odd, but it may be a language barrier issue as there are other noticeable errors in the profile's English. This is the full profile listing btw:

LinkedIn Profile said:
Unannounced 3A Action Adventure game remake
  • Leaded a 12 wo/men team including software engineers, Tech Artists and Level Designer, responsible for the game engine maintains in the project.
  • Designed the working technical process for level art production, set up assets standard with art lead and created tools/maya plugins to guarantee the execution of the technical process. Providing strong support for 3A-quality level art production.
  • Organized the level art performance working pipeline, designed and implemented the performance runtime tracker, bottleneck reporter, fault assets reporter and material stats reporter. Working with level art team closely for performance on all platforms.
  • Provide solutions for sound designers and character artists. Helped to optimize their working process. Also continuously update the working pipeline for collaboration of different team.
  • Leaded a set pieces destruction team for all destruction scene production through the entire game.
  • Upgrade the engine to support 4K on certain platforms.


Dec 28, 2017
This is way closer to speculation than rumor as it's based on some pretty loose evidence, but would be cool if Doctre is right.
It's very possible imo.


Oct 26, 2017
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I wonder if I can get that in Japan. My wife is looking for a milk alternative. On topic, I would buy this on Switch on day 1.


Alt account
Aug 24, 2019
Considering Control’s Alan Wake expansion pack, I would assume a remaster is guaranteed for new and old players to experience the first story in that world.


Oct 27, 2017
is alan wake a self contained story or does it end in a cliffhanger/sequel hook?


Oct 27, 2017
Gimme pc remastered with RTX.

Also first game I double dipped. Might as well be my first game to triple dip.


Oct 25, 2017
One of the best single player campaigns I have ever played. Not sure how well it holds up in the gameplay department nowadays as I have not played it in like a decade now (and the half-sequel they did was boring), but it's definitely a game that needs to be kept alive. It's playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility, mind, but it's not X enhanced.


Oct 20, 2018
As others already pointed out there's a major sequel bait in there, but I think the story ends on somewhat satisfying note overall.
This is probably the only game where I know the ending line. It made a huge impact on me. I’ve played it multiple times over and I love everything about it. I can feel another run in me but maybe I’ll wait to see if this rumor pans out.


Oct 25, 2017
And I think playing the two DLC pieces is mandatory, it expands on the story.
Yeah, the original ending was good, but at this point the DLCs are definitely needed to get a better picture. If a remaster is on the cards the DLCs will definitely be in, probably even American Nightmare (which is not very relevant to the overall storyline though, unless a sequel decides to make it retroactively important or something).


Oct 29, 2017
Been thinking about this game recently, finished it but never the DLC. Would love to have it come out again on PS4.