[RUMOR] Starter Pokemon for Gen 8 leaked [Update] Nope, just the cycle of a new Pokemon game

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by DNAbro, Feb 20, 2018.


Is Psyduck a platypus?

  1. No, you fool. He's a duck!

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  2. Yes, it's all a ruse!

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  1. DNAbro

    DNAbro Member Original Poster

    EDIT: Show’s over

    Maybe take this one with a pound of salt. It seems to be very similar to the Gen 7 final evo leaks but this could definitely be just someone trying to emulate that leak. Really good designs though. I haven't seen anyone debunk it or claim it as theirs yet.


    close if old.

    edit2: if people are wondering about the Japanese legitness
    edit: comparison with the gen 7 leaks

    Source: http://boards.4chan.org/vp/thread/34936085

    edit: another good point and reference for recent model sheets.
  2. Usyren

    Usyren Member

    The designs look nice, they look better than the last three gens first stages.
  3. rude

    rude Member

    Honest to god the absolute ugliest starters in this series’ history if real.
  4. Shift Breaker

    Shift Breaker Member

    That bunny's got fine potential to end up as a Fire/Fighting type.
  5. toutoune134

    toutoune134 Member

    What is the source?
  6. 5taquitos

    5taquitos Member

  7. Aokiji

    Aokiji Member

  8. Mega Man Zero

    Mega Man Zero Member

  9. Joey Pockett

    Joey Pockett Member

    i don't keep up with new pokémon much but i feel like i've seen that fire one 50 times
  10. #10
    99.9% chance of it being fake

    it's not the first fake I've seen since the Alola starters leak that tried to emulate the aesthetic.
  11. ReyVGM

    ReyVGM Member

    Ooooh, it says "Confidential"! Must be real!

    Also, aren't these the same ones that "leaked" some weeks ago. Someone had them framed on a wall or something?
  12. Jaded Alyx

    Jaded Alyx Member

    Says confidential.

    Checks out.
  13. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief User has requested a four week self ban. Member

    Fake, for sure
  14. Toni Codrea

    Toni Codrea Member

  15. Frecklestein

    Frecklestein Member

    Platypus pls be real
  16. #16
    Ugh they look...bad.
  17. Brock Reiher

    Brock Reiher Member

    These are never real yeah?
  18. Mediking

    Mediking Member

    No way.

    That water Pokemon looks super adorable
  19. Yukinari

    Yukinari Member

    I get what you mean but i feel like we say this every gen.

    But i did hate Chespin when i saw it and i still do.

    Also having a grass monkey that isnt garbage like pansage would be nice.
  20. Lashley

    Lashley Member

    I like the fire and water ones
  21. Manu

    Manu Member

    Literally Mudkip with a beak.
  22. DesmaX

    DesmaX Member

    C O N F I D E N T I A L
  23. Ashodin

    Ashodin Member

    omg the bunny is so fucking cute
  24. 1000% H

    1000% H Member

    OP where did you even find these images?
  25. funky

    funky Member

    Look ugly as hell.

    Which means they are probably real.
  26. Atheerios

    Atheerios Member

    This comes from 4chan. There are fake starters every single week there. This is no different and has nothing special, why did you make a thread for this?
  27. ReyVGM

    ReyVGM Member

    Posting rumors without a source? Nice OP.
  28. Farrac

    Farrac Member

    They're probably fake, of course. But I will say, for the record, that there is absolutely nothing that screams fake in those designs. I would love to meet the artist.

    Also, OP, you should post the source, even if it is from... *sigh* 4chan.
  29. Chauzu

    Chauzu Member

    You guys have no taste, if real gen 8 would have the best designed stage 1 starters ever imo. Maybe not the grass started but you see the potential for future evo’s at least.

    Not op but source is 4chan afaik so yeah.
  30. KonFot

    KonFot Member

    The water one is very cute.
  31. 9-Volt

    9-Volt Member

    I refuse to believe. Switch Pokémon games have to be gen 1 UE4 remakes. They have to be.
  32. Silfer

    Silfer Member

    These look great.
  33. ?oe?oe

    ?oe?oe Member

    Platypus and Water/Poison? Yes please.
  34. Brock Reiher

    Brock Reiher Member

    They didn't even include a fake anime character that could later (in theory) be used to confirm
  35. will0wis

    will0wis Member

    Fire bunny is nice, the rest... not so much lol
  36. DecoReturns

    DecoReturns Member

    These are fake because we are getting Gen 1 remakes. Duh.
  37. ShinobiBk

    ShinobiBk Member

    The top one is booty
    The fire rabbit and the platypus are cool.
    I'll go with the platypus

    Also, I'll go ahead and say these are fake
  38. Mega Man Zero

    Mega Man Zero Member

  39. L Thammy

    L Thammy Member

    Platypus is too good to be true.

    Bunny's cute.

    MANUELF Member

    A platypus Pokémon?
    Yeah 100% fake
  41. Heckler456

    Heckler456 Member

    There are only 2 generations.
  42. 0MAR10

    0MAR10 Member

    Is the water starter a mixture of Psyduck and Bidoof?
  43. Bronx-Man

    Bronx-Man Member

    I like the grass type. That alone makes these starters better than Sun/Moon's.
  44. Beartruck

    Beartruck Member

    Bunny and platypus are great, monkey is dogshite. Probably fake tho.
  45. Chrno

    Chrno Member

    fire stay winning, as always.
  46. Mediking

    Mediking Member

    The Grass and Water Pokemon both look super adorable.

    The Fire Pokemon is cool though.
  47. evilromero

    evilromero Member

    In for the cool fire rabbit. Would be dope.
  48. Triscuitable

    Triscuitable Member

    Didn't think it was possible, but I really dislike all of these. With Gen 7, I liked all three starters a lot (especially Popplio), and I didn't exactly dislike Gen 5 or 6, either. But if this is real, I'm not a fan.
  49. Byakura

    Byakura Member

    I like them, but 100% fake.
  50. Vertpin

    Vertpin Member

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