Rumor/Speculation: Market speculates that Sony could buy Take Two (SEE UPDATE IN OP)

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Oct 8, 2018
OK, I know there's the whole aspect of money involved here, but what other factors are there that might make Take Two consider Sony over another buyer? How well have Take Two and Sony gotten along in the past? Problems? Best buds? Would Take Twos board give any consideration to what they think might be best for the employees long term as well, or is it all about the share holders?
well, rockstar have a very good relationship with sony, and they both make cinematic focused games. it could be that made rockstar agree to sony over other publishers and Rockstar probably have a big affect on decisions taken within T2.
Oct 27, 2017
Assuming there's any truth to this and if Sony can get them for around that price they definitely should. Keep the WWE games multi-platform because they aren't system sellers for a significant number of players, if they can keep basketball off xbox then they should. Anything else, GTA, Bioshock, Mafia should go console exclusive and release a PC version a year later. If they had their PS5 event with a trailer for RDR2 Remastered, GTAVI, new Bioshock and NBA exclusive on PS5 along with what they already have how does Microsoft counter that?


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Oct 24, 2017
Closing thread for now.

If there is a reliable site that reports on this in the future then feel free to make a new thread.

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