RUMOR: The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia will be a guest character in Soul Calibur VI

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Neoxon, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Neoxon

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    Source: Let's Play Video Games
  2. Ja-

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  3. Geoff

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    Boo! I wanted him in Smash.

  4. Neoxon

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  5. Jawmuncher

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  6. Jucksalbe

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    Oh, that would be some rumor. Doubt it, though. :P
  7. Ex-Actarus

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    In the line of the tradition of great guest characters : Masterchief, Spawn, Darth Vador...

    That said, nobody will ever surpass him...
  8. Neoxon

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    I think you mean to say Soul Calibur VI & not Witcher 3, Jawmuncher.
  9. RagingAvatar

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    I was buying SCVI anyway - but any doubts will be quashed when this is confirmed. I love me some Gerald.
  10. Hieroph

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    Would be a great fit and makes perfect sense. 100 % plausible.
  11. Lusamine

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    Can't wait for the fanart.
  12. Tribal_Cult

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    Bandai Namco did work on Smash 4 too though. Umh.

  13. Jawmuncher

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    If I was a bad mod i'd hide the fact that I ever made such an error. I blame this news popping up as I was considering buying the expansions for W3 today.
  14. Neoxon

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    But none of the Witcher games have yet to appear on a Nintendo system, & I have my doubts on if Witcher 3 could even run on the Switch.

    Don't sweat it, man. It happens.
  15. Yuuber

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    I don't think Nintendo want people to be reminded you can't play The Witcher on any Nintendo plataform :P

    I think he's a perfect fit to Soul Calibur!
  16. RailWays

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    Masterchief was never a guest character though...
  17. Delaney

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    Would make SC6 an instant purchase for me. Please be real.
  18. gigantor21

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    Me too.


    In all seriousness though, this is great. I wonder if he will be the only guest...
  19. Tharp

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    That'd actually fit pretty well. I wonder if it's only Geralt or if we'll see Ciri as well.
  20. artemis

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    Which old "leak" mentioned Geralt as a guest character?
  21. gigantor21

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    EDIT: double post, shit. Please delete.
  22. Neoxon

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    While I'd be down for both, it's probably just for Geralt. You'd think that LPVG would be notified of Ciri as well if she was also getting in.
  23. Collateral

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    Are they doing platform exclusive characters again? Could see Geralt being Xbox & Windows exclusive if they did seeing how CDPR are with MS.
  24. RecRoulette

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  25. Josh378

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    Link was OP as hell. Please leave him in smash brothers plz.
  26. Silky

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    Master Chief wasn't in Soul Calibur .

    No amount of nostalgia will replace the fact that Link was a garbage character mechanically in SC2.
  27. Ex-Actarus

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    My bad, it was in Dead or Alive 4...
  28. Krvavi Abadas

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    I think he's getting it mixed up with Dead Or Alive 4.
    and even that isn't Master Chief, it's a random girl wearing armor resembling the Chief's.
  29. BasilZero

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    This is pretty exciting
  30. Woozies

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    I think they're mixing Nicole 458 with MC and SC with DoA
  31. NoMoreTrolls

    NoMoreTrolls Member

    That is a neat choice if true
  32. The Traveller

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    That would be awesome for him to show up in SCVI. I'd be more interested in picking up the game to play as him for sure.
  33. gcwy

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    It just keeps getting better.
  34. #34
    Please be true.
  35. LiK

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    I don't mind it. But I was hoping more for Artorias.
  36. Danthrax

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    I guess I should play that free copy of Witcher 1 on my GOG account so I care about this guy being in SoulCalibur. At least he looks like he fits with the world!
  37. PositiveGamer

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    ehhhhhh NO... LOL

    TRUE ORDER Member

    It would be a nice "surprise"
  39. jett

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    This makes sense. Bamco published The Witcher in some regions, didn't it. Should be neat.
  40. LukarWuff

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    Never played any of the Witcher games beyond maybe three hours of Wild Hunt, but I’m kind of excited for this? I feel like he could make for a fun character in Soulcalibur.
  41. Jawmuncher

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    I feel like the Dark Souls cast doesn't really need to be there character wise.
    Adding their armor in the create-a-character would probably be enough. Granted you're at the
    mercy of Artorias having nunchucks. But I don't think it'd be that big of a deal.
  42. #42
    Geralt spinning around gonna whoop so many asses.
  43. ashtaar

    ashtaar Member

    This would be doing dope! I have my issues with scv (mainly my nephew's being ultra cheap and shooting at me the whole time) but geralt would get me on board even if I'll never actually play the game
  44. Jer

    Jer Member

    Lol Link was the opposite of OP as hell, he was the weakest character in the game.

    On topic, I’m fine with this. Guest characters are dumb, but this seems relatively inoffensive, and would bring new people to the series, so not a bad choice.
  45. WestEgg

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    Think he'd be version exclusive, like him for the Xbox One and maybe Aloy or Kratos for PS4?

    It would be interesting if they didn't keep version exclusive characters and started positioning the cross over element as a response to smash bros.
  46. LiK

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    LMAO, Artorias with nunchuks
  47. Josh378

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    Not the way I play
  48. Playsage

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    Surely not the one people constantly bring up. Hell, it said that the Switch version was getting either Link or a Fire Emblem character

    There won't be exclusive guest characters in SCVI. Namco wants them to be tourney viable
  49. Vital_Vertigo

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    Hopefully this will be Xbox or PC, and the ps4 version will get somebody else.
    Really holding hope for 2B, or A2
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    I hope each platform gets a unique guest character again

    PS4: Dante
    XBO: Geralt
    STM: Gordon Freeman